Whiteness – Idea Overview

Psychic Fair 2020 Pdf Page 18
Psychic Fair 2020 Pdf Page 18

!!.The Grotesquely Astonishing @WHITENESS@ Idea.!!
~ A nest of vipers in the mind, somehow freezing all ~
~ your humanity to cold rock. . ??some proof the old ~
~ Medusa tales are true?? ~~ ~~ Altho you must say, ~
~ To the rich & lucky, “whiteness” may often seem a ~
~ Mere sporting term, as per “War, Empire, Money”. ~

!!.an OVERVIEW from MY MATERIAL here.
& i am here arguing you can actually
Sometimes. Maybe.
US. Pagans did.

This post is in category Racism
This post is in category Racism
This blog post is from our self-training course
This blog post is from our self-training course
Directory Rileys Books Decks Causes Etc
Directory Rileys Books Decks Causes Etc

.##JUMP-IN POINT.. My blog is “neural” .so. it happens in another post i’m imagining you, yes you, should have a link landing here. ..BONUS:: Unless something’s broken, put the URL in ANY browser window. .. .. URL=> https://stonerileydruidclassroom.wordpress.com/2020/12/05/whiteness-idea-overview/#HowToFindTextOnPage

=>!!.Find your browser’s.. “Find On This Page” ..search box.!!<=

Please, i want you to do this..
.. Equip Yourself Now For Serious Research In Blogs ..
.. Find & Make Yerself At Home with yer browser’s ..
.. “find on this page” text box local search control ..

.. To Explain ..
In this blog, this subject of “whiteness” is often portrayed.
i would say, as such a Strange Tangle must be portrayed,
as rhythms of Verse can well depict it,
as interwoven densely with our lives, & SO ..
Well, &, so, ..
Some of these Blog Posts you’ll be seeing
G.R.E.W. .. E.N.O.R.M.O.U.S.L.Y. .. L.E.N.G.T.H.Y.

Maybe click the link, below this, for posts with the word “white”,
.. so you get a roster of them, with Summaries you browse, ..
.. Choose one, .. Open it :: it’s HUGE, ENORMOUS ..
?? So then how to find “white” INSIDE that blog post.??

Whatever Browser you’re using, .. Locate its “find on this page” box.
Find that powerful spot on your browser, and make yourself at home.
Let’s say Cozy Fire Fox for example, .. Well okay.
I have a Fire Fox browser window. Top right corner,
a button looks like E with vertical bit erased,
or the I Ching Trigram for Infinite Sky.

Click that and a secret menu with many wonderful powers opens.
Click “find on this page” & now appears the typing box with tiny buttons.
And there are many options on that menu, .. print, save, etc., etc.

Useful tools to study any blogger’s blog.

.. Some Links ..

{-Here-} .. Text search for “white” .. Find all the posts containing the word.

{-Here-} .. “Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?”
.. The White Supremacy Fantasy, .. Sooner or later, we MUST transform it!!
.. I’m thinking, .. Hellenistic Greek Alchemy. .. I’ll explain with pictures

{-Here-} .. “This Time Of Destiny” .. But on the other hand, some posts
.. Take a subtle approach, no OVERT racial words to search for at all,
.. Yet as this post, (?a painterly transversion of figure & ground?)
.. With no mention of Race, the Crushing Brutality of Facts,
.. Then just visibly lacks Sane Explanation. (sane?)

{-Here-} .. “Class Session #5; Sacred Garden; Holy Statues; Part 2; Private”
.. In one blog post, my entire junction of Religion & Politics!
.. Detailed panorama all around my crossroads of Politics & Religion,
.. .. & If you identify as White, consider especially its section “Nimble-Footed”,
.. .. .. {-Jump-In-} and also “Incident In A Race War”.. {-Jump-In-}
.. .. Identify as a Patriot too? .. try the section “Practical Use Of Good Gods”,
.. .. .. {-Jump-In-}
.. .. Then test the broadness of your Human vision with my Bull Dance Story,
.. .. .. {-Jump-In-}

{-Here-} .. “Psychic Fair 2020” .. If you care any bit AT ALL about US. POLITICS,
.. And/Or .. If you identify as White or know others who do, then Please Read..
.. Right up front in the post, its long section starting “and who am i”,
.. which explains an important Whiteness fact you want to understand,
.. The Occupy Movement :: A glory of Street Basic Training for US. Whites,
.. Which also left the Curiosity & Will for a New Critique of this Subtle Poison.
.. Then:: Find “Walt Whitman” .. A poem on the poet’s Civil War service nursing.

{-Here-} .. “Aerial Spy” .. Secret ecstasy of fighting Slavery in US. Pre-Civil War.

{-Here-} .. “Champion Storyteller’s Bernie Story Video” .. Unusual Candid Report,
.. From inside the Deranged White Mind, .. Jim Crow South of the poet’s youth ..
.. That’s the climactic next-to-last section of this video speech.

{-Here-} .. Category “Racism” .. All posts i coded in this category.

{-Here-} .. Category “Malcolm X”.. In the White Empire Wars of my youth,
.. He was the Only True Soldier’s Chaplain.

{-Here-} .. “Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?” .. A serious Alchemic inquiry,
.. Pursued thru vast landscapes of theory, memory, and dream.

~~ ~~ ~~~~~~
*??. But What Is This Claim Of Seceding From Whiteness .??*

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Ever since our present US. People’s Rising began,
Began so Massively & so Sudden-Gathered, & so Fast-Trained,
So Glorious & Fierce, was birthed as “BLACK LIVES MATTER”,

In all the months since, i have struggled with new urgency,
urgently trying to make sense of what i feel so strongly on this,
For if it’s understood, great things might flow from this intimation.
Yes, it is a fragile complex construct, .. so Secede From White ?!!?

But lately i have chased it back to an old clear memory,
Yes, i’ll tell my crumb of memoir & you may seek its sense.

!!SO YES!! .. i am writing a footnote..
*==>>>> =>>> =>> {-HERE-} <<= <<<= <<<<==*
A new post .. “Available Religions In Mainstream America”

? Why a footnote ?
My recent chats with a Wise Lady on these matters,
Where my idea, & intimation of **seceding from whiteness**
was staunchly both CHALLENGED & REFUSED,
& with HAUTEUR. ..

You’ll understand, that knocked my theory back a peg or 2,
& honestly, examining my old Druid Oath to Odin The Good,
now after all these years under which this intimation lies buried,
OPEN A PANORAMIC REVERIE .. explore & record that memory thread,
& put yer back into it, lad.

I haven’t finished writing the footnote post yet, but..
Maybe, when those memories are all unfurled, maybe then,
You & i will agree or disagree on this..
that it is or is not possible to **secede from white**,
~ or quite the opposite ~
!!.wait :: i have discovered a chart.!!
.. .. .. .. ..

{-End of this blog post-}

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