01. General Introductory Remarks

This blog post is from our self-training course
This blog post is from our self-training course
This post is in category Children
This post is in category Children
This blog post is in Category Tarot Etc
This blog post is in Category Tarot Etc

General Introductory Remarks
from the booklet “Reading Poems In Zen Temple”
Part of booklet series “Poems For The Future”

Hello everyone. Here’s something I always
say at the end of a Tarot Card reading,
or that kind of thing, at the end of it,
no matter how it went.

Tho in honesty my first time working in
a roadside psychic fair,
I got a little lesson from a little child.

The thing is, now I have a customary saying,
.. .. .. .. .. .. .. “Thank you for your trust.”
It’s such a beautiful way to end a reading
that I soon began saying it without fail.


But there was a brief period when I did
not know what to say or think or do,
after a reading, and little child ran up.

Little child at a psychic fair,
a child OF that sort of thing obviously,

Runs up to me at my sparse little table
where I was desperately
reading cards for MYSELF,
all spread out, and child runs up beside me.

I was desperately trying to critique
my own performance with the prior
client who had just left,
for they left with some Small Bills
of THEIRS now in MY pocket.

Well in some sense, obviously,
I was in an interesting Dharma Gate,
so this deeply Bacchic Child runs up
and becomes Sethian Co-Creator of
a kind of Commercial, Cheap-Thrills,
1980’s Koan Dada Moment,
where I gained my
Customary Wise Saying.

True story. Sounds Provincial Roman:
Child clad in bells and feathers possibly,
runs up and points to some of my cards.

Asks what those, specifically those cards,
mean. And waits.

My whole life so far,
and my creative soul so far were
on that card table spread out in heaps,
after such young years
guilty at my country’s wars,
unworthy of young woman’s love.

But now free finally with,
in my hands before my eyes,
MY OWN TAROT DECK, my own designs.

My cards made from all of that so far,
spread out on a little table in heaps
and little child runs up
and points and asks
of some, not others.

Now it scarcely matters
which cards they were got pointed at.
They flashed then, I remember,
like a summary of the moment then
but which cards were don’t matter now.

The Koan Point of it, that I remember,
was directly that it was some cards,
not others.

Bid your poor ghosts a very fond farewell,
expand your Self into your Soul now,
and turn to the Moment Now,
that sort of thing.
It did the Koan Flash at me of course,
or else it wouldn’t be a story.

But the point is……..
If you want to learn, you can learn
from the emptiness of the air.

By the time I’d barely glimpsed specifics
from those cards, child waves to friends,
Me what to say possibly fit this instant?

Me projecting words as child runs away…

~ : ~~~~ : ~

(- Here is the end of this memoir.-)

This is from my booklet “Reading Poems In Zen Temple”
Part of my booklet series “Poems For The Future”
The booklet series overview page .. {-here-}
The booklet’s overview page .. {-here-}
Pdf file of the booklet .. {-here-}

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