Psychic Fair 2020

Deep divination teaching here.
Sorry Sigil Panoply’s at bottom.
Ripe 20200928

Hello Dear Reader
This post is about the wonderful psychic fair in Canaan this past weekend,
(August 1st 2020, central New Hampshire)
Wonderfully fulfilling certain hopes my heart has clung to in these years.

For a marvel has happened..
A New Thing, something i, a poet, call the
“Pagan Psychic Chaplaincy And First Aid Corps”
~”The American Pagan Psychic Chaplaincy And First Aid Corps”~

has volunteered, set tents,
and opened for business for a day by the public road,
at a crossroads in mountains, geographic center of New England.
(..A big center of the crystal and gem hobby..)
(..The Annual Charity for a Nature Sanctuary..)

In this troubled time, compared with our fair last year in 2019,
Picked Diviners answered the invitation from across New England,
America’s old heartland of Humane Philosophy and Psychic Arts,
While the public’s attendance increased greatly,
And the mood in sessions darkened.

Political awareness of our people’s dire situation was definitely there,
New England Pagans’ revolutionary temper, with the all-too-familiar
Iron Determination of Medical Aide Soldiers,
with true non-violent soldiers’ air of courage, seen often nowadays.
Diviners, Merchants and Visitors felt ours to be a healing profession,
and clearly felt the omnipresent weight of our country’s struggle

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i quit being White American long ago accidentally, surprised myself,
for suddenly discovered i had resigned from it already some time before.
Me fled the South, ie. East Texas, at 17, to soldier, i found New England after.
Back Texas now for Father ailing, with new wife nearby city life, we help the farm.
And by then i’d revealed i was New England Witch.
Well, discovered i wasn’t quite White there anymore,

For they could all see i breathed in Mexican Brujo Land.
And truth be told, while there, i did,

Me, those few years, on cautious visionary visits, to Brujo Land,
deciding with extreme caution, covering my back, to set up
as a Character like “Large Silent Man Walking as a Soldier”,
covering my back.
Not desert, surprisingly, to me it felt a jungle atmosphere.

A soldier, thus a Man of Style i started sporting cowboy work clothes,
Curly, long, long black curly beard with a fork cut in the end.
And there was a touch of Paul Bunion in the effect,
For, you know, Paul Bunion worked the old New England lumber fields,
something maybe like a distant Arctic Night God.

?? And waddafik is this about SOLDIERING so much ??
aren’t you TIRED OF IT YET?? i am
but i felt called back to duty by OCCUPY,
in that rising served in fact as Pacifist Militia Corporal,
-{ For i knew what good corporals do, }-
-{ lowest officer in Every Army In The World,}-
-{ and suddenly found myself working at exactly those tasks,}-
-{ knee-deep in this unpredicted and sudden flood of Outraged Pacifists.}-

And for this rising now i have declared i am a Peace Revolution Corporal,
( self-promoted up from Militia to Revolution, see? )

And yes, you may see this Post as
a Peace Revolution Report To The Citizen,
Dear Reader, if you please.

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-? A Peace Revolution Report To The Citizen ?-
-? To All Citizens ? Or Only The Whites ?

And i ask this very seriously for both this Activist Move
i’m promoting now in our humanitarian group here,
and i meant this CRUCIAL QUESTION also retrospectively,
for Occupy 2011, both.
I mean to insist this question..

?? Is our movement crippled
by the devastating and endlessly repeated


But insisting the question i must confess, i swear,
events Forced Me Into Compromise here at Occupy Worcester.
!! These Outraged Pacifists were Well-Meaning Whites !!
!! and i had NO TIME in the Occupy Ultra-Speed Action-Plan to change that !!

!..We all knew the Ultra-Speed Action-Plan..!
=>with guile and cunning, do absolutely everything you possibly can<=
=>to advance in any way the movement’s Originally-Stated Maximum-Ideals<=
=> before we go home for winter <=

So they became street fighting activist pacifist
outraged well meaning Whites, and me,
yearning to be their good corporal,
and this a very active ground of struggle,
i wrote it off as good enuf.

There really was a moment when i wrote this off as good enuf.
A Black family man, by his dress and introduction of himself,
a weekend evening and he dressed as going home from
a small business, necktie pulled loose so forth, and
Black man on way home from decent work.

Worcester Camp was up in a nice public park,
with one of the large public grill pits for our ample hearth
with a coffee pot and stew pan on it, but tonite there were no chairs.
Three of mine there at first, three more arriving as the chat progressed,
Humans crouching by a hearth, age old and bold youth, both sexes,
attracting both the poor and not-poor Whites among us, pulling close to listen.

Me, i sat back from it in an evening shadow on a park bench and listened.
And i did shed tears.

And, in 2011, i struck the compromise that this was good enuf.
Whereas, NOW is a world-change later.


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.. .. I count myself an Amateur Scientist and thru my life’s observation have at least a good Sketch of a Theory about the Evolution of Human Mind, .. It is a THEORY OF SOLDIERING, .. And for the sake of my soul, i am exploring it to its core in this blog. ..

.. IN BRIEF.. the mass slaughters we call “war” nowadays are a Horrible Perversion of our evolved Natural Instincts. .. .. For in our instincts someone like a Medical Aide, .. or a Peace Revolution Corporal .. is EXACTLY WHAT THE REAL SOLDIER IS. ..

.. By the way, i was a medical aide corporal.
.. .. Or, read this Personal Memoir at the POISON ROOT of my soldiering.. .. {-Link#2-}

Meanwhile, my day’s work in camp:

In my Consulting Parlor,
walled in billowing cotton prints,
back half of our tall airy pop-up tent,
for every reading an ancient Goddess stood there,
standing on folded kerchiefs among 3 alchemic jewels,
on a nicely painted box,

First statuette my heart found on the pilgrim path,
Our Mother Demeter, Goddess,
Cast in desert-colored clay,
cast from one in ancient temple ruins,
ruins in Ancient Canaan, Middle East,
Demeter Holy Goddess, work of art,
In the Canaanite form of greatly pregnant with the world,

That figure gazing on our sacred work.

.. !! sorry for the interruption !! ..
But i’m inserting this blue EDUCATION SEGMENT HERE..
Forwarding the strong public education thread of Saturday, ..

(This segment, words and pic, was the first stuff i put in 26 minutes ago.)
Don’t worry, our main theme continues immediately below.

So i’m clicking the WordPress Publish button RIGHT NOW.
Oh okay, now i have typed the period on the preceding sentence,
centered this paragraph {now} and clicking WordPress Update. {now}
and YOU could self-publish on a WordPress blog too, i know you could.

Made New For This Blog
Made New For This Blog

So okay, about that “sigil” picture i just stuck in, ..

Yes, i’m also a software tech and over the years have done LOTS of digital image editing for ART, and have got a STUPENDOUS personal ARCHIVE of stuff built up
{-.. i’ve got such an enormous personal Archive, that the entire
Big Public Image Hoard i’ve got up on the front page..

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So granted that, yes,
And let’s suppose this.. You are a person with low tech skills or resources.
So Question.. How can you put YOUR art pictures up on a WordPress blog??

YES, here’s a way:: Adapt your Art Work to technology that you can do..
Example.. .. Get a box of children’s crayons and rough white paper ..
.. a Medium with wide expressive range but Challenging Difficulties, ..
.. and as you wield the wax sticks, snap pics WITH A PHONE, see how they look..
.. and when one of those snaps says what you want to say, upload it to your blog.

That’s one example.

Adjusting your art to available tech is what REAL PAINTERS DO, believe me.


So now we are resuming our main subject.

I’ve got to put writing down for now, so I will just include some graphics i had there.

First, The Sheet Below..
Here’s a sort of mock Civil War recruiting poster,
for the new Psychic Chaplaincy And First Aid Corps,
(-you understand if you’ve read the material above-)
i put out a copy of this in the “Occupy Movement”,
“Free Grabs” section, (!-see photographs below-)
of my table at the Psychic Fair, our wide table
under our airy pop up tent’s awning front.
(-the Consulting Parlor’s in the back-)
.. .. .. .. .. []…………

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a little like browsing thru a dictionary. .. Really. .. Okay? ..
.. Do it for me. PLEASE. *Really*.
You gotta see the stuff near the end.

?Context? ?Context? ?Wherefore did i do this?
Why would i base this poster on an old visual style,
perfected for the obsolete presses of long ago,
in the 1861 – 1865 US. Civil War??

Well first, the Immense Evil of US. Slavery,
one of the greatest heaps of evil-doing ever piled up,
the society it had erected for itself was outlawed and dispersed,
so that’s a Great Ancient Victory, for us in our struggle now to celebrate.

And second, my mind in making this Call To Duty now,
was ever on Walt Whitman, a poet in those times.
Poet’s biography in Wikipedia.. .. {-.Here.-}
US. Civil War in Wikipedia.. .. {-.Here.-}
I also published this poem in an earlier blog post.. .. {-.Here.-}

Walt Whitman was a Great Bard of my region.

There was a period Whitman would take the trains,
down to Washington, which was
a crowded, crowded, filthy, filthy city at that time.

And sign in..
As a slouchy, stained, profane, poorly uniformed,
non-official type of soldier, Medical Volunteer.

Somewhere in some crowded tent, a bunk,
under canvas eat at mass-production kitchens,
the half-rolled butts in coffee cups abounding,
drink the coffee, eat the coffee grounds,
every old hand says, “What the fuck,
to get you going.”

Laboring as a Medical Volunteer
in the vast Factory Hospital System
of the anti-slavery Union Army,
in the US. Civil War.

We have some of his letters home,
letter-poems of a Bard, to beguile
and break your heart, endlessly,
overwhelming with surprise,
that your heart is fit to hear this,

News of what we human beings are.


Next, 3 More Sheets Below..

As you may have noticed if you were there..

