Tell The Sorrow Joy – Courage In Story

From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poem Series Poems For The Future
From Poetry Booklet Tell The Sorrow Joy
From Poetry Booklet Tell The Sorrow Joy
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Tell The Sorrow Joy – Courage In Story

Excerpt, Pg 5.. An Experienced Storytelling Coach Can Help You Find Your Courage

An experienced storytelling coach can help you find YOUR COURAGE, which we said is one of Three Precious Treasures. Here’s some help in finding YOUR COURAGE ..

When you talk to yourself,
figure out who is talking.

Most painters quickly learn any three items
Of a human face, like if there’s a visually busy
Background, and you find some way to Subtly
touch in two eyes and one line of cheek,

Then when a human being,
Such as yourself, steps in, sees your painting,
In your new vision
That place will very interestingly tell you,
Enticingly, that it is or is not a human face.

You are full of spirits. Let’s call them that,
All your internal voices. They’re little spirits.
We could even say divine little sparks,
Because we’re telling good stories.

Of course, Any one of these divine sparks,
your internal voices, at any time, can
step up to a microphone and truthfully
announce to you that it really is you,
without lying, and start telling you stuff.

And sometimes you get carried away
and do really stupid sht, I know you do.

You really should wake up to these little
genii voices for heaven’s sake,
from the abuses you have suffered,
and the burning loving pleasures too,
remembered and un-rememerable flashes,
and from Holy Divine Inspiration,
all artists get genii voices and
these are yours right now.

But if you are seeking Truth and Beauty,
plus you want Three Precious Treasures too,
then you really must wake up to this
hazard of being an artist,
it’s really weird,
and always try to figure out who’s talking.

Have lots of alert conscious talks like that,
and your new Clarity will make you brave.

. . (3.6) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
First Example of..
Figure out who’s talking, thus gain
Clarity and the Freedom of Courage

A friend of mine had a storytelling situation
And called me in,

As a Storytelling Consultant
Into our city’s local Bernie 2020 Local US.
President Campaign office,
A grouping who OFFICIALLY belong to
Bernie 2020 National US.
President Campaign, where Bernie actually
Has his office, my friend
Called me into Bernie Local a few weeks ago.
On a working group
For handling a Story situation.
Pursuing a Nationally Declared strategy.
It was urgent.
The President election is very soon.
And our local Local had fallen behind,
In implementation.
And My Friend
Is a Fervent Activist.

{-Trick: See! Rhythms! -}

We had some good results, so far,
thank Gd,
our small work group have all published
good “My Bernie Story” videos.

The successful small project even ballooned
to my Friend’s (crackpot?) scheme that
Our local Local really must
Leap Ahead of Bernie National,
On the “Your Bernie Story” strategy line.
Sure. Why not?

So I am writing this document.
And at last here’s a project requiring some
Serious Story PHILOSOPHY research and
That is how I have recently come upon a
Doctor ML. KING’S
Storytelling GENIUS on TV !!

Then that reminded me of something I learned
thru five years teaching the public at a great
history museum !! Like King, I learned…

KNOW whatever you have to say
in total CLARITY !!!
know ALL OF IT !!
in total CLARITY !!!

Do that and then things you can do seem
weird as if TIME STOPS in some way,
for it’s a confident unhurried space.

ML. King, who in Story was “Hero Healer”,
In that fantastic video I’ve seen of his
Genius storytelling work on television,
Exposing extreme closeups of his face,
An interview program pretty friendly,
Sharp news reporters basically friendly
So he could talk coherently of deep things,
King’s brief pauses visible now and then,
Unhurried, obviously confident, and
Quickly examining the total clarity
Of all his plans, very quickly finding
Exactly what to say next in the plans,
Precise words said very clearly,
Never mistakes, never gaffs,
Just on point, and really SHOVING.
Shoving hard all the USA’s
White supremacy power people,
Even, for some questions, obviously
Shoving very hard indeed on
USA’s president Johnson.
And nothing by anyone there said against this.

To me, from teaching public five years in great
history museum, those moments there looked
just like my experience written large, like my
Human Ghost Spirit voices I had in museum,
truthful ghost spirit voices, crowding close.

So ML. King, Hero Healer in our instinctive Story,
only had to choose one of the truthful Great Spirit
voices he had there, and turn an ear to that.

Maybe many TV viewers saw, thru Human Story
instinct, Dr. King’s spiritual internal conversation,
and instinctively recognized a Real Artist storyteller,
thus true story.
Maybe? Probably.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
{- End Of “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Courage In Story” -}
{- This is from my poetry booklet.. “Tell The Sorrow Joy”
.. .. Part of my poetry series .. “Poems For The Future”
.. .. The series overview page .. {-Here-}
.. .. Printable Pdf file of that booklet .. {-Here-} -}

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