Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic

From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poetry Booklet Tell The Sorrow Joy
From Poetry Booklet Tell The Sorrow Joy
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This blog post is from our self-training course
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Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic

Excerpt, Pg 8.. Time Can Become Epic

~ Purpose of this section..
~ Time Can Become Epic In Story World,
~ When Community Soul Ignites


Well-cooked Story is elastic.
Warning.. I’m going to use another example
from my own life, another Real Artist story.
Why not? I am your coach.

I’ll get there with the briefest introduction.
Thru a friend I have a gig in a high literacy
poor town in New Hampshire, in their tiny
poor well-groomed Town Park.

Sunny Cool noon of Halloween. Pretty park
on wooded river. Free coffee, sandwiches
and $30 payable at 3 o’clock.
A trap !! No one said Expect Aficionados !!
{- “a very tough audience” -}
Nothing but The Real Stuff for them,
and let me know it too.

So I finally trotted out the pony, an old
Hero’s Journey. Kind of story that’s the oldest kind
in the world, Professor Campbell says.
The only breathing hero’s journey that I have,
an ancient loving Lonely Wandering Saga
come to us alive from Stonehenge.

Known tradition entitles this one,
this hero’s journey,
as “The Fisher King” and this living version
of it was entrusted to
me years ago in trance.

It was in a ritual setting at a Pagan Festival
with a Pagan audience of course. This trance
was an alert and utterly immersive Waking Dream
experience which I just described to them as best I could
while they followed on along in a mood of wonderful excitement.

My Blessed Audience, them up front with children, them ELATED. Real Values!
Real Museum Visit! Live Art! And ALL so glad that countless
passionate hopes dedicated to “THIS FESTIVAL, THIS GROUND”, so IN PASSION
This Year’s working out after all.

It was being led deeper and deeper into a vast space of vast waking dreams with this Lonely Wandering Saga lit as with a flickering bright torch which I was apparently holding.

Ever since, I have only found conditions to perform “The Fisher King” a handful of times per decade, and it has always changed.

Each decade finds the essential plot quite the same, but our times we live in changed and so has the plot development.

Supporting people and things suddenly put a finger to their lips, smile and fade back while others prominently approach me.

I only trust that piece of art to such as them, my fine audience in their pretty park that day. They got it by insisting. Oh, I saw it coming, drew the tension out with this and that.

Finally blew a steep little out-in segue on my melodious Hohner Marine Band harp in G, the auditory curtain falling and reopening.

Now threw the harp down as if disgusted with their patient and attentive, silent, unrelenting stubborn courteous lack of interest.

Snap, I grew quiet. Snap, glanced sharply among them, secretly found
them openly perked up and listening, so I
gave them my Left Eye
and quite grew serious,
gave an incomprehensible startling warning,

Then I spoke the first Story words,
in other words, Opened out the entry doors,
and I pulled them in…

So we are together now !!!
First words were heard when spoken !
Started out stepping well, begun well,
us out on a Loving Hero’s Lonely
Wandering Journey.
Been recorded, in this psychic manner
we are now on psychic air recording it,
countless times. But you never know what’s
going to happen here next.

What Fleeting Haunt, or Huge Thing, or Joke,
or what Principle Of Morals, will next
present its Self for you to dutifully describe?
You are in the Epic Time Zone.
Sometime somewhere.

!!! In fact, it is EXACTLY as if….

You’re in a pretty big library, in the Stacks.
You’re standing in the Stacks of
the Human STORY INSTINCT Alcove,
a very interesting and
a VERY ENTERTAINING place, where
all the Characters, Things, and others
we Hear, Understand and Act
as Human Story, all that alive for browse.

And also it’s exactly as if…..
The Human Story Instinct Alcove is JUST
ONE alcove of very many in the VAST
vast place of imagination where this
Human Story Stuff and everything else
ACTUALLY IS psychically recorded.

Epic Time Zone is exactly like that.

And you’re on a kind of scavenger hunt.
Among these inhabitants of the Stacks,
You are searching for whatever’s called
”the fisher king”, words dimly inked on
a ragged slip of paper that is in your hand,
a torn corner from a notebook or a paperback,
and then this happens…

The famous great saga
Look for that in Story, you will find…

There is a gentle and kind boy named Jack,
whose time has come to go out to the World
and be a Proper Man. There is wounding.
There is retreat. The Female Magic of the
World must teach and nurse him so in the
end his spirit’s clean again, so out here in
the World She crowns him her Magic King.

Slice up the Metaphors, of Metaphors,
of Metaphors, in whichever way you
really ought to. Yes do.
Perhaps all meaning is metaphor, yet
in Your Time here is a Primary Thing,
a Triumph of Good !!!

You can see it if you just
get in the Epic Time Zone and look around.

{-Trick: Epic story!! So when reading, which
person are you? Remember! Meet your soul!-}

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
{- Harmonica, mouth harp explained.. {Here} {Here} -}
{- End Of “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic” -}
{- This is from my poetry booklet.. “Tell The Sorrow Joy”
.. .. Part of my poetry series .. “Poems For The Future”
.. .. The series overview page .. {-Here-}
.. .. Printable Pdf file of that booklet .. {-Here-} -}

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