How my table was set up at the Psychic Fair!
Well, i’m a bono fide Historic Re-Enactor with
Professional Museum Training. Right?
(is this the first time i’m telling you that?)
So with the great Street Work being done these days,
And well knowing New England Pagans’ revolutionary temper,
I decided to Historically Re-Enact the .. .. .. !!.Occupy Movement.!!.

You know, Occupy was far more treasure to the nation than is commonly said,
For its central value was as Street Basic Training for the American Whites,
to put the matter bluntly, for i know bluntly, as i was soldiering here,
For i was Corporal Chaplain Courier here at our Occupy Worcester.

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But In Particular For You.. a complete Coach’s Handbook
.. helping self and others in LIBERATION STORYTELLING with audience,
.. to free yourself from Lies with just Courage, Honesty and Fellow Humans,
.. chapters of a booklet on this art, you will find in the browse behind Link #1.

It is my book for a Teacher, .. eg. MAYBE YOU, to teach and practice.
.. approach to Human Freedom Story via a “Natural Art Instinct” theory,
.. and every page of it saying.. TOGETHER maybe we be so clever to discover
.. .. .. our self-professed self-assessed “human story” which ..
.. .. .. according to the poem sheet above is a very hard thing to re-shape ..
.. .. .. yet “tell OUR KIND new” it is a thing we MUST DO for the future, a booklet.

Well, that help is yours in its own compact 18 page Pdf file … {-Link#2-}
But you use Link #1, of course, if you want it chunked and mixed into this stew,


So now there are 2 more sheets below,
but first let me set a scene for you..

I did a little Historic Re-Enacting in museum style,
where you stand inside the display and explain it to passersby.
As there were plenty passersby, some rest between the readings.
Yes, speaking in the display was reminiscent, but like i confessed,
this exhibit had enough Artistic Interpretation to sink a battleship,
for the museum i worked at, for their Board of Directors to sue me.

But Creativity lived at our camp, the day throbbed with Art,
so my piece was true and echoing with memory how to work it.

It was just 4 times. And the new piece always cooks,
and always add stitches for responsive listeners,
but here is the story i wove about Occupy. .. .. ..

(This continues somewhere after the next poem sheet..)

!! PLEASE !! .. Remember you ARE free to jump up and down in this Blog Post.

.. YES! – ?Have you considered clicking one of the MANY
horizontal (<o—o>) links?? which might take you Out Of Here
entirely (*OR might Dig You Deeper In) (!!) .. .. So why not consider
clicking AT LEAST ONE Horizontal Link??

.. But remember: You ARE free to jump up and down in, or on, this Blog Post.

.. .. You GOTTA SEE this guy’s actual transcripts of EXTRAORDINARY TAROT READINGS,
.. .. .. FAR DOWN, far down, much closer to the Bottom. As if they were an appendix.
.. .. .. ACTUARIAL [splchk] TRANSCRIPTS of Three (3) Extraordinary Tarot Readings!!!
.. .. .. with doggerel narrative verse at the lowest yogic tier of Just-Be-There-Now.
.. .. .. No Bizzletit, for free,

==>all you gotta do is wartch for it to start, spooling down toward the bottom,
Well first sign of them’s a large bold title text “THE READINGS AND THE SPOKEN TALE”
but that’s a Brief Introductory Area. Yeah watch for that first, then watch for IT to start,
The Weird Psychic Landscape of the Readings.
You ganna go?? .. .. all you gatta watch for THAT to start, the Smell Of Magic..

++ Look, i’m sorry but if you can find your browser’s “find on this page” function,
++ it has input box, type or copy paste this -> readings and the spoken tale <-,
++ you find that, you page down couple times, THERE are the 3 readings!!!!
+++++ BUT ANYWAY… ++++++++++++++

.. .. .. .. ?Well, WHADDA YA SEE?? when you’re getting close Like that, ..
.. .. .. .. .. close to “The Readings & The Spoken Tale”, whatever that is, ..
.. .. .. .. .. i mean, .. IF I JUMP DOWN THERE .. HOW DO I KNO WHERE TO STOP??
.. .. .. .. .. & furthermore, BEOWULF asked THIS SAME question!!
.. .. .. .. .. ?? what are the landmarks if i jump down there, for the Good Gds’ sakes??
.. .. .. .. to Go See “The Readings & The Spoken Tale.??”

Well My Good Child, that answer’s simple. It’s not even hard!! It’s far to go,
but Do NOT Sail Down The Text Column Too Fast or you’ll MISS THE FIRST ONE,
which involves sexual intercourse, but EVERYTHING here is TOTALLY ANONYMOUS,
for the Gd Gds sake, !This is a kind of Clinical Report in verse!!
It’s TOTALLY ANONYMOUS. What kind of literature do you think this is?
Sexual Intercourse? This is VERSE!! But largely confined to the first Transcript you find!!
… … And you’re asking how to recognize it already!!

… Well, my Good Child look for this, let this guide you.. ..
… … of this text column, 1 after another keep your head down, like a bridge
… … sign-painted with a pictoral message, every single one of them united
… … in a philosophical proto-alchemical color scheme.. i’m sure you’ll notice.
… … Graphics exactly same size. Those are the 3 extraordinary Tarot tanscripts!

… … … but! BUT! BUT! ?How do i RECOGNIZE the Astonishing Transcripts??

Well, My Good Apt Pupil!!
… … with similar wide graphic stretched across this whole stream of poem text,
… … for each unique wide custom graphic this.. Symbolic New Modern Art, and
… … these 3 graphics all same size! In a meaningful color scheme. And look

… … with your Heart, you’ll see each of the wide sign boards across the stream
… … has the Canvas, the Skin, the Pelt, of a Painting stretched there, chosen to
… … Depict the Visitors’ Souls. Don’t miss the first! Sexual intercourse!

And here, see, here’s a lesson for us all.. You in the nasty rude habit
flying off “Down There” too early? Well then what? WHAT??
Then you do not hear the MAGIC SECRETS, do you?

Well, Here I’m Inserting A Thing Was On My Table,
a Different Thing..

Was toward the back, as your passerby sees it,
right on the front-back center crack of my
folding exhibition table, exactly where
there should have been a stick with
a simulation of brown cardboard
signage as “CHATTING TENT”.
Ain’t none in Plague Year.
No chatting tent here.

Dear Reader, look below, that painted sign. ..
.. Then look above, (the illustrated poem sheet
.. .. “I Wish There Were A Chatting Area”.)

And there, sheet’s poem box, in top right corner,
you see the same poem on this painted sign below,
The same poem’s weeping Auld Lang Syne for Occupy
in the sheet’s Treasury Of Verse, in the crude painted sign.

Fyi.1: Every word of this is true, for i stood my turns as Che
and Chomsky right down to the bottom of Booze Bottle #2, ..
.. But this crude elegance of knowing and speaking is of what?..
.. Of Speaking, thus Knowing Human Heart’s Ancient Treasures, ..
.. This deep elegance is the Cosmic Spiritual Essence of Occupy.

Fyi.2: To get the right effect i must compose the verse
with paintbrush on the little canvas,
Then to compose the sheet, you prop the canvas up,
type in an input box.
So go on, it’s liberating, old tradition in the Orient,
Write poems with a paintbrush.

Fyi.3: This is 2nd of 3 art works made specifically for this fair.

oo oo

When i was a white kid in the south my uncle joe looked like this.
Was the family’s Most Absurd Racist,
actually visibly DELIGHTED in flowing tides of epithet,
with no decency for the Presence Of Children,
of course for he considered it educational,
and his wife apologized for it.
and NO CONTEXT AT ALL but the Sheer Pleasure
of Roundly Pronouncing Words.
I can’t explain it, but to me he looked like this.
It’s a Clown Suit of some kind.

!!…….. The Sheet Above – Look At That Thing ……..!!

!!!!… “want to pay? how much?” ….!!!!
!!!!……… “remember, this entire operation is experimental, good luck” ………!!!!
!!!!.. “dmn it, NO so-called law enforcement of robbers’ so-called earnings” …!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……. “a place we are normal humans together” …….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

!!!….. That is a conjuration of ANARCHIST ECONOMIC THEORY …..!!!

And yes,
Occupy Autumn was several weeks among the
several years i taught exhibited at Great History Museum,
part-time, volunteer teaching program, wearing
a beautiful handmade ANTIQUE 19th CENTURY BUSINESS SUIT,
Top Hat, Cutaway Coat, Umbrella, and Bitter ANTI-SLAVERY Opinions,

In a Real Small Town Antique Bank Building exhibit,
astonishing real piece of Small Town Retail Architecture,
me chatting with thousands of people come thru that office,
from across the world, and most every school child locally.

And I Am Being..
And you know what?
Standing there in 1839 i am standing at the
!! Dawn Of USA. Capitalism, !!
yes, which was also, by the way, of course, The Dawn Of The
you see,.

With proper historical research of the Dawn Of US. Capitalism,
i am standing bitterly and AUTHENTICALLY declaring,
and all sorts such opinions as that Poem Sheet expresses,
for such are documented from such individuals of that time and place.

In short,
Real Mr. New England Small Town Banker, real in 1839,

( Just in case nobody’s ever mentioned that to you before. )

The 3 Sheets Above..
Look At These Things

These 3 Illustrated Poem Sheets were 1st of ONLY 3
Art-Works-Themselves, newborn-new, newly thought,
which i made up for my unique Re-Enactment Display.
These 3 sheets are the 1st of only 3,
And the Mainstay of the whole thing’s
entire philosophical case,
these illustrated poems now echoing Occupy 9 years later,

about the 2nd and 3rd newborn Art-Works-In-Themselves.

