Talking With Birds

“Seagull Turning”

I started doing this, I’m still doing this,
I did it a minute ago out in the yard,
and that is a fact.

This is real and any human able to sing
can probably do it. Don’t hold me to
this but I think most anybody can.
Anyway, it costs nothing and it’s fun.
Maybe you should do this if
a child or with a child ???

And anyway, why not?

Talking with birds is something most people can
do and I mean
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. >>>> TALKING IN BIRD LANGUAGE.
(Obviously, otherwise what’s the fun?)

You ask as if that were a difficult question.

You tell them something they want to know.
Give them real information that’s important
to them.
That makes sense doesn’t it?


That bird over there in the rose bush
looking at you is wondering who in heck
you are, you know.

So that’s it, there it is, that’s the whole program.
We’re almost out in the yard trying it now.

(Sudden LOUD running footstep sounds, we hear
.. opening screen door, it slams, more running
.. footstep sounds on dirt, and now it’s
.. quiet so we hear a breeze.)

And there’s a cardinal bird in the rose bush over there.

PLUS a chubby robin bird’s over there in the wire fence,
the robin taking a little digestion rest from gobbing down
so many dirty earth worms, pulling worms out the ground
to eat, .. .. And the robin’s looking at you too.

So what you going to say ???
* =>> It’s your turn to talk. <<= *

Don’t just stand there looking silly, like a silly human.
Silly human, you’re in the birds’ world now.

So what’s your real bird name ????

You need your real bird name so the birds
will know who you really are. And of course
IT IS YOU who says what it is.

After you decide what your bird name is, then you will need
to sing out because you’re the only person really knows
exactly how it’s supposed to sound. Or at least I’ll
bet you know how your bird name sounds today.

But really how can you find it ???
Hey you, .. .. WHO ARE YOU ???

(- End of this poem -}
Fyi: This is from my booklet “Winging With Birds”
Part of booklet series .. “Vapes Shops Series”
The series overview page .. {-Here-}

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