Invitation To A Student Of Tarot

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“Tarot World Map”

Invitation To A Student Of Tarot

Here Is A Fortune Telling System, a magic book,
.. a diagram of human life and soul wherein
.. your intuition speaks the truth
.. your self can never know or soon forgets.

Here is the classic deck of picture cards,
.. the old city of 78 squares,
.. the ancient map drawn
.. up as though life were
.. an ever-shifting game of 78 tiles whereon
.. each human token at each moment falls.

In this book of pictures, poetry and prose,
.. you will come upon a certain numbering of roads,
.. a careful survey of the gods and men in their abodes,
.. a full accounting of the ancestor odes.

Naked, clothe
.. your self in daring and
.. simply touch the flow of an infinite
.. and ever-present
.. moment which you know is

NOW, Feel at once the night and morning,
.. thus come to be
.. like a dolphin touching echoes in the ever-present sea.

Ask a question, touch a page;
there study what good fortune and your own eye have to say.

To learn of life just ask for guidance;
your own hand can point the way.

If you wish now, come with me;
stand upon my shoulders as I walk the sea.

Repeat the journey trod when you were young,
Hearken to the tale from your own tongue,
At every marker stone embrace the view,

Comprehend The Truth And Speak It New.

“Under Sail”

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