? But what to do with these sheets ?, i wondered.
On the day, setting up, i just stapled them all over the whole display,
– these 3 sheets explaining the 3 Areas i arranged on my table –
– Sidewalk Art – Chatting Tent – Free Grabs Area –
– features of every Occupy Camp that i am mimicking on my table –

– the Brilliant Inspiration to staple the sheets all over everything –

That and the duck tape wrapped on all the wooden bits,
to hold it all together, tho i did NOT DARE use the
authentic Brown Cardboard sheets stuck up with it.
For i couldn’t make the Brown Cardboard look right,
for it is a wretched art material really.

But despite No Brown Cardboard, ..
!!.A brilliant show of Authentic Historical Portrayal.!!
with perhaps a wee bit excessive Creative Flair,
– for i always got to make a Big Fing Show everyplace i go –
typical Paleolithic Corporal behavior –

my table in the front of our pop-up tent at the Psychic Fair,
last Saturday.


Got to go now. Two electricians from the team who are going
to install solar panels on our house Next Monday morning
are here to inspect some kind of boxes to plan the work.
..{ 45 minutes elapses }..
Great! The boxes are all okay but one,
and it’s a “simple box” of some kind,
which somehow i did not understand,
next Monday – Seven AM. – Hurrah !!

!! To Be Continued !!
Much more will be added here tomorrow.
This blog post is NOT YET FINISHED.
This blog post is NOT YET FINISHED.
!! Good Morning !!

The Pic Above..
The font on the picture is very small, so here’s the poem..

Our Lady Of The Roses In Her Wild Rose Bower,
destination of my “Sacred Way Memorial Path”.
It curves around the north edge of my Sacred
Garden, this path to Her, my acting of Ancient
Greece, famous Eleusis Pilgrimage from Athens
home to Mother Demeter’s fire on a sacred hill.
Most days I walk this little pilgrimage several times.

The Pic Below..
Now, looking below, you’ll see that the JOY discovered
in that immersive worship inspired the design of this year’s
bright and airy ADVERTISING CARD i was handing out to people.

The Pic Above..
The font here also is small.
Other than the text actually on the card, here’s what it says..

My Advertising Card For This Year (front and back)
The back is from Stark Isolation.
The front is a painting chosen to be like the
brilliance on my little model Holy Pilgrimage.

The A/O riddle.. That’s my new glyph for “Anarchist Artist”- Capital A
in a Circle but (ha) in fancy font. There are more “blog top pick” blog
posts with other digits like 3, 4, ..5. Currently it might be up to 8 or 9.

The Pic Above..
(.This is 3rd of 3 art works made specifically for this fair.)

A small note first..
Balanced at centers of left-right, you see hyphenated “sol-dier” at left,
“muse-ician” at right, and this canvas is the day’s specially painted banner,
right?? So what daft nonsense have i got stuck up so prominently displayed??

Well, if you open, and with it beat some sense into those syllables,
you conjure up.. .. >SOL all-mastering sun god of roman empire. .. >DIER an abject animal-slave non-sentient or semi-sentient tool being, of no particular sort. ..
.. ..{-versus-} .. !!! >MUSE divine female mind. .. .. >ICIAN a skilled craft worker.!!!
Which job do you prefer? .. .. What, me?

See i’m a Fortuneteller, we’re Inexpensive Job Consultants.

And No Joke.. What advice u think i give youth
inquire now then of MILITARY CAREER, fing idiots,
what job advice u thnk i give & absolutely UNIFORMLY,
with no xceptions whatzoever eh??
i say the same exact same it says up there in that Logic
i was INSPIRED by Holy Wisdom to paint up there,
Logic Of.. .. Gods And Syllables, slaves, artists,
.. .. tied to my tent by ropes of honesty,
.. .. i tell Youth, Parents EXACTLY THAT.
>> > War God bad, Home Goddess good.
I am Our Mother’s soldier yet.

But that’s all of that Small Note.
And the rest of the sign is so much easier to figure out,
believe me. – Just my services on offer.

~~||\>>>>…._ :: _….<<<</||~~

Starting at top left then spinning clockwise inward,

The text in lettering a varying green or gleaming silver,
floating in a large open space of aggressively interacting
cobalt blue and ultramarine school kids’ cheap acrylic paint,

Kids’ Cheap.. The Democratic Acrylic paint type,
with tiny sharp gritty bits in it to give
aggressive teeth,

So that’s..
Text floating in a space of aggressively interacting blues
for this’s Modern Art who-knows-what.

And the advertising message,
reminding one of the famous cultural painted signs
on New England rocky rural roads,

Region with Screwy Traditions by the good gds,
rocky country where you cannot and never could subsist
without multiple Cottage Industries in EVERY rural house.. ..

This sign reminding one of all the New England houses
set back from the ditch a little by our rural roads,
with nice signs talented folks have made up by the road,

Saying like..
“Jenkins Place ! bookkeeping ! hair dresser ! taxidermy ! auto repair !”
altho that one’s just a joke,
but this sign reminds me of it.

So anyway,
starting at top left then spinning clockwise inward,
this sign reads..

Poet Painter muse-ician !MAY
sol-dier Stone Riley Druid


The Pic Below..

These two signs, seen here after the fair at home, relaxing in easy chairs,
having suffered significant visible damage being thrown in the car to take home,

But at the fair these two were Very Important,
They were braced up with white Duck Tape,
of which you can see some remnants,
They were braced up toward the back of the left-right ends of my table,

These signs signifying 2 parts of my 3-part Occupy Display.

The 3 pics below..
Things In The Center Part Of The Occupy Display

[-The Center Area of our Display Table, as i think you know,
that is where we were all sentimental there was no Chatting Area,
and we were getting likkered up singing “Auld Lang Syne” for Occupy.-]
[-Just in case you’ve lost track of all these digressions.-]

The painted sign i showed you above,
with the poem ornamentally painted on it,
starting “2020 Plague Year”, That small canvas
was propped up to form the modest backdrop
of the table’s Center Area.

These 3 small objects, photoed below,
were laid out “downstage” of that small backdrop,
meaning.. these 3 small things
sort of approach the passerby
out of that poem ?as a backdrop?,
if i’m making this strangeness clear at all.

but i don’t know what

Above.. Photo Of A Painting..
Canvas of ‘miniature’ or ‘child’ size with wide brush in 3 minutes.
Had empty title for years.. “Self-Portrait In Green & Yellow”.
But recent mental flash instead it’s “Self-Portrait Near The End”.
I don’t know what that means yet.


It is Dada Cardboard Box it’s Design 4 from Last Year!
Old souvenier, old 2019 friend, Dada Box you served so well,
on This Same Table our 2019 Fair!!
Little bent out of shape for being Studio
Popcorn and Seltzer Caddy for 12 months,
now advertising card dispenser.
Looks like a Laundromat.
!! Hello !!

[-.. Re-purposed this year here, .. .. a scrawled scrappaper note rudely stapled over that you see, ..
..that elaborately bright-photo-printed scholarly artistic disquisition, ..
..whatever rubbish painstakingly adjusted for color separation last year, ..
..that was absolutely central at last year’s Fair Table Concept. ..
..I mean 1st a fantastically wrought small cardboard box, ..
..12 months Studio Popcorn And Seltzer Caddy, ..
..Now: advertising card dispenser..
..That’s ART, Folks. ..-]

(.Up near the top there’s a “related stuff” link for learning all about our 2019 fair.)

\\ \./ //
But Perhaps The Most Strangely Distressing Thing Of All .. .. ..
(?what is this anyway?) .. .. ..

The Brown Cardboard box labeled “Public Cash Box”,
incomprehensibly painted garishly, and glued so tight
that you will need a Bricklayer’s Impact-Pneumatic Saw,
with Double Shotgun Shells, to open it.
So what is it?

???.. ..HOW IT ALL WORKED ….???
???.. ..what made Occupy run.. ..???
!!!!…. ..ACTUAL DEMOCRACY.. ….!!!!
!!!!!…. .and. ..NO MONEY.. .. .. ….!!!!!


( please see the purple inspirational segment below )


::::>> ACTUAL DEMOCRACY plus NO MONEY <<::::
++((< inspirational purple segment >))++
+ well, really this is Part A of segment +

Here is the text painted in a Puckish rough hand on the so-called Public Cash Box,
Which is a nonsense glued up and poorly photoed above. ..
It sez..
~ CASH ~
No!! This box is GLUED SHUT, so DO NOT try
to open it. .. .. No you cannot take out
money, or put in. This is like a play or
movie PROP. . So put this back where
you found .. TO …. Actually this is an
it!! .. .. .. OPEN..++..PU. Illustration in
See #4 at. … BOX..++..SH … .. . .. a poem. ..
bottom of “Free Garbs Instarctions” sheet.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

That is a low down rotten dirty Utter Sarcastic Spoof.
That is an omni-dimensional Dada Pun Of Ridicule by an Actual Druid.

The artist means in other words .. !! MONEY IS INCOMPREHENSIBLE NONSENSE !!
=>And this hurts: furthermore…. ==>>> !! YOU ALREADY KNOW IT IS !!!

!! Money is incomprehensible nonsense !!
!! And you already know it is !!
(.”ding-ding-ding-ding” <= Antique cash register ringing to signify joke on you.)

also see PART B below.

..PART B From the box above..
( Money is incomprehensible nonsense. .. )
[ So here now let’s JUST STOP DOING IT and see what we can do INSTEAD. ]
[ Oh and actually you need ACTUAL DEMOCRACY to do this, ]

?Why Do We Need Actual Democracy To Stop Using Money?

