Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?

:: Before the storytelling starts, ::
:::: Here’s the essay’s purpose. ::::

(-This is Part#1-)

The Political Fantasy of White Supremacy,
!!.Sooner Or Later, We MUST Somehow Transform It.!!
=> ? HOW ? <=

And i’m constructing this on a recent insight,
realizing that the Capitol Riot of Jan 6th,
THAT was a Good Old Fashioned

And that has brought to mind,
the White Ancestral WITCH TRIALS in Europe.

So i’m also thinking::
Hellenistic Greek Alchemy,
Whose practitioners resisted that long nightmare.
??Alchemy?? .. {-here-} .. Pathway To Heaven
(-in a blog post, my best pictorial sample-)
(-IF you’re interested, you should see it.-)

Huge worldwide view of Alchemy, in Wikipedia .. {-here-}
But here is a thumbnail description toward our use::

It’s a recipe for cooking up sanity in your life,
Using the concrete things around us,
To represent the things of inmost heart,
Then thru our Creative Arts, felt as Holy Process,
Transform the concrete symbols to transform the Heart.
And the practices of Hellenistic Greece were an epitome of that,
(- & i must also mention the 2 FAMOUS -)
(- ANCIENT Examples: The Pythagorean -)
(- School & ..Mother’s Hearth at Elfesis. -)

If you feel qualms, just remember
Dr. Carl Jung .. {-here-} .. in Wikipedia
was a BIG FAN of Alchemy for Mental Health.

As i who was a teacher in the Founding of Wicca know,
the whole raison d’etre of American Paganism is
to perform a Huge Experiment in Anti-Facist
Spiritual Science proposed by Dr. Jung,

detailed in the “Red Book Of Jung”,
in those productive years before
interment in a Sacred Garden.
My blog post about this .. {-here-} .. Three Teachers’ Names

This essay’s Purpose? .. See where this vision takes us,
(- Toward somewhere in the vague general direction of ..
==>?!! UNIVERSAL PEACE !!?<<==.-)

Now, please, let’s let the telling start.

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ??..”distill”..??
?Why’s that in the essay’s title?
(-This is Part#2..camaraderie + chemistry-) .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
Altho i must affirm that
i AM NOT a drinking man,
beyond the Circle or the Feasting Table.
Yes, Good Weed Hemp is my Dear Companion
on the Spirit Path,
Not the feisty old fellow of such good repute
&& such forgotten vivid conversations,
Good Sir John Barley-Corn,

Yet Still .. .. .. ..
The very first “Costumed Historical Interpretation” that i did
(&i later had a FANTASTIC JOB at a GREAT museum doing that)
But my FIRST of that was Costumed Hobby “Scottish Highlands”!!

&& Even Furthermore Yet Still .. .. ..
My hobby colleagues in those Happy Camps of Jolly Holidays,
Happily convinced me of their National Metaphysical Proposition,
The Lethe Waters of the SMALL distilleries, the ones on peaty ground,
(ones with the peaty flavor are my transcendent favorite)
&& Yes, you see, i do agree .. ..

By itself, that DID NOT convince me to use
“DISTILL” (verb) for
this essay’s Central Organizing Metaphor.

There’s even more to my reasoning than that !!

(-This is Part#3:: “The Sovereign All-Healing Elixir”-)


There are many tales, of course, of Lao Tzu who,
accord­ing to the legends, wrote The Watercourse Way,
a little book of nature poetry upon which other thinkers
then built up the lean, beautiful and tough spiritual
philosophy of Taoism. Here’s one of them.

The story flies us to the early morning of a day
when our hero was a bright but sorrowful young man.
He was a bureau­cratic junior clerk in the palace
of a rich and brutal warlord prince.

The sparkling morning and the budding springtime
garden grounds through which he trod to work belied
the torment in the young man’s soul. This day’s duty was to be
an awful deed
which no one with an open heart could ever wish.

The garden path led on across a footbridge on
a lovely brook and, setting foot onto the rising
boards, his paces further slacked. His gaze
was beckoned to the sparkling water.

On the arch’s highest little height
the now unconscious footsteps stopped and –
– mind, heart and soul – he found himself drawn out
into the clear deep rippling stream.

