Advice If Taking Up An Old Tarot Deck

From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From my life-long project Riley's Tarots
From my life-long project Riley’s Tarots
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Advice If Taking Up An Old Tarot Deck

The very first personal safety rule my old TAROT teacher told, and this amusing lady was also a private detective, .. well honestly the first favor she did me was asses if I’m actually serious, .. by chuckling self-deprecatingly on how accidentally last month she conjured a swirling occult demon over her dining room table who then would not go away for several days, .. and waiting a week, .. but I was cool with that,

And first thing next week was a few personal safety rules, and the very first of all those was this..

DO NOT pick up an old Tarot deck and start using it.
On the other hand, she was still speaking to a novice.
Admittedly, a precocious novice. I was enormously ambitious in the art. And I disobeyed her rule experimentally in flea markets, enough to learn to be very careful. I did touch insanity twice doing that, but got a drum.

I understand what the risk is better now, of course, after a long career and in these different times when many hidden things are naked. .. That possible insanity in some old decks, what is it? .. And what’s the safety risk to you? .. if you pick up an old deck and start reading it??

But here’s THE SUPREME QUESTION.. Is There Some Cure You Can Do For It In Need??? In need, can you cleanse it effectively?

I think perhaps there often is a cure for it.
Here’s why and how..
A well used Tarot deck is an awake and living person, So you think of the loneliness it may be suffering and TRY YOUR BEST TO BE ITS HEALER, if you dare. Insanity is tuff.

But if you read old magicians telling novices their tricks, if you’ve delved that literature even now and then, you must have absorbed that YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO REVEAL to novices the CIRCUMSTANCES IN WHICH TRICKS OCCURRED, for this reveals more stuff, and is in keeping with this safety theme.

If I don’t reveal circumstances, I’m just telling tall tales, perhaps danger’s lurking out there in Shaman Land, for any moment is in many tides of energy.

So here’s a situation..

To be safe on this expedition to the Magic Attics of the human world you must be Good, for Like calls to Like, and Tarot is a Good Blessing Of Our Time.

And fik, there Me A BROKEN SOLDIER, figuring I was fing good enough for any fing Shaman sht thing by then by any gds whichever all you please, but actually most especially for FORTUNE TELLING to NOT FORGET THE DEAD and the suffering I had SALVED somehow, and to see how, and ahead. Me, Tarot??

Oh well not to worry, it really was The Dawning Of Aquarius, as I well knew, and is so now, but they always said the New Age will be bad or good as we make it now, and this disintegration of the Old Age is so destructive.

So do the good work! That’s the only Fate or Commandment or Geas now, except this.. Do The Good Work Well!! So.. Oh well, not to worry.

If you’re holed up in a plague with your Spouse, .. And occurs to you remember hearing Spouse’s cousin saying that old Aunt Hettie, .. Shown to you in an early photograph in too much clothes at a beach party, with an interesting smile, .. Or perhaps it was Old Weird Uncle Jack wandered in to the house you now reside, .. Spouse’s old family home, and Weird Uncle never left but his trunk, .. or Aunt Hettie’s, .. Their trunk is still in the attic and THEY WERE FAMOUS TAROT READERS!

Is that happening to you right now??

And you can’t get a new Tarot deck of any sort, of any sort that’s in the history of Tarot Art, of course because you don’t have 286 thousand dollars laying around, for Amazon and other murdering thieves to divvy up on the web. So it’s what? Is it like you’re NOT going to risk the possible insanity of an old Tarot deck?? NO.

And so IMAGINE THAT, and now you know, if you think about it, .. Your circumstances there, assaulted by daunting dangers but loved ones to hold, digging in the haunted attics of Old Mummy magic to fulfill the duties of Charity and Light where you live, .. That’s like a metaphor for the circumstances, as a soldier says.. the same ground of struggle, I’ve been in My Whole New Age Life.

And I’ve decided early on, in general, strategically, how to handle this position on the ground. YOU DIG UP TAROT into your time and make it new. It’s such a treasure. That’s like soldier strategy.. The FORWARD GROUND IS OPEN. TAKE IT.

See how the world looks after you got it, from there somewhere, I mean when you get this tool of wisdom, you’re maybe a wee bit closer to standing in a GOOD NEW AGE.

I am Pagan acolyte of Malcom X. I pray with that Imam, as best we may, that may we free all prisoners of ignorance we find along our way.

We know Tarot’s a Good Thing for our age, let’s not give it up while we breathe, let our immortal spirits not be slaves. And I can tell you this.. Even among prisoners and broken soldiers Wisdom Of Life Is Holy Salve.

In general, not for all cases, NOT if you have a vision or judgment or intuition against taking up that old deck the wisdom of your eyes and hands finds, and helping it heal thru trust and generosity, and using it to help the world. .. You NOT to do it if you think you shouldn’t, .. And NOT if the deck Her/Him Self communicates any reluctance! ..

But in many cases I’d suggest.. If it’s right, pick up that lonely old dusty Tarot deck maybe pining for its loved one in the attic or the high dark corner of a book shelf, .. Make contact, show yourself up and down, in and out, express your best ideals and discuss, ..

If that’s all copacetic, set out with it upon some course of healing, I’m sure it must need some and surely you need healing too, ..