‘Cause all Powerful People PRETEND REALLY HARD,
with sharp bayonets powerful people pretend really hard,
they pretend, saying this..
“O no, everybody knows Democracy was tried long ago
in a mythical place far away long ago, Old Greece maybe.”
they comfort themselfs, the powerful people on Radio,
soothe Dour Fear with Investment Fortunetelling Shows,
their Fathappy Announcers say…
“special show today listeners, every university our network
owns has sent several university philosophy professors for
this!.. Today’s special roundtable discussion on this Vexing
Question!. Either. .. A..Democracy never worked, .. OR ELSE
B.. Our listeners’ investments are broke. .. So okay Panel…
Take it away…”

……….NO IT DIDN’T WORK !!! DID IT WORK?………………..
.. ..(socrates, the youth of athens).. ..

and also meanwhile, spoken very softly off camera, we hear this.. ..
(!! i wrote a high school phd thesis.. ..democracy never worked because
it wasn’t tried .. so guess what? .. they hired me as a college dean..
..with a stock portfolio.. nuclear munitions and submarines !!…
..why don’t you try it and we’ll get married and have kids ??…. )

?? OH YEAH ??
I know there’s something missing from my logic.
Really, examine that bit of poetic drama fluff for its logic,
so far with this, have we demonstrated yet that
! But wait !
We haven’t said where LOVE is in our ad hoc calculations.

fortuneteller!! yeah what?? fortuneteller!!
what?? is democracy possible, tell please..
!!no. go away. go bring back certain gifts
and i will say !! for me to tell bring KNOWLEDGE to me..

1. What is the Weight of our LOVE in the scale against
our adversaries’ RAGE?? .. Bring me back the simple ratio of
those 2 vast tonnages, .. Our Vast Love to Their Vast Rage,
three or four dozen decimal points if you like,
in Bazilyaliters or Gargantutonnes.
Yes, First, Dear Visitor, Please bring me that wisdom.
Then i shall foretell .. ?democracy possible?

2. And please bring me this.. WHERE Is Our Love??
where is our Love Located in our Cosmic Bodies,
Maybe state in Enormazacs of Paralax above the Zodiac??
below the natal star of Wolfman Jack?? Look Jack i’m saying.. ..

Just take me out into the Night Time Sky and POINT to it.
Where in Universe does Our Love lay down its head when AT HOME??


Oh Good Friend, if thou canst, somehow,
bring all those Wisdoms i have mentioned to me,

Then i shall foretell for thee.. .. .. ?democracy possible?


And By The Way, How About
?? WAR plus LOVE equals WHAT ??

++((< inspirational purple segment #2 >))++

You asking me?
.. ..NO. I’M ASKING YOU.. ..
?? WAR plus LOVE equals WHAT ??
that’s what i’m asking YOU.


The Readings And The Spoken Tale
~ Exploring 2020’s PERVASIVE Darkened Mood ~

~ The Outline Of This Blog Post ~
Dear Reader, if i may ask,
?.are you still reading this very long post carefully or creatively.?

?Or you have surrendered to the Treacherous Hypnotism Rhythms?
After all, i titled this toolbox full loaded of Mind and Voice beats,
you understand, i developed this as Toolbox in a Devious Novel,
yes Devious =>Post-Modern Sci-Fi Historical Romance Novel<=,
!Greek Alchemic Sex! !Great Mystery March, by the Good Gds!,
and this hypnotism beat box i called “Symphonic Realism”,
Right? ..

So of course it is fine if you’ve detected my Outline
for this Post only thru Repeated Readings. I don’t mind.

There were a big number of World-Making Crystalline Moments,
known to me by Vivid Intimations of Huge Ages Changing,
or so seem to me in memories crowding forward since.

In my moment-to-moment vivid experience of Camp that day,
an extraordinary Big Number of Clear-Bright Very-Human instants,
which i’m trying to give each of those moments the attention it desires.

That’s only fair to whatever Multitude Of Muses spoke thru us.
Mainly, that’s what i’m doing here in this blog post.
Friend, please wish me Good Blessings and Fair Luck.

we’re almost done,
these the special few, penultimate few
i’ve saved for you till now.

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

::~~[-#4a Remaining Crystal Time Moment a4#-]~~::
.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Day-long chat among us camp staff re =>the Essential Duty<=
our line of work, fortune telling, is nowadays. Strong Talk,
in scattered moments and nods, by
Us U.S. Volunteer Sanity Magicians,

+of course nodding emerging from some kind of rude canvas roof or tent+
+like wraith of Shakspeer Calazaban’s ghost, whoever on the Blasted Heath+


.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

::~~[-#4b Remaining Crystal Time Moment b4#-]~~::
.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

And oh, dear hearts,
since most ancient times’ foundations of the greatest Magic Guilds,
flocks along The Town.

Just anyone and everybody’s Temporary, Accidental, or Regular students,
or adherents, good cooks always welcome, dithering in from hither and yon,
!!pickup truck!!
o sweet dear FORTUNETELLER TOWN flocks along at own expense,

{- whom i sometimes cannot help but call “The Dear Chicks”, often
drawing strange looks from any less-experienced spirit teacher.-}

Well, to such ++likely-GAZZAMA-WHAMMA OOOMA-AAMA++ events as this
at Geographic Center of astonishing Whole Screwy Region
that is Entirely Big Witch Headquarters,
as we find ourselves operating in here,

To such camp as this, ONLY THE DARING of Fortuneteller Town flock.

And One of these moments was THIS..
the day-long chat of this extraordinary anarchist crew,
bits of their lives i stepped into among the work.

Those 2 Crystal Time moments are on the 4/5 list lower down,
for those 2 are naturally below #Nbrs 1, 2 and 3, which are right here..

.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

::~~[-#1,2,3 Remaining Crystal Time Moments 1,2,3#-]~~::
.. .. .. .. .. .. ..

First on our list are these 3 Other Long Long Moments where

Wave feels balanced on the spine of Was-These-Times, feels some vast
dragon’s head, between its eyes, felt whichever way you wish to say it,
for 15/30 minutes. JUST FELT.. SPOT-ON
of some NEW REALITY Not Yet Known.

Yes, i’m saying 3 moments on the 4/5 list
are the whole length of divination sessions, as you will see,
for i was honored by Three VERY STARTLING Divination Sessions.
Yes, 3 Very Startling Divination Sessions.

Starting with that Very First One you will find just below.


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Yearning Couple
– The Reading Of Primordial Energies Of Mated Beings

You can almost visually see the circulating rings of Love
around and thru the Beings of a Well-Mated Couple,
rings of Love that emerge from them and fill space.
They are Beings of primordial energies.

The woman, smaller, and man, larger, presented themselves,
their hands reassuring each others’ bowed backs,
Presented themselves with the mannerisms of shyness,
just moments after the happy and relieved prior Visitor
and i emerged thru the printed cotton draperies of the tent.

You must always have an extra chair or two outside for visitors’ friends.
Of course they often come in little flocks reassuring one another,
come earnestly in support of the session’s actual “Querant”,
the individual whom the group together buy a ticket for,
– i’m sure they always put a little bit of ceremony in it –
and of course i tell the Querant that certainly, yes,
one (1) friend can sit with us in the reading.. ..

IF the Querant considers SERIOUSLY and thinks it best,
and if this Friend understands THEY MUST BE SILENT.
Others may patiently wait outside or stroll the camp.

But none of that with this pair,
their loving hands so hungry to touch each other.

So my only question.. If they’d been told
the payment scheme to buy 2 tickets, in fairness to other Visitors,
so we may run their double reading out to double time of 30 minutes

But approaching, both as one, both shyly held their tickets out,
Smiling to me gentle kind reassurance that it all would be alright.
So i fetched another chair and used every social grace to beg them sit.
And i settled in my chair and looked at them,
across that little mega-dimensional lens of the divination table.
I saw them speak.

They spoke. They looked Pure Love in each others’
eyes and said they wanted many children.

i had not heard that said in a very, very long time.

They spoke in tones of sweet sweet love of a Brilliant Child they had,
and next in firm certain tones as if the thing were already done, of Twins,
then seemed to wish for more and more, up to some indefinite number.


~ the next sub-segment of the poem’s logic ~
~?? suddenly, where have the Lovers taken us ??~

“The Great Work” – “The Alchemical Marriage”
Magicians such as myself, grateful for the constantly revealed
excellent wise Practical Realities,
even offering wisdom for the most Spiritually Mystic and Esoteric
experiences and intimations of Everyday Life,..

I mean the Mystic Sacred Understandings constructed thru Human Story
and Human Logic thru many generations of Meditation and Nature Study,
by Countless Women and Men, fundamentally seeing our world as a view
of Holy Sex Magic,
accumulated in the old musty books and
manuscripts left to us from earnest spiritual explorers’ old quill pens..

I mean honest seekers and seers have taken to its straightforward
presentation of Immortal Universe as a place where we WORK,
and we earnestly Work Toward Good if we are Wise,

Yes, marveled at for its deep access to Humans’ Story Of Us In The World,
practical idealists such as myself, since in youth i turned to Holy Magic
following the Great Imperial War of my generation, we practical idealists
have found this deep analysis to be a treasure. …

Ancient Greek Alchemy, this deep analysis of

Well, that Magic’s carefully considered and researched view
that Magic calls pure loving acts of Sexual Intercourse these names:
“Alchemical Marriage” and “The Great Work”

Seeing that look of Pure Love, and hearing their weeping cry for children,
to my sudden startlement, of course i knew the next 30 minutes on my little
portable clock, at my elbow, that Cosmic Time was coming to us as a meeting
of Cosmic Beings on that deep ground of ancient true Story about our lives.


.. And as a WELSH DRUID, where riddles are savory and soft like buttered grits,
This post is in category Ancient Britain
Instantly i Realized this poor plain story, of body parts earnestly put to use
in earnest beds, and all of the universe of dear hope we mortals put in that,
From The Big Red Strory BookTales Of Men And Women <== This blog post is in Category Tarot Etc
me sensing that is a vast riddle. Pondering i realized quite contrary to possible

fear of a BOTCHED READING for these two Worthies, fear would be misplaced.
For this rickety Fortuneteller’s Table of my own hands, i think will become
{… From Poem Series Poems For The Future << This post is in category Humor ===>> This blog post is from our self-training course << From Tarot Handbook Documents For The Reader …}
a Small Town Square i have visited by reciting a poem, visited there reciting
a certain Ancient Hymn, known in English, legendary town that is still there,
its square a ground of struggle in one of the Most Ancient Human HYMNS.