This was the moment when a human asks
of “there” and “here”. As another poet wrote,
do I dream the butterfly or does the butterfly
dream me? Gazing deep into the world
I see only countless things which mirror me,
so what are “you” and “I” and what am “I” to do?

But in this young man’s mind no riddle of that
sort found any weight. The doubtless
fundamental knowledge that
this clarity exists
would henceforth lure and guide his thoughts and steps.

The beauty of reality had possessed Lao Tzu
and he was struck with lifelong love.


And please, Dear Reader, i HAVE to share this Long Yogi
with you:: .. {-here-} .. The Lure Of Adventure

now this..

{-Here-} .. “AWAKING IN A DREAM” .. The Blog Post
Click that, .. You find i also have a post dedicated only to this 1 painting
& poem & audio recording. .. In fact, i made that post as the Center Hub
for the Art Work. .. With Considerable Attractions:: .. The original final
Studio Photo, by the Painter in its real frame, .. Home-recorded audio
of a reading by the Poet, .. Obviously a Home-Printer-friendly copy,
with a very nice home-printable black & white illustration, ..

&& AND.. .. =>Entirely New Prose-Poem<= .. Giving: .. Full Details
how this Technically-Difficult acrylic painting got made. ..
PLUS+ SEE The Pic turned into Scholarly-Real TAROT ART,
see the backs of my “Big Splashy Tarot” deck. .. {-here-}

IS !!.ACTUALLY ABOUT.!!:: .. ..=> “Aerial Spy”.. {-Here-} <=
.. A Civil-War-Era Slavery-Abolition Newspaper Poem ..
Re: The Creative Ecstasy ..of.. Art Resisting Slavery.



Understand The Wise Human Heart!!
(-This is Part#4.-)

Yes, yes, ..
.. i am a Real Scientist,
.. not professional, Serious Amateur,
.. & there’s a big percentage
.. you’ll disagree with my Amateur Observation
.. .. but guess what:: I’ll say it anyway:

The Human Heart makes counter-proposals!!
.. that Modern Science refuses to even see.

(- So i say, THANK GOODNESS for .. . -)
(- ~ Theory .. . .. Quantum Physics, .. .. -)
(- ~ Naturalist .. Charles Darwin, .. .. .. -)
(- ~ Novelist .. .. Mary Renault, .. .. .. .. -)
(- Thanks to you particular. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. -)
(- You opened so many eyes & minds. .. .. .. -)
(- ~ I MUCH prefer the Human-Friendly, .. .. -)
(- ~ POST-Modern Science of today. .. .. .. … -)

(- Hint.. Novelist Renault? History is a science that i love.-)

What on Earth am i saying ??
For Science & the Human Soul,
=>The Good New Age is NOW ALREADY.<=

& i have seen that Age-Change in this here lifetime!!!!!
& it IS good so far.
You shouldn’t say animals even think!! when i was a school kid.
While Post-Modern Science tells us We should love them!!!

>> So
>> Legitimate Professional Counseling Licenses!!?!!
>> For the Good Gods’ sakes!
?? How long must we put up with Metaphysical Discrimination?
>> You think i’m kidding, don’t you?
>> Even the Fortunetellers are broke.
?? Therefore a question ..
.. .. How long could we live without Money?

SO GUESS WHAT? I’ve just took My Own “Big Splashy Tarot” copy,
from it’s Highly Decorated Box, and, having LONG experience
at Flash Reading this deck i did not take 1 card but 2,
1st being a plea, “FOCUS THIS FOR ME, OKAY??”,
& the pulled card said “THE CATASTROPHE”

So to pull Final #2 Card i asked..
“Given The Current Global Catastrophe!!, ??How long could
we live without Money???” .. .. .. A RAINBOW APPEARED..

.. Interesting? This is a seriously good card.

&Now :: The last thing i’ll show you here in Part#4
.. .. .. ..“Troubles” .. {-Here-} .. A nice interesting read.

A carefully-described & meticulously-observed ..
.. (ie. !proper scientific!) .. Report of a Tarot Reading,
.. very important to the Client, that turned out True..
.. && also VERY HELPFUL TO THE CLIENT. .. So..
get your doubts all lined up so maybe
you will cast a few aside.