And if it takes you as new lover, You Ask It To Share The Wisdom it learned in years with a lover before you, even if you’re stars unaligned, fated as a moon or two’s casual lay. Life calls to Life and Freedom to Freedom. If such deck finds a new pair of Reader’s hands to hold inside its living glow, of course with thanks and complements let it go. I mean that.

I mean this.. If Deck’s next new Reader appears, .. By you unwished, it’s a person you’re handing the deck for examining, .. That moment suddenly you’re formerly its Reader, .. A shock, you look, perceive Love flames in Deck too, for Another. If that, you should do what? ..

Rightful New Reader Appears, so someone’s suddenly holding the Tarot deck which you found in Hettie or Jack’s attic trunk, .. There is New Reader now appeared and is holding it. ..

You MUST gently reach your hands gently about theirs like flower or cup, .. You let your eyes shine as bright like theirs, .. And you say something such.. “I believe they are yours.”

I think those are good Moral Rules for this magical operation.

But as for practicum.. Attempting such intimate inter-reality-viewpoint, inter-mathematics-conception, inter-species, .. healing, I must admit, that seems a harder question.

After already a long career of its box opened in extremis, in moments of dire distress called on, .. Will such a Fortune Telling Deck, having before told countless dire fates among the good, .. In seeking to heal itself, ..

Perhaps it needs to uncover more unresolved remembered human grief, .. has more imprisoned ghosts, .. than you’re accustomed to abide. .. That path you are considering, to pick it up, .. In your close captivity, could that be an erstwhile reader’s path thru morbid fascination toward insanity? Is that awaiting your folly? I think that is a possibility. I don’t know the odds.

Therefore…… HOW TO CLEANSE IT PROPERLY yet keep its acquired virtue, its wisdom of life, intact ???
SIMILAR TO REINCARNATION ?? Oh Gds!! How strong must your magic be???

BUT.. Not to worry, this really is The Murky Dawning Of Aquarius, as we dmn sure know by now. So what should we do? We do the good work and do it well! That’s the only Fate or Commandment or Geas we can see where we are now. More will be clarified as Time unfolds. So not to worry.

You can see far better than me, if taking up that deck you have your thoughts on could be right. So HOW TO CLEANSE THE OLD DECK??

TALK. Talk with it, propose to embark together on a healing course, you and someone else’s old companion together, .. And Like draws Like, so this.. Seekers Of Healing who go in company more likely find a path. Seek your Found Deck’s healing into it’s rebirth of clear health by seeking yours too.

One example.. Me, I’d do Zen meditations, .. Cast a spell of utmost Sacred Silence, sink it deep toward the world’s foundations. .. Me and Deck, we’d merge our minds into the vast and sacred Mind that wakes in quiet, anchored safely by the soft calm beat of breaths of one of us who breathes. .. To start try 20 minutes.

And with the deck set there on altar or table, .. Have as well a tiny drum or gong that gives a pretty note, one stroke to mark the start, .. Then that remarkable stretching out elastically of silent time, .. Then a strike again at end. .. Buddha statuette if you have one. .. A cozy sunny room even if Sun’s not shining outside.

But you must know too, for PREPARATION IN ADVANCE you should read ZEN POEMS. .. Designed to pull your thinking deep into the universal Mind. .. You can find them on the web, there’s lots to choose. .. Delve deep for preparation, and for pondering in session, choose one you feel pertains to this healing work at hand.

Zen is friendly for beginners, .. Sit still. .. Merge into Deep Mind’s calm. .. Calmly breathe. .. Calmly think, think deep. .. Don’t stifle thought, but watch it calmly while it finishes its processes so the Ghosts are freed, .. and if you learn to be a Yogi, summon Kundalini from the lower regions of your body for their food.

With your breath and poem as your touchstone and cable, you fly deep, .. See and See and See, Find the needed path.

Yes I do suggest Zen for this magical project.

I have experienced both Tarot and Zen from the yearning viewpoint of Desperately In Need Of Healing and both have worked for me every time. .. I think they beckon us to the same better world.

So we’re finally to this essay’s only METAPHYSICS PARAGRAPH!!
.. yes metaphysics this sht is important .. Earlier a concept “INTER-MATHEMATICS-CONCEPTION” got dragged in like “INTER-SPECIES”, .. Saying Tarot and Humans perceive everything in structures and numbers that are different. .. So Zen together? .. I’m saying you be thinking Zen Poems, Deck is thinking in card spreads, SAME MAPS TO HEALING.

There’s some metaphysics for you. .. It’s delicious.

So you want to get Hattie or Jack’s old bereaved lonely partner and yourself together fit and working well, Deck with wise memory intact, .. You want to find empowering love there. .. I think this thinking deep of Holy Purity together in Zen is a way. .. I suggest research if not familiar.

Please don’t ask me for what my Tarot instructor asked.. A numbered instruction sheet, large title lettered at the top, “Casting Out Unwanted Spirits”, .. That is what she wanted, .. With nib pen, scarlet ink, real parchment, .. With the four Archangels’ names signed in proper Latin very large. NO.

The hidden times are over and I’m serious.

+ End of “Advice If Taking Up An Old Tarot Deck” +

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