{. This blog post is in Category Ancient Greece Etc ; This post is in category Goddess ; This post is in category Youth ; This post is in category Music For Freedom ; This post is in category Gods Masculine ; This post is in category Children .}
Sumerian hymn of Our Goddess, Girl-Queen of Heaven, Divine Inanna,
in Her young Carnal Passion, that day to be wedding and bedding, ..
.. But oh thank goodness the marriage was one year at a time, see, ..
Our Girl-Queen and the king of her now pulsating heart,
Dubious Human .. .. Gorgeous King Of Mortal Hunks .. .. Tammuz!!!

=> In the myth: Will the match last? <=
.. => Hint: Well, we dont know but, well, duh. <= ..
.. => In fact, shall we say.. .. He later makes a good breakfast? <=
((.. !! This post is in category Nature !! ; !! This post is in category Evolution !! ; !! From Story Book Comfort For The Bereaved !! ..))

But anyway,
My table will impersonate a conceptual place of spiritual Neutral Ground,
mid-point between HER perfumed Temple-Bedroom-By-The-River, versus
HIS Lout’s Shed, =Maybe he’s in a Malodorous Sumerian Manufacturing
Suburb (fun metaphor), way across town from Her >>Perfumed Sheets<<
{… From Story Book Surprising Book And Film Reviews .. .. .. .. .. From Category Sacred Garden .. .. .. .. .. .. …}
And my table to enact a mystical half-way parking spot they go
to sit in a calm place with Tarot Cards or whatever they’ve got,
and share their love and hopes and dreams, and to re-negotiate every year.

{… This post is in category Gods Masculine .. .. .. .. .. This post is in category Children .. .. .. .. .. This post is in category Goddess …}

This post relates to Carl Jung .. .. For !!YES!!
If you know that place and seek it, YOU FIND IT in Human Instinct,
as we did, and as you will learn in the last sub-segment.

This post is in category Children This post is in category Humor
We Will Reach A Happy Outcome.


~ the next sub-segment of the poem’s logic ~
~?? why want “many children” now ??~

~ To Save The World .. The Hero Savior Twins of Human Myth ~
eeeee vvv iwde’;kid ddd!

~1: Who Are The Sacred Twins of Ancient Human Myth? :1~

My ears, or nose, caught a redolent scent of Magic already being done,
(of course i guessed it was the Conjurings of Reproductive Medicine)
to get those Twins they wanted and expected next.

So here, in case you haven’t studied this subject, i will tell you.

All over Human faith and folklore you spot those two as Glorious Characters,
and everywhere you hear they are credited especially with 3 special powers..
.. Healing, .. .. Rescue, .. .. Founding New Communities ..
This universality tells us they stand very deep in Human Story Instinct.

While in our own lives, remarkably, scattered out in every Human community,
You also find sibling pairs who seem to be almost their embodiment,
for around them people often feel an instinctive intuition that
in dire need such Twins have some reservoir of Magic
they may open and leap into the role in real life.

.. .. .. .. .. ..

Examples of Sibling- or Cousin- Glowing Twins, in my family alone, recently
have grown so numerous, .. Recently i’ve begun telling the whole Grand Kids
& Friends Herd this.. .. Me and Lady Of The House, .. ..our little swimming pool
just inches out from the dark, deep, and actually hazardous, New England Woods,
.. This is not just their small swimming pool anymore, ..
.. .. ..
.. For it is transformed to their “Family School For Heroes Aquatic Center”,
and had a Ceremony with whichever three or four of them here that hour,
homemade “Aquatic Center, Family .. Heroes” sign i’d worked into rough board,
of course, and read the “Family .. Heroes” sign in dramatic tones to them,
and exhorted them
to stick with this same high standard in their AMBITIONS.
.. .. ..
That’s how numerous these Glowing Kids cases have become here.
.. ..
Oh! And soon i will tell you of the Myth Symposium, several
delightful sit-down-and-let-the-lights-just-go-out chats already,
several, the Myth Symposium i and one pair of twins are having, ..
.. Actually me Consulting Artist for their on-going work in Hero Gaming
and, with me egging on the one who is The Poet,
with me egging on The Poet relentlessly, actually,
a new project they have in Hero Fan Fiction.


~2: A Rare Observation In This Discussion Of The Sacred Twins :2~

Here probably a major essay pitting Carlos Castaneda against Joseph Campbell in
some delightful fist fight with Paul Newman, in a comedy, while they are somehow

digging out some corner of MY Personal Memories of working with Young Apprentices,

BUT PARTICULAR.. Some of my stories with The Little Chicks of MY OWN GENDER.
Probably a major essay, in poetry, like that.

You see, i’m saying this essay would promote an uncommon insight.. ..
.. In my experience a same-gender Magic Teacher must act as Helpful Junior Sibling,
.. Because the Teacher must seem definitely the furthest thing from “Powerful”, ..
.. Because the drama happens deep in the Sacred Garden in the Student’s Soul. ..
.. And surely this ancient fact is long since absorbed into our Human Story Instinct.

So here’s a rare observation ..
I suspect this fact of same-gender magic teachers taking a SIBLING role, ..
.. and done because needed by human psychology, .. .. I suspect this Willful
Process Differential generates some Magical Dynamic .. pushing the content
of Teachers’ Wisdom .. into the Mythic Story Space of such Glowing Twins.

And if you don’t mind, here’s a metaphysics footnote ..
Dear Reader, Yes! You may have raised a Very Serious Doubt about this.
In fact i’ll bet you raised 1 or 2 Very Serious Doubts of this gender-related scrap

of So-Called Metaphysics, or Palmistry, or whatever this nonsense is i’m palming
off on people, whatever it is, .. .. .. This is also .. .. :::a Gender-Related Thesis:::
And there are Very Serious Doubts you probably raised in the 1st or 2nd sentence.
=> BUT <=
In answer to your Doubt that i’m imagining you have raised..
=> YES.. <=
I’m saying that you find yourself teaching Holy Magic..
Well then.. It is well known,
It is attested in all the deepest literature of all times known to me..
In the teaching of HOLY MAGIC..
The role “POWERFUL TEACHER” in cross-gender situations,
IF the Students being FREE APPRENTICES,
tends to be an insulation as if they are different generations,
and their NON-EROTIC dynamics can be very rich.

=> AND.. <=
=>??? Who is telling you this ???<=
so you can probably take my word on this, and after all it’s modest little thesis.

.. .. .. .. .. ..
[ and if interested for another dose of my thinking on this subject, ]
[ see the “Excellent Student” Phaedrus in my novel “Dark Of Light”.]
[ his Lady nominates him Next-Year’s-King in the nearly-last scene.]
[ >joke< just another Male worshiper of The Divine Female. >joke< ]


~ the next sub-segment of the poem’s logic ~
~?* OK, BUT HOW, in 30 minutes, do we explore the ground they are walking *?~

~(* a fuller explanation of the “town of cards” reading spread *)~

hhhgh moiiebvbb
aaaaaa gung gung


~ the next sub-segment of the poem’s logic ~

To put this in a nutshell, let me first tell you
HOW THE MAGIC COOKED, as best i understood from my side of the table.

At some Level Of Magical Reality, altho honestly i had lost track of where,
so it’s Wherever, but they had got their hands on a mass of Living Symbols
that they are participating in with every sign IT’S GOING WELL RIGHT NOW.

On the other hand me. Me? I’m outside their work by then. And starting to
feel pleasantly like one of those magical animals who only needs to bleat,
and you hear the map coordinates for buried Fairy Treasure.

Suddenly i realized the last thing i had said about some cards

In fact, for of course i glanced back over it and understood better,
in their terms, i think THEY HAD SEALED A DEAL WITH FATE.

Three children were now predicted for them
whereas they came here looking for four at least.

I was simply grappling with three cards already in the spread,
three stubborn cards which seemed to contradict each other,
out loud wondering what they had got together to tell me,
so of course from that i have a sudden “ah-ha” moment,
and i tell them what the “ah-ha” news flash is.

“these cards are telling me your family may be complete
with the bright one you have now, and the future twins” i said.

Finally Inanna smiles. Nods. Looks to Tammuz,
Nearly whispering, breathes to him.. “Fine!”

And he agreed with her that Fine was good enuf.


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Power Seeker
– The Strange Reading Done With A Very Alert Visitor

“Hey! Jehiee!”, “hey good Fellow Human,”
i am thinking, carefully not any well-formed thoughts,
of course, for there’s a lot of psychics around here,

but Vividly Thinking.. .. “!! Hey FELLOW HUMAN, SLOW DOWN !!”
HEY FELLOW HUMAN, i’m going to guess
you want the 15-minute Tarot-Master Class, and you’re in a hurry,

for i see in your entire aura, all aflame in green and yellow reds,
+ which, in case you don’t know that stuff yet, your Aura left +
+ entirely unguarded in this magnificent flame of righteousness,+
+ in that clear flame your suitability to grow into True Magician +
+ of some True Magic Work, and your True Instincts in whatever +
+ work you have in hand today, +

+ And i’ll bet a Senior Scribe at least in one of the
Epochally Beautiful Beloved Mother groups now
prospering among the women of our country. +

+ But i’ll guess their cell of the Divine Female +
+ don’t Have POWER of Divination Vision yet +
+ and i’ll guess it may be you to teach them, +
+ and that is a great blessing to me if you do, +

+ And i’ll also guess you will delight to teach, +
+ all this as obvious in your clear aura flame as a dawn awaking. +
+ my Hereby-Daughter in Ancient Sacred Priesthood, +

>>> “I guess you want to learn Tarot in 15 minutes is that correct??” <<<
i manage to fit into the gaps.