Why did i do an amateur science write-up on the reading?
It was a long-ago decade when my work was shifting from
Mostly-Teaching to Mostly Normal Readings, which wasn’t
quite as comfortable yet. It was a workman’s study of that
half of the Workman’s work.

While, of course, consciously i was emulating Dr. Jung’s careful
& ingenious Scientific Doctoral Dissertation, actually measured
a Supposedly-Crazy Woman’s onset of an Unknown Psychic State,
followed by long & FAMED career in Anti-Authoritarian Psychiatry.


We All Actualize The Same Primordial Human Faces
(-This is Part#5-)

=>**We MUST have The Section’s LOGICAL ARGUMENT here.*<=
it will be this:
With our faces, our voices, all our clearest inborn languages,
these powers evolved conjuring a Huge Survival Advantage.
.. Yes, this scheme of override-priority messaging gained a
Human Family Treasure for us, evolved to VIVIDLY Convey
ANY POWERFUL THOUGHT we have at all.



I’m not sure how much description i need of these 2 pictures.
Just in larger font, same text i edited in tiny font, on the pics,
plus some comments each, to get this subject started.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“A Primordial Face Of Some Kind” Digital painting from an acrylic painting about a flying bird. If in pencil, seriously, would have been found in Darwin’s notes.

Seriously:: Great Bard Darwin
had several important lesser-
-known Great Books. .. >>One
of which exactly on our topic,
>>+PLUS of course 19th
Century Darwin was a Prolific
& Precise Illustrator, ..
>>+PLUS i did mean this
photo edit pic to be, indeed,
an illustration of Darwin’s
thought, altho me also
a hearty follower of Dutton’s
significant elaborations too.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
“Primordial Insane-Artist Clown Face” A digital painting actually about being an insane artist clown. ?You think i’m kidding, don’t you?

SERIOUSLY:: Have you been
LOONY yet?? .. Given the world
as it ALWAYS is, why not?? .. It’s
Fun & Entertaining to others, ..
?What, have you never done
Clairvoyance From A Stage? its not
actually hard .. ?HOW? Insightful
Dr.Dutton, Book: “The Art Instinct”
.. theorizes details as to WHY
Divine Insanity, .. so OFTEN
called, .. WHY Divine Creative
is so very ADAPTIVE
in our species’ evolution, but
speaking overall, NOT ALL CASES
.. So anyway, this pic’s about my
madness understood via that.

+ But let’s summarize part#5 +

The MOST POWERFUL Human Art Can Be GOOD .or. BAD

&& All this, of course is, thru our instincts,
&& All applies to political power too.

Well, HERE is a Reading List with 1 item.
!It’s a Short item on a Short list! .. ?How hard is that ?
>>you click & READ it first, THEN i will discuss<<
(Re the power of entertainment, a satiric paragraph.)

PLEASE read this, & also thank you!:
==>> {-Here-} .. “PSYCHIC FIRE GLOW TOUCH” <<==
Look, this tunes you up for Part#6.
.. ..\/.. ..
!! Listen, hear,!!
:: That Short Fiery Poem’s Rocking & Rolling

(- Sure do got a dancing beat, and it goes like this..-}
.. ..\/.. ..
“..YOU’ve drawn the lot. YOU are the star,
YOU are to play the


.. ..\/.. ..
The same Human-Community-Family

for Rock & Roll Stars

+ + +
& Trump & Hitler.
Here’s that poem again .. {-here-}
== =<>= ==

(- this is part#6::

I kno it was 5 years, 2,3,4 months after my Gds-Forsaken
high school graduation, already a lifetime ago of course,
first morning of US. Army 2-week pass, with a Lady Friend,
with whom, well, relationship is Crumbling Fast, .. DAMMIT
Me, a Son of Son of a Son-Of-Gun, a Ficken Freeboot Soldier,
tourist trip with a Fainting Daughter of the South, who CAN’T
even PRONOUNCE The “F” WORD somehow, .. .. ==>>&&Yet Ms. South Carolina Aprox. 1968<<== !!!Thank You!!!, BRAVELY she DID testify for me at the ASTONISHING COURT-MARTIAL, that’s later. .. .. YET EVEN SO, meanwhile, rude Me, .. Just i crudely go round just sayin “FUCYOUAZLES” to my US. Army
employers all the time.

