A Natural Empath

!! TOMORROW !! is my Master Class ‘us a psychic chaplain corps’!!
( and if you don’t know what i’m talking about, stay tuned to this channel.)
!! well, i am rehearsing !!
?? what will they ask in the FREE DISCUSSION ??

Question 1 is the previous blog post..
.. Polite Hello .. .. What are the influences on your magic

Question 2 or 3 ..
.. Polite Hello .. .. Are you a natural empath?

i’d want to know.
ye gods, if i were or weren’t i’d ask if he was.
Yes, I CERTAINLY AM a Natural Empath.

And when I say this IS, or sure seems like,
an Extremely High-Functioning place on the Autism Spectrum, ..
.. I’d say there’s just no doubting that.

And tho i have not made a wide study of the question,
MY EXPERIENCE convinces ME the Autism Spectrum is ..
.. An Adaptive Feature of our Human Genome,
.. A Controversial Question in Genetics and Evolution,

And the Evolution term “Adaptive Feature” says ..
.. The Autism Spectrum is a Good Thing in the long run,
.. Good for us and the world around us.

Would you like to hear about ..
.. with me using a phrase for a certain kind of Transcendence i mean ..
Would you like to hear my Earliest Memory, in this lifetime,
.. of “Transcendent Awareness”?? I’ll define the term.
.. i was quite young.

Tell me, how old are children when our culture gives them
Pre-printed sheets of just drawings of thin lines, of large simple objects, ..

Which a disciplinary culture uses as a pleasant lure, a ruse,
to contain these beings’ whole lives inside pre-printed lines,
and even teach the astonishing notion that is Art.

Let me ask like this..
At what age are children sensitive to that pleasure?
For i’m saying there is some thing VALID,
draws children to Pre-Printed Coloring Books,
and my experience shows, they have some VALID purpose.

Arrangement was like this. .. It was the kind of family parlor
called a Living Room. .. Myself, .. My brother 1 year older,
My sister 2 years older than me, .. On the floor laboring
over pre-printed coloring books. .. Dear Sister of course
was involved in showing me how it is done., and
Brother, a fellow engineer, labored at it Seriously ..

So there i’m probably 2. You think? 2 years old?
But this is THE MOMENT i look over at Sister who is Teacher,
and Sister, thank the Goddess, looks at my sheet,

Then i look over at my Brother, and he looks at my sheet,
.. and he nods, ..
.. and i look at my sheet, the experimental work i was doing, ..
.. and my world splits open.

With my phrase “Transcendent Awareness”, .. i’m trying to get at
a fact in the Buddha Story. .. Any tiny crack in your mistaken
picture of Where You Are, .. Your FIRST NOTICING of the cracks, ..
is a HUGE step toward Cosmic Consciousness.

I was working in collaboration with a Friendly Teddy Bear whom
i had met smiling and waving a sign at me from my sheet, .. And
taking the smile as invitation, .. I took a blue crayon, .. his uniform
WAS blue, .. And tried to color in the quite convincing 3-D Coat i
WAS seeing INSIDE MY EYES, .. .. Tried to color that IN MY EYES,
.. .. By marking on THE SHEET, .. .. And BY THE GODS, i did it !!

And suddenly, further back, a WHOLE TOY TRAIN APPEARS.
Astonishing!! So my astonished face looks up to dear Sister.
.. ?? it’s scribble-scrabble ??
And Brother, who i asked for Advice more than her anyway ..

.. And YES IT IS !! .. So it is that TOO.
.. .. in addition to my quite convincing vision, ..
.. Somehow it is quite convincingly THAT TOO.

?? Aged 2 years ??
NOT a full-on attack of Cosmic Consciousness, but as we said a step.
and a vivid clear bright memory in a long life.

What the lines offer is NOT WALLS, for the Good Gods’ sakes,
it’s what sculptors call an armature, and painters call
the ARCHITECTURE of the piece !!

!! Picture the BLOSSOM of the ROSE !!
Every gorgeous bountiful silken Petal of the Rose,
an exploding voluptuous form, and yet, opulently, precisely
expressing the dry thorny Sepal at its base, from which it sprang,
and when the petals fall, there is revealed again THAT DIMENSION.

? Do you think it’s likely ? .. I think surely, with this insight,
a good use of Pre-Printed Coloring Books can be found.

Thank you. -sr

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