We Had To Get Started It’s Only 15 Minutes!!
But this was the very very worst case of being so

?good gds, how irritated can a human being be?
Couldn’t stop insisting that she didn’t have..

:: Her crown chakra was projecting a DOPEY BOYFRIEND onto the tent roof.::

and yet she SEES NO REASON to Acknowledge His Existence.
!!HAH!! i must persuade her to admit the flea’s itchy existence.

For that right there was a specific problem.
in my 15 Minute program. In fact, my entire decades-in-development,
“15-minute Self-Trained-Tarot-Amateur-Professional-Beginner” program, is built
on the student’s own private-as-you-wish Genuine Real Life Intimate Example,
with which to seek at once at least a little bit of Real, Sincere And Honest Work,
right at the very top of their entire Divination Career.

And so..
Everything is always as private as you wish,
with my special Tarot Self-Teaching Simple-Tarot deck
!! IF !!
You’ve got that Genuine Real Life Intimate Example ripe for discussion,

First big art project i did after the war, this reading you will do yourself in
this quarter-hour now ensuing, just trust me enuf to lead you thru
{-kind of like your first peek at the town-of-cards spread-}
my Very Straightforward process, with my Very Straightforward deck,

OR WE’LL USE YOUR favorite deck, have you brought one?,
Method says start with ANY deck you understand and trust,
immersed into it for a soul-expanding 15 minutes,
with firm encouragement to

Shall we work like that Good Fellow Human,
begin somewhere we understand?”
.. .. i was wishing to say. .. ..

I was getting wary time passing but needn’t have.

For suddenly, nick of time, i realized
she is a person of Properly Explaining Things,
and she actually is logically convincing me that actually,

So suddenly the Brilliant Child nods at me across my Card Table,
me supposedly a master of this parlor, waiting there with my
quite impressive Tidy Pile of Exotic Fortune Telling Hardware
waiting by my elbow, but now it’s my turn to speak.

I say “You want to learn Tarot?”
She said “Yes. Exactly. ?How Do You Know?”

But i sigh. I say, see really we need a teaching example,
So for example, if you had a Dopey Boyfriend for purposes of learning,
She cries… “I broke off with him yesterday,
good time charley had his dck in his hand.”

With expert yogic discipline i 1st.. STOPPED
SHE “BROKE IT OFF”. And 2nd instead properly
notice how well she has been Extremely Frank
and yet actually somehow Not Explicit,
What was the situation? i don’t know!
this one’s got the PERFECT Natural Divination Session Manner.

“Of course you did,” i said, “i’ve got a picture of him
in my head,
disgusting kind of simpering grin while
he’s. .. doing something i can’t see.”.. .. And “HOW DO
she says. .. .. “Because you held that
little picture of him up for me to see,” i say,
for i thought it was her held the little picture up deliberately.
In any case brought a sudden crack in the chat which i hurried into..

“Look, Good Friend,” or something like, i say,
“Just i’m asking this so the Tarot lesson can proceed..
Is the Wretched Itch still wretched enuf to be classified
a Good Life Lesson not Yet SELF-Examined??” or such like i say.
And she answers… ??How do you know??

So, reaching for the teaching deck, i’m getting into gear like..
“Yeah, let’s look at some cards,
let your cards and visions teach you,
let them speak clearly to you, and lead your thoughts.”

She grits her teeth, nods,
and with her burst of focus, burst of determination,
perhaps more sudden than i’ve seen before,
we are off to a different ground
than she has stood and worked before.

Dashing up the old Old Human path toward Magic,
first lay of cards was dealt by me to her,
for HER to see and try to read..

At once we learned how very easily and well
such implements and regions of the mind will fit her hands.


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Hero’s Journey
– The Reading Like A Map & Compass Check,

Human Steps Out My Tent Flap, Up Onto The Hero Road


* Of course i should, and do, often take “poetic license”, and i even try to be *
*** ?”paradoxically honest”? about it. But i have worked with great care to ***
***** write THIS SESSION just like my memory of it, as i remember now.

Now me first. Then i’ll tell you him.
For me and this guy, 15 minutes, ..

?Do you have dreams like this??.. This was like you
fall out the cab of a racy chevrolet, for it lurched off
when you turn the key, and you hadn’t even reached
a toe for the gas yet, .. .. but NOW YOU’RE OFF
and it’s gaining speed UPHILL while you, Jerk,
run along the curb jumping for the door handle,
One full session of Tarot like that.

Brain and chat as nimble as his arms and face and whole demeanor,
folks, meet … JACK THE GIANT KILLER … in person,
buying ticket chooses me, the purple shirt “Veterans For Peace”,
painted sign. “soldier, black lives matter, dead be remembered”

NO, this one does NOT bear the Scars of years and years
of Horrid Moral Compromise upon the Soul you see carved
there for the Prisoners in so-called “armies” in these times,
this one would SNEER at such service.

NO, this one HAS NEVER been in any of the Murder Mills
that are mis-called today by all the Billionaires,
senseless wind-up toys mis-called “armies”,

would SNEER at such service.


And yet he comes to me ..

for i show HUMAN INSTINCT SIGNS of the Proper Limping Codger
what he wants. – !! THE TOWN’S BEAT UP OLD SOLDIER !!-

Military prick’s inspecting eye, assessing look,
hanging right there on Pleistocene tent pole,
and, like, it’s a **CIRCUS TENT**, and yes,
from the ticket desk it’s the first tent you see.

Oh my, at last he’s got hold Old Frugin Corporal sitting in a chair,

Had to buy a ticket,
but Real Deal, done stuff while been there, probably, i guess.
Gray Head, sweaty Veterans For Peace shirt, REAL LIMP,
somehow with Tarot decks,

Now he’ll get some Straight Shit.


Now shall i describe My Guy, right??,


in case sneaking in is somehow not allowed, prowls around,
prowls with a smile, seeks any which and whatever option
“SMELLS RIGHT” my man would say, considers carefully, says
“probably can’t go wrong with VFP Corporal Real Limp”, and
buys the ticket,

He’s looking to ask this..
How To Do An Urgent Job Of Perilous Hero Work
!! Right On His Own Street In His Own Town !!
!! TODAY !!

Right On His Own Street In His Own Town !!!

So know what? My Man shows up my tent with
the same Magnificent Aplomb,
Yes, same Almighty Peace he would have showed in Old Greek Times,

!! yes Jack The Giant Killer’s Old Greek Times !!
not this roadside fair, were he there, he’d a walked THEIR
Hero Prophecy Path they used to find GREAT DELPHI TEMPLE,
as every great soldier they had who could, they went to Delphi Temple,
to learn their Mortal Fate, thru Holy Divination by Volcano Smoke that,
in a secret chamber, thru marble floor seeped up, Great Delphi Temple.

Ancient Hero days of Ancient Greece, my guy here would go there,
and he would just stroll right up to the Prophetic Volcano Smoke,
which he drove here asking me..

Comes to Grizzled Medic Corporal for =>REAL HEROISM TIPS.<=
?? WHY ??



Maybe 3, 4 minutes in, he finally tells me. Finally. That long
he had been spinning TESTS of MENTAL ACUITY FOR ME.
!! He is Riddling me !! That’s MY trick !! And getting away with it !!

=>First Time In My Life<= i ask “do you have a Specific Question”,
my man don’t say “No, no“. Nor says.. “yes my question’s dada dee“,
Like a normal person would.

No, for he is a Humorist.
Said “Yes INDEED i have a question” then,
( i scarcely believe this even now )
HE MADE ME GUESS – ??HOW?? – MADE Me Guess – 3/4 Minutes.

Finally i threw up a comical shrug, exclaimed my burning curiosity,
recited back verbatim every riddle clue he’d given,
And i surrendered MOST SINCERELY.

He grinned too. And shrugged.
You know what a “hero” shrug looks like.
And with a hand gesture threw it wide,
the ghastly intensity of the horrible dilemma he was in.

Young Man,
On his street, a squad of Bigot Terrorists has got up,
threatening with Sudden Death By Bigot Gun every Black there.

And of course him, the smart quick Black with strength of youth,
It was HIM they cornered on the street with cars and epithets and guns,
he to be the Cowering Messenger of their conquest, such fools think.

comes to Corporal Real Limp me.

— ~~ ~~ ~~ —

And i MUST reveal.. i know not what befell!

i know not what befell him later so i cannot tell you!!
Moment when he’ll see suddenly he knows WHAT HE’S TO DO,
THAT MOMENT my man will think a moment more to check

He will, instead of nodding, blink, and a startlement for sure,
he’ll be ON HIS FEET, hand out to clasp mine,

and him off to set a plan in motion,

never telling me, and now of course
i cannot trust my heart to let the Odin Eye
see honestly what befell or where he is today,

i only know what it was I SAID
sent him to his feet, and out of my tent,
and there stepping up onto the Hero Action Road.

— ~~ —

Well anyway,

just right soon after
my 3rd exclamation of “Geezsfk”, .. The brake on that metaphoric
race-away chevy, in a metaphor above, had quickly slipped again,
soon went from him starting with,

“??.. I WON’T GET GUNS ? RIGHT ..??”

Quickly went from him starting with that, exactly that, DEMAND,
And me choking from gasping out 4 Incoherent Cries Of Agreement,
So that i could have died SHOUTING MY SUPPORT for his Initial Demand..,
sort of ironic somehow, (but we will call the demand Click A.1).

It was our First Question so i threw a card into the center of the board, ..
.. One of the NON-BELLIGERENT KNIGHTS, (call this Click A.2)..
.. So, by some logic of lending confidence to him, ..
.. i exhort him to remember he MOVES LIKE A SOLDIER. (call this Click A.3) ..