Curious? Another post.. {-Curtain-Up-} .. Sergeant Major’s Command Show

=> In A Nutshell, THAT’S WHERE I STOOD that morning. <=
=> !Disaffected! Yes? Deeply Disaffected, clearing space. <=
yes => !open to perceiving architecture!
Okay so far?

Frankfort Germany, 1970,
a Nam War only 1/2 world away,
small hotel 3rd floor outdoor balcony,
1st morning of DISMAL half-month vacation,
with the boat-train to a bus tour of Great Britain,
a Frankfurt section that SURVIVED DESTRUCTION of WW2,
for that’s NOT a window, it’s a Stair Step, in the picture,

+Plus, i’m ALWAYS an interested tourist.
So i went out & looked at Hitler’s street.
Wouldn’t you? .. It’s like they hit you with
flat baseball bat, with a canoe paddle.
Your poor brain’s Visual Comprehension
Circuits are suddenly like SCREAMING
??Whudda Fug-Gowie??

That curving 4-floor clean Modern residential-urban street,
.. By me viewed from a balcony on its shops & hotel block,
.. Munich Freeway tiny car, fell bed saw naught last night.
.. Hotel’s on 1 of few remaining of In-Their-Day-Countless
Built-By-A.Hitler Blvds. or Sts. or Aves., ..

&&Look!: This a tight loop, this a tight curve in many outer,
.. SO it is PLUGGED BY AVALANCHE looks A.Hitler Street, just
!!4 BLOCKS to left or right, .. Yes, 4-floors-deep, You’d FIKING
SWEAR, we’re plugged tight with blankly invariably-corniced
optical-illusion curving cliffs, .. Accreted of a very flat square
interpretation of Bau Haus windows, TRAPPED.

.. Yes, Dear Pal, In some incomprehensibly obscure, but
ghastly-glaring way, .. Fuhrer Street was just absolutely
Immersed in ..
a Visual Comprehension System unfamiliar to me.

Well, let’s look at urban blocks of Fuhrer Streets HISTORICALLY.
(- Let’s use the next part of this poem-essay for that.-)
We can easily see the history of their mega-building mega-schemes,
for the Nazis lavished Propaganda Documentary Film on their
Sci-Fi-Fantasy Mega-City Urban Planning.

&& LOOK!! .. I’m going to put a footnote, a sub-section,
just below. .. Find some of their Architecture-Propaganda
film material,
.. For i have seen very good Journalism Film
about that film over the years. .. MUST be some on Utube.
.. It will be a gray-background footnote.

So a brief: .. These Sci-Fi-Fantasy-Fans-Juggling-Lit-Petrol-Cans,
AH. told them ALL GERMAN CITIES, by Holy Fate, MUST be rebuilt into
Modern Sprawling Hubs, claiming ALL will be capitals of their New World,
Where shall happy dwell the Multitudinous Prosperous Happy Populace,
Who would, you see, supposedly survive somehow their parallel &
simultaneous top-level planning for UNIVERSAL MURDER.

Well, my remembered Fascist-flavored Internal Sense of madness
.. Hoping that maybe that Demonic Street Vision remains::
.. remains a good key to ..
ARTISTIC COMPREHENSION of the Trump & Hitler thing,
&So, Artistic Comprehension of our Fascist Empire.

\a not-funny joke/

A real painting by Hitler ..
{-Here-} .. “Mary With Jesus” .. Wikipedia

More 2-Morrow

(- Footnote To Part#6 -)
Documentary Film Of Nazi Architecture Propaganda

To show what i’m talking about,
An hour-long 1996 TV documentary on YouTube
.. {-Here-} ..
“Hitler’s Henchmen, Albert Speer, The Architect”

This is a 1-hour documentary about Hitler’s BELOVED Architect
Albert Speer. .. This was made in 1996 by scouring the huge mass
of pre-WW2 Nazi propaganda film. .. You start seeing their architecture
at the 8-minute mark then see lots-lots-lots-lots more.

Right up top, it is explained that “revolutionary” urban planning,
specifically for purpose to Nazify the populace, that was one of
Hitler’s main preoccupations. .. However, i haven’t found a specific
clip to illustrate my own visual experience, standing right in there
on a little balcony on a Hitler Street that survived Hitler’s war.

Instead, the closest i’ve found here to my visual experience is
aerial footage of a single building as big as several city blocks.
That film sequence starts at the 11:40 mark.

