Two Queens In Background – Part 1

From Novel Dark Of Light
From Novel Dark Of Light
Made New For This Blog
Made New For This Blog
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Two Queens In Background – Part 1

This is ONLY an explanation of part 2, and this is complicated.
ABOUT.. “DARK OF LIGHT”: post-modern historical romance novel inside the Mysteries of Eleusis
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Not in spellcheck yet.

My Dear Companions Here,
You have probably guessed by now, (or maybe I have already written something after this text, about this subject, but which you have read before this moment, as you are wafting, and wending, and weaving and warping, your way around our little wiki-web here, in our Druid Education blog, like in Einstein’s little sail punt on the lake in Zurich perhaps.
Or maybe you will NOW LOOK DOWN, to the line below this line, but
in some way you may know I have a Software Engineering hat hanging
on the hat rack, beside the horned helmet, behind the artist studio’s door.
And alright, now I’ve gone to get my SOFTWARE ENGINEERING
hat, and put it on. Okay so far???
But have I made any sense in this paragraph yet?
Basically this blog post is an update for more experienced folks,
.. here, like a book club, this is like a tinkering thing, behind the
.. scenes, written for members,
it’s a sexy romance novel.
Don’t matter, please just read on.

>> Alright, my dear companions here, would you like to scroll this nonsense up to its top, to read THE TITLE OF THIS BLOG POST.? This is titled “Two Queens In Background”.

This blog post is about 2 women in the story WHO CONSTANTLY WEAVE DIVINE POWER behind the novel’s foreground characters, behind whatever Moscow ballet or Jazz stomp the foreground characters are weaving, in probably every scene or episode.

What these two Queens of Magic weave, it’s like a fishing net, one of those legendary fishing nets that yield fish, only Sinbad stories, these two Queens of Magic weave a fishing net that yields fish into the River Of Time.

A.. PRIESTESS DIATOMA is personication of Home’s Holy Hearth, Hearthstone, the way where consciousness is focused now and here, Queen of the way of how things really must be done because that’s how it is. I devised her name for this book to evoke something like “stone is alive”. In a scene of a rustic village she is called “Auntie Kettle”.

B.. DIVINE HECATE our novel’s so-called “ORDINARY WOMAN” a figure seen in crowd scenes, but her face is NEVER GLIMPSED, her name is NEVER SAID outside the spells of sorcery, which our novel never depicts, and sorcery is a circle impure hearts should beware. I want to say this Queen is Raw Life Force outside of comprehension.

But what in blessed heck has my software engineering hat to do with them?
It’s this wiki-web thing I’m tinkering here, a small kind of “neural net” and “knowledge structure”,

Appropriate to this blog’s purpose, developing a professional idea in a small scale, of how to make knowledge more usable by helping it grow pathways of thought inside it, like yeasty bread rising, but all guided by itself, its subject matter Druidry, yeast alive and complex enough to rise the bread.

**BUT STILL.. .. What does your engineering hat,
.. Here in a place that is supposed to weave itself,
.. What do these two Divine Forces, .. magically weaving something marvelous behind the foreground of the story,
.. And I guess these two powers are growing the foreground’s whole romantic dance,
BUT STILL, what has your magic engineering hat, in this environment, got to do with that? Well yes exactly, I don’t understand this yet.

This is at least twelve dimensional chess. .. .. {Here}

I have decided to have another blog post on this matter titled..
“Two Queens In Background Part 2”.

That post will be an index of the alternating appearances of Divine Hearthstone and Female Divine Beyond Names, for every scene of either one, give

I’m thinking of a list including not only these two, perhaps as many as 6 characters, briefly describing their interactions in the same order as the paperback, noting whatever systematic threads we find. And for everything give both paperback page numbers, and blog post links and titles.

But it would still be at least three dimensional chess. .. {Here}

Fik. This won’t do sht.

That schematic sheet will be blog post “Two Queens In Background Part 2”.
Yeah, right.

And in the meantime, to advance this ambitious scheme, I think I must continue editing chunks of the novel into this blog. Well, alright. I think the next blog post will be titled “Final Touches On Costumery”.

(No spellcheck was used in this item.)
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
{- End Of “Two Queens In Background Part 1” -}
{-Creds.. This is from my book.. “Dark Of Light”
.. .. Its overview page .. {-Here-} -}

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