.. To which he replies .. .. “B.1”,etc.. ..To which i quick spy-spy to find
a spot to throw the card for “B.1”,etc., .. .. Which is always simply next
card on the stack and you always read right-side-up, .. .. but with
a strong feeling there might come exceptions to these rules, ..
.. I throw (B.2), ..
.. And i =>Free-Association<= Read, .. Like i say “B.3”,etc. ..
.. Breathtakingly fast TERSE exchanges,

Wherein we seem like pegging our way to somewhere, like rock climbers on ice but
a fine view, .. .. For Everything – plus Everything’s Logic – seem visible flowing thru
a Mental Space seeming all flawless and calm, .. .. And yes, in the upstream edge
of Mental Space there, look see, was fair loyal Better Judgement, yes there, like
a good dog watching the flow of Life-Or-Death-Judgement-Calls,

As our Reputed-Motorcar of “WISDOM” lurches headlong for somewhere,
My mental faculties have drastically resorted to watching all the bits and knots
of this Holy Conversation that appear thru the aperture of his voice,
of his comments and questions, then are as quickly let slip.

I think we were out to about 8.2 clicks out. .. And come upon the scene
of Hero David, versus Monster Goliath. .. For it seems to me
We are standing on that famous ancient battlefield.

My response to this card,
i unsurprised hear myself say
“the famous case of David and Goliath, from the Bible.”

My Man exclaims “There is only one Champion!”

I throw a card that says “!!YES!!” i say !!YES!!”
And he is gone from me.

=>but<= !! For now let’s return to the story!!
!! The Terrorists on his street !! The moment when he told me !!



!! GEEZIZFICK !!, i say, 3 times. Out loud.


Seeking what to say, have submerged my self in every sort of mental state,
that seems to be my regular process for this sort of deathly reading.

But never sat my az there so DIRECTLY and BY SURPRISE, as when he said
the Murder Bigots had reached his street, and the sudden plopping of my az
into the ANTI-WAR-RECRUITER’S CHAIR was a big plopping sound you’d say
took mental breath away.
With a hurried inventory of my Wisdom, realized i had not even any ground
on which to stand to even guess what he should do.

Geezizfick, do this.. Just read the Town Of Cards like a life depends on it.

Meaning sure i’ve sat there lots, 2001 and Occupy of course,
but never once the plopping of my butt so sudden and by surprise.

So Hey!, For my own benefit know what i chose?
My beginner’s easy-reading deck for sure,
You see because i understand and trust it inside-out and upside-down.
And with such easy-reading for me just flat-out plain DEAL the
Ultimate Easy-Reading Spread.. “The Town Of Cards”
Tell your Querant what they show.

No idea what to say?? ..
Trusted deck well known, so just dealing the ultimate easy-reading spread.

~ O Good Gods Please Bless My Tongue. ~
~ Release My Hereby-Son From This. ~

Release him NOW i say.


.##JUMP-IN POINT.. My blog is “neural” .so. it happens in another post i’m imagining you, yes you, should have a link landing here. ..BONUS:: Unless something’s broken, use this URL in ANY browser window. .. .. URL=>


!! IMAGINE The Town Of Cards Spread !!

Well, first to say, if you learned Tarot in USA., in last maybe 25 years,
then you probably already use this method without knowing its powers, or even knowing its name, and sure not knowing which Famous Line of Magic gave
such gift to our culture. But please, i shall say a little more of this later.

First, What Is It, The Town Of Cards Spread??..
Here is a SUPERB visual concept, a flowering of your Human Story Instinct,
while you deal and read cards, for making a substantial Tarot Layout Space.

Note i am saying “substantial” space is generated in this sense..
This opens a Human Community that you know well by instinct.
it opens it in a Story Space in our Mental Space somewhere the
place is thickly woven of many threads of Human thought, Why?
For the MOST ANCIENT TOWNS are in our instincts still,
and THAT’S where the reading space is,
every particle of life is a key particle of community,
therefore woven so thickly of cables of Human thought,
in imagination an ancient town of crowded light and shade,
wandering eyes so often seem to catch a flash of things,
which you might chase elsewhere,
etc. … And in fact of course,
there’s something to see
in the Tarot spread anywhere you look at it.
Look, i’m saying WHEN IT COOKS Town Of Cards can be like that.

And of course when the spread doesn’t cook.. Feels like..
Night, dark you’re UP ON THE ROOF, some ancient town your kin’s,
little tiny urban home yours, little neat walled yard yours,
probably there is a nice small walled garden.

Night so dark and murky you can’t see snot really,
but at least you DO GET like a FLASHLIGHT and a TELESCOPE.
That’s Town Of Cards when it’s NOT even cooking.

We at this time in this culture are doing well to see it as
one of the general default choices for how we read Tarot,
But this life-or-death task showed

In prayer,
i flashed my This-Mind’s-Light around to find a spot in town toward which, on
that click, .. So to speak, .. .. The Power Serpent of our conversation stretched
its clean body, .. .. So to speak, .. .. And in that non-Euclid Reality somehow
of course that very card was top of the stack in my Seemingly-Magic Hand.
(Rarely, a strong feeling has me pull from elsewhere, or even pull 2 cards.)

So click by click,
step and step of whatever path, alley, corridor, line of sight, we were in,
i just laid down cards like paving bricks and perceived them.


Well, see, i’ve contributed little bits to many Human lives.
!!So fortunate!! and learned to dearly prize the joys of doing of it,

and imagine my pleasure, so far i know..
i who’ve taught many readers since
learning this at the table of a Woman
of the Famous Line Of Magic from whom we have it,

and since my re-ordering of its steps is how we use it usually,
so perhaps i served as the channel
of the Town Of Cards coming to us. If true it is an honor.

Now shall i tell you how the Town Of Cards Tarot Spread
came to me, .. All briefly? .. .. Nothing of how i chanced to be
there. … ONLY sparse few factors of the full-afternoon session, ..
.. VERY BRIEF i’ll tell you the Teacher and her Famous Culture, ..

:: A woman, a mother, of “the Roma”, “the Gypsies”, taught me this. ::
:: Hail them.. Hands that rocked Tarot’s Cradle for this incarnation. ::

.. MAINLY that i found my eyes Imaging The Spread-Out cards
IN DIFFERENT ORDER than Teacher spoke of her eyes working
at the spread’s images, ?why why why? Study close! ..
.. and me already took up as a Pagan Tarot Artist, ..

.. and me a New Thing, an Information Tech, watching to understand, ..
.. and USA. Pagans we’re New Things all, and severely harassed by Police, ..
.. So i am desperate for a way to take the Culturally-Demanded Form, ..
.. ! The Culturally-Demanded Form ! ..

.. There make Tarot work well FASTER, you make the Whole Thing, ..
.. a strong thing in my hands, you make it OURS .. .. HOW?

Their lovely way, she told, has afternoons in Mum’s and Aunties’ kitchens,
All the cards, every one, from a tattered box a tattered deck dealt out,
all of it shuffled to the Ancient Town that is any village or tenement,
big rectangle among cups, saucers, spoons,
in that Famous Magic Culture she is from, ..
afternoons with Tarot Town laid out before you and friends,
so you and friends can THEN ask questions, find lines of sight and paths.

.. But i am a Desperate Info Tech, and here’s what i see ..
.. This has an order of steps of Mind – Eye – Mind’s-Eye
– Hand’s-Eye- – Cosmic-Eye-Hand – Cosmic-Mind’s Hand-Eye
or whatever assorted Mind-Body-Parts get involved,
and i looking, say.. The biggest Mental Step is laying out cards..

Maybe we flip that from its time-inefficient “Do-It-In-Boot-Up”,
we switch it to a briefer “Get-It-Later-When-You-Ask-For-It”, ..
(giving you the feel like wielding flash light or telescope) ..
Techie speak.. A kind of Distributed Processing.

[[ .. .. .. .. But wait, let me set the scene in the class .. .. .. .. ]]
[ Largest classroom of the whole attic floor of a book store, ]
[ I remember she’s at a plain table, chair in lighted window, ]
[ Us with notes, free to pull over ottomans or stand beside, ]
[ I stand beside and craning neck to see more of her angle. ]

[ i have one question left for all that she’s showed, i ask it, ]
[ what she answers i think maybe we flip the order, maybe ]

.. Some Extra Magic to support our harried harassed movement.


.##JUMP-IN POINT.. My blog is “neural” .so. it happens in another post i’m imagining you, yes you, should have a link landing here. ..BONUS:: Unless something’s broken, put the URL in ANY browser window. .. .. URL=>


-(( altho my awful crimes are designated ‘Crimes’ only in The Scales Of Justice ))-

a note to you, my unfortunate colleagues,
a note from a far side of the world.
.. .. ..
I was already a kid in US. Army a year and a few months,
when our guys started punishing the people of Viet Nam BIG time,
US. Army, at a certain point, when i was already soldiering somewhere else,

A crucial point came in that march to war, when the US. Army’s lords,
our Pentagon Nationalist Committee of Imperial Lords,
in the Pentagon, or whichever Memo Writing Nationalist Sub-Committee,
whichever squad of TIN SOLDIERS was writing the memos on Asia at then,

Really, whoever the Fucking Idiots were thought that they
were robot-remote-control operating a robot chessboard of robot lives,

Who thought THEY, alone of all the Mighty Fucking Idiots in Human history,
they alone, in their utterly insane West Point view of everything,
Those Idiots thought they could SUBDUE,
not just conquer and hold, but subdue,
all the lands on CHINA’S SOUTH FLANK,


?? and guess what. you won’t believe this. look.. there just at first, just at first us. army officially enact some hollywood movie mogel’s erotic john wayne fetish fantasy,
right at first our heavy booted Battle Of Marne Formations in Big Cargo Planes,
at first, are officially re-dubbed “AIR CAVALRY”,
for shooting absolutely anyone from mass-produced helicopters,
YES, re-dubbed “AIR CAVALRY”
as a Hollywood effort to CHEER THEM UP. do you believe it? =>>??

and all of this entirely for some UNSTATED REASON,

(( but of course for this.. THE UNSTATED REASON..
Because in those earlier heady post-WW2 days .. the days long,
long ago now, .. of our Post-WW2 daring fathers saying..
And LEAPING OUT upon the Smoking Ruins of The World.