Trump & Hitler Were (NOT) Great Entertainers
(- This is part#7 -)

Main Text For Left Pic .. .. .. .. .. ..{::}.. .. .. .. .. Main Text For Right Pic
“Hitler’s Design Blueprint .. ..{::}.. .. “Trump’s Brain, Basically”
For A Cosmic Death Ray”.. ..{::}.. .. > The picture is a horrid
> Pic’s like old blueprint .. ..{::}.. .. Insane-Whiteness Thing,
of a pewter Deco 20’s lamp .. ..{::}.. .. the Screaming White Sheet.

More text for left picture::: .. .. .. .. ..{::}
This pic VERY Hi-concept Sci-Fi!!! .. ..{::}
Fritz Lang!! .. Metropolis Movie!! .. ..{::}
A.H. never do! .. =>Lured an Artzy .. ..{::}
Architect, promised Life-Fame of .. ..{::}
Grand Projects. .. .. But later, guy .. ..{::}
writes a Tell-All Book .. on toilet .. ..{::}
paper smuggled out of prison!!!! .. ..{::}
?Oh poor Albert Speer? .. {-here-} ..{::}

{::} More text for right picture::: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. … …
{::} Concept: 1:Lure Beggars; 2.Fat Bald Azzle SCREAMS.
{::}.. Napolean Fughead’s Claim-To-Fame insulting bitter
{::}.. Teevee Show??, Remember?.. Foisted-On-US-Public.
{::}.. “!TipTopTitillate!” Rated teeth-grating-dentist-visit-
{::}.. -Entertainment, .. His !!GENIUS!! Hit!!. .. Easy-Work
{::}.. Genius-Concept!! .. !!Fantastic:: .. Swollen-Seeping-
{::}.. -Carbuncle-Boil type Capitalist-TV Grotesquery-Hour
{::}.. WITH HI-TECH:: smeared PUS all inside your screen.
{::}.. E-Z fun: 1:Lure Beggars; 2.Fat Bald Azzle SCREAMS.
{::}.. Altho yet credit due==> .. .. TV idea WAS Big Artistic
{::}.. Step Up, from his PRO-WRESTLING publicity-hound
{::}.. hobby-career. .. .. ??WHAT?? .. Before own TV show,
{::}.. ??appeared in NYC Wrestling Rings??? .. !??! .. !YES!
{::}.. Played “Evil Billionaire” in his trademark cheap suit.
{::}.. ?Move over Mexican actual populist wrestling?? No.
{::}.. &Yet .. among the rotten cabbages and apple cores,
{::}.. they’d stand and shout the name, “FUUUUGGGHED”

{- hey, believe it or not, this rant ALSO has a
STUNNING PUNCHLINE which i will type in
when i work out its beat pattern. -sr-}

YES=> Maybe fair saying Hitler was an evil GENIUS,
Trump an evil DUNCE, but if that’s true or not, still
Such robber hypnotists ARE NOT real entertainers.

? Want some DEEP MUSIC ?
{-here-} .. Ten Dollar Harmonica As Profound Instrument


(- this is part#8 -)
(~ moremoremoremore ~)
(~ eromeromeromerom ~)
(~ moremoremoremore ~)

(- Part#9 -)

(- Part#n -)

(- Part#nn -)

(- Part#nnn -)

(-This might be Part#12, Gds help us.-)

Dear Reader, at last i’ve figured out
WHERE this this whole spaghetti gob is leading us.

Since NIGHT BEFORE last week’s Biden-Harris Inauguration,
Cold, Dark: Biden-Harris heart-rending Memorial Mourning of our Covid dead.
The Inauguration Speech next day, i cried “the speech, Periclean Oratory!”
But then, Poet Laureate spread her mighty wings and flew above it all.
All week, they and theirs have acted solemn drama that reminds us,
Abe Lincoln was an AVID Shakespeare Fan & RHYTHM ROBBER,
As so must sense the ears of any fan of “Gettysburg Address”,
Which in their day-to-day, does seem they are emulating.

At this poem’s ending here, i’m here to say..
This alchemist is betting: “Yes”

=> ?? WHY THE FUCK NOT ?? <=


{-.Here is the end of this blog post.-}

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