Tales Of Men And Women – Book Overview

++ Tales Of Men And Women ++
?? How can you live a good Human life ??
(. 7th Edition :: Know Ourselves To Make Our World Anew .)
(. enlarged & reissued constantly since 1992 .)

!! 500-page book has 134 black & white Fine Art illustrations !!

!! Every story, poem, essay, etc., starts & ends with a little picture !!
(( & many long writings have pictures in between ))

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{-Here-} .. Buy The Paperback Book
Here is the big book itself, the magnum opus, a paperback of 500 pages containing 99 written works and 134 fine art pictures, powerfully interweaving many human themes that are of great interest in our time. You can buy the paperback on-line and receive it by mail.

{-Here-} .. Buy The E-Book
This is best for phones and book reader devices.

{-Here-} .. Free Download: The Whole Book In A Pdf File
Best for large screens: Desktops, Laptops, notebooks.

{-Here-} .. Free Download: Preview Booklet In A Pdf File
Here’s 31 representative excerpts from the big book.
Excellent on a desktop, laptop or notebook computer.

{-Here-} .. Free Download: Preview Booklet In An E-Book
Here’s 31 representative excerpts from the big book.
Excellent for use in a book reading device.

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.. Magnum Opus ..

Here are 500 pages of illuminating and inspiring poetry,
prose and pictures by a life-long activist ..

We can awake; we can rejoice amid life’s pain and darkness, and treasure light.
We can learn and teach. We can build foundations for the Good New Age;
it is now as though the hallways of Lascaux stand empty waiting for your brush.

How can you live a good human life?
That question is very urgent now when we must rebuild society on wiser passions.
So here’s a life’s work book about our human race in the world today,
by a solemn worshiper of Goddess Earth;
enlarged and reissued constantly since 1992.

.. Synopsis ..

++ We must live better lives, but how?
Here’s a spiritual self-help book for the desperate age when we are killing Earth:
Seek wisdom through creation. Poems, stories, pictures: plunge yourself into a
multi-sensory stream of scenes and voices, a flowing tapestry woven by
the author’s passion to see human life.
++ He shows himself – an old artist / soldier / traveler, a forthright active citizen
– and declares a spiritual position as a solemn worshiper of Goddess Earth.
This observer seems interesting and original, perhaps even fair.
++ But what spiritual self-help is offered?
++ The book feels like an evening of earnest campfire conversation;
you gaze into the flames to recall your own life.
++ And the discussion of his viewpoint also helps; that thread weaves
a thought-provoking case that as an Earth Being you possess crucial strengths.
++ And a music story mentions this:
Beautiful art which speaks human language can tell us
that our humanness is noble. We feel that transcendence with this book
because it’s full of beauty.

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