Finally Shopping For A Talk-Therapy Therapist

You’re free to think this is a joke, of course, especially since::
.. Dear Reader, more later. ..
For now, this Spring morning,
there’s work to do on Alphabeticon.
Truly more here later.

Well no, actually it turned out ::
Conventional Talk Therapy is precisely
correct for very very many people,
Plus: In reading Tarot for folks,
I pull that skill set from the
magic kit =>then stuff
it back in<= often.
It’s among my standard ways to begin a reading,
which i actually cribbed from Jung’s early practice,
as told in his book “Memories, Dreams, Reflections”.
BUT: Very happily, it’s not for me.

I cannot think of how to set the following list of words in order,
but i have found what i need, discovered it is what i need.
Here i’m just outwardly verbalizing like the legendary
six small blind men with their full-size elephant.
.. But here goes ::

.. Holy Mother .. Holy World .. Holy Community ..
((( )))

{- This is the end of this