Ever since fools of my father’s generation leaped out to loot
the smoking ruins of the world, ever since then, there has been
a CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH MENTALITY among the whole stinking
mass of our Officer Corps, from our countless Stinking Senior Sergeants,
up to our also somehow countless Stinking Generals. ))

But for me at the point of Nam being exploded,
me at that time just a kid already assigned to a distant field,
I saw Empire turn utterly insane and homicidal, and Army followed,

On returning from the old cold greasy crumbling US. Army Stalemate Line,
that blights Beautiful Korea, returning to North America a Dirt-Seasoned Private,
of course i was Immediately Promoted
(..The Lowest Scum-Bag Officer Of Every Army In The World..)

– of which our Patriotic Nation’s Unquenchable Defense surely needed lots-
– so now, then, i’m supposed to be PROUD (so very not) in the duties of
Petty Idiot Authority conveyed by 2 stripes on my sleeve. –

And they put me to ?WHAT? duties of Petty Idiot Authority ?..
A Basic Training Corporals’ job description..



The empire remade me, or tried, into that job description,
and me, still a kid by any sane standard,
my soul and conscience straining to grow,
i tried and failed to intrude my better nature
into the daily grind of work, tried to help the repeated and
repeated and repeated BATCHES of HUMAN “SAUSAGE”

the best i could, at least CHEER THEM UP, i thought,
and went more than a little guilt-crazy at my profound inadequacy,
while i marched them off for further shipment.

Well now YOU,
my unfortunate colleagues from all such work as that,
and from all the work of Military Empire work day in, day out,
that is so much WORSE,

~ For You ~
Here is a very sincere note for you, if i may make a metaphor,
From Beyond A Flaming River, no i do not mean the river Styx, ..

No, i mean this note comes to you,
but of course maybe you’re already here, with me standing
on the “I HAVE DONE IT” side of the Fearsome Flaming River


Surrender all weak excuses as whatever lies they are,
thus clear a way for Truth to come make Conscience wiser.
Explore this thought which comforts many .. None of this is new.



You might find your heart and soul recovered,
cultivate them like a garden.


We need 1 more sub-segment here.

dddd ffff mmm

(+ me, pretending to be boris pasternack,
in early red russian black-white bio pic,
me thinking about a very thick cigarette
and then, with despair, stubbing it out +)

nnn ggg


The Spoken Tale That Day – Memento Mori

.. .. .. This is continued from very far above,
and yes i lied, telling you it would be much sooner than it is,
but here it is. So what? What character? I was the Good Corporal,
sloppy bstrd in my sweat-baggy Veterans For Peace purple T-Shirt,
standing in my Artistic Grotesque yet strangely historically Good Gds True
re-enacting of !! OCCUPY !!
.. .. ..

The Radfudding Briefing Officer,
just so haps the Goddess World is burning down,
so actually is Good Corporal’s day to be Ragfubbing Briefing Officer,
a conveniently-nearby personality whose pants i put on every morning.

BUT today he’s NOT doing the odious “Briefing A”.
No, for THIS DAY, for these folks here it will be “Briefing B”,
MUCH BETTER “Briefing B”, Which some even hear as OPTIMISTIC.

Briefing A’s a stinking piece of crp.
.. Poor Peace Revolution Ramgagging Briefing Officer,
.. you almost do a Monty Python sketch in Briefing A,
.. .. Stand up strate and tell the truth,
.. .. and have sandwiches and handkerchiefs to offer.
.. .. and Finally Ask The Audience.. .. ??SO WHAT DO WE DO NOW??
That’s the briefing I DID NOT DO last Saturday.

That’s what i did NOT say, did NOT, last Saturday,
standing in my fair display tent 4 times a few moments,
bespeaking passersby at our New England benefit psychic fair,
between reading for our Good Folks their hopes, fears, fates, geises, etc.
and Geises are much more common than the Modern World realizes. {-Link-}

I swear, historical reenacting is a blast,
meet my Tribal Drummer some time.

But when i do Briefing A, i am always a nice calm PRRBO.
Bad news? We got it. MEMENTO MORI sisters and bros,
[-Old Roman Latin.. Meaning.. Remember Death.-]
(That is today’s pressing universal preoccupation.)

So what does Good Corporal Do, or any good soldier, in Briefing A?
Outlines then details in some view our <dire and worsening> situation,
offers considered options, <like pretend we don’t know it’s too late?>,
=>Tries to recommend some way that we may strive into tomorrow.

That was NOT ME, standing inside my table display that day,
Remember what it’s like in a Great Museum, imagine these people,
It’s like we’re in a reborn OCCUPY CAMP called “Occupy Cosmic Aether”,
While i stand there mouth open, wondering where we will hitchhike next.

In the next sub-segment, .. or segment, .. or elongation, .. or footnote, ..
.. or postscript, .. There let us recall what Briefing B’s optimism was that day.
>>.. .. ..


more or less, PLUS my chat with others


( i’m actually – probably not – going to put something here. )

!! LOOK !! Here’s a BRAINSTORM !! Move this to another bog post !!
!! This is too important to me, and TOO BIG, for this same blog post !!

..So here’s our plan..

Hereby .. .. This Large Topic Is Continued
To.. .. .. A post i will soon create
Titled Exactly.. .. .. “The Spoken Tale That Day In 2020”

We can probably figure out how to Speak all of this
New Stuff that seems around us now in 2020.
So I solemnly swear.


~ And Finally Here Is –
~ The Story I’m Telling You Now ~
~ “Hey Pick-Up Truck Woman”, a duet ~

mmm ppp qqqq ddddg
{-sound of old piano being tuned-}


~ Prose Intro @ Hey Pick-Up Truck Woman ~

Thank you,
I intend to continue writing this Introduction till i catch a Tune,
then the entire Song Lyric, all of it in one piece, and a brief
conclusion. That’s what intents and intentions are for, isn’t it?
By the way, may i call you Granddaughter?
Too early for that?

Well, speaking of intents and purposes..
I thought “Should be easy, so we ever meet, i’ll do a bit verse for her!”
“Impressive person, “lithe” an apt word”, the clear expression and the
intellectual strike, for what you said, i’d never thought of that before.

There was a crowd between us, but seemed you tossed some large
bulk out the truck bed to others waiting, for a tent going up, stood
tall in the truck bed, spoke your piece, **Which drew from the very,
very, very, very busy Set-Up Gang a small cheer.**

Gymnastically you swung directly down thru the window to the driver’s
seat, beeped the horn, and made ready to sail it out to the parking lot.

There was a crowd between us and whatever it was, that’s what i saw.
Impressive person. More and more of my grandchildren are your age.
Me Fool here cried “No, it must be a SONG”, and i only play harmonica,
and here we are.


~ Song Lyric @ Hey Pick-Up Truck Woman ~
From Category Coding For Freedom
no. this is not the song.
this subject is far to dear to me to slack it
!! so i have to wrap this post up NOW !!

Very soon, in its own post, i will fulfill the sacred promise of this sub-segment.
The new post will will be titled exactly.. .. “Hey Pickup Truck Woman 2020”
no. this is not actually the song.


~ DON’T WORRY @ It will all be alright. ~
Everything Incomplete Will Be Finished & Much Much More will be added.
in fact, perhaps
Someone is Typing In one of those sub-segment continuation blog posts Right Now

~~ ???? ~~

The Panoply Of Sigils will be shown here at the bottom, instead of the top.
Thank you for your interest and your trust. Good luck. -SR

So Now We’re Done With This .. and ..
at last, here below is the Sigil Panoply for this Blog Post!

(.its “panoply of sigils”. .. That phrase meaning.. {-Here-} .. {-Here-} ..)

From Category Coding For Freedom This blog post is from our self-training course
For you Chaos Magick fans out there, if you’re listening tonight, ..
.. Were you snagged in by .. my sly “Sigil Panoply” hint reference? ..
.. you a fan, i guess you noticed i inserted that up at the very top of the hour, ..
.. Right, are there any “Chaos Magick” eatheric shuffle dance fans listening?..

“Sigil Panoply” i said up there, you may have noticed. ..
=>> {- =>Chaos Magic in Wikipedia<= -} <<=

.. But seriously folks, What’s your opinion? ..
Me, yes, i might be regarded slightly as an expert once,
for back during the founding of Wicca and such,
i practiced and taught the whole so-called “Chaos” set of basics
as the ONLY way, thru reasonable practice, your American of that day,
could just step into Formal Magick when needed and self-train.

(.Sorry i’ve lost the Blues music metaphor.)

.. But seriously folks, If you a “Chaos Magickian” what is your opinion? ..
+!!!—– Public Notice —–!!!+
!! IF YOU are following the Sigil for our SELF-TRAINING COURSE, in Druidry, !!
!! .. so if you are, THIS IS NOW COACH speaking: .:::. Good morning.. This here !!

!! .. is one NIFTY FIELD EXERCISE for you. .. Oh, you new here? Just stumbled in !!
!! off the street drunk?? .. WELL, here’s a DRUID FIELD EXERCISE so TAKE NOTES. !!
Look, i know these micro-miniaturized Fine Art things are Tiny Beings,
for they have all grown into this shape, .. but properly speaking..
..Are These REALLY sigils? .. And is this REALLY a blog post’s panoply?
.. please let me know some time, i’m not sure.
{..! Please, you may use my Contact-Us page to Contact-Me on this! -sr..}
! thanks !

* Here follows this blog post’s Sigil Panoply. *
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This blog post is from our self-training course
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This post is in category Evolution
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From my life-long project Riley's Tarots
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