Where From My Magic?

This is 1 day (!!!!) before my class “we should be a psychic corps”.
And if you don’t know what i’m talking about don’t bother.

And in the script, lean at about a 30-minute script, in there i solemnly have promised whoever shows up, a 25-minute Free Discussion, in exactly a 60-minute time slot.
Yes, i’m a major Major Arcana Fool.

I have talked with Good Engineer, a Perennial Optimist, ONE TIME, .. and don’t worry .. Good Engineer IS optimistic we can pull it off. .. But i’m not. .. And i’ve got to read it.

seriously fast the whole 30 minutes
!! Oh Good Gods !! Oh My Muses !!
?? what have you given me to do ??

Well skue it, just do it, rehearse.
?!!? What is the very most likely topic of their very first question ?!!?
Well, i bet yu 2 buks cash it will be ..
.. Polite Hello. What are the influences on your practice of magic?

Such an e-z-neitzie misplaced-intellectual-optimism question.
.. .. !! only the good gods know !! Sorry for any inconvenience.
There it is!! .. .. .. But that’s OBVIOUSLY not good enuf, is it?
So should i quit deriding Neitzie? Nooo, i should answer.

So now i’m asking ..
.. (!knock! !knock!) .. !O Muse of Memory! ..
.. ?What are the influences on my magic? ..

Influence #1. .. The Bard Of Avon is from Stonehenge.

Ah baba baba bababa. .. ba ba, baba baba-bee !

Influence #2. .. My WARS. actual fing wars .. Dear Comrades but never me in combat.

war war war war war war war

Influence #3. .. Korean Shamanic Dance + Tarot Art + Zen & Tao silence

jjjjj ie noineae i

Influence #4. .. Relativity & Acceptance of Fairy Lore as Reality ! FREE RELIGION !!!

aaaaa bbbb cccc

Influence #5. .. So-called (mis-named) “Chaos” Magic ::thus:: Jung & Campbell

bb mm aa bbrevnde ,,, gung ghung.

Influence #6. .. Campbell & The Seth Material & The Hellenistic Ancient Greeks.

l ares jf ‘ olrm’ mpor

Influence #7. .. we AMERICAN PAGANS & our MOVEMENT

!! Hurrah !!

===== Maybe one or two more? Whatever. More later maybe. Maybe not. Thanks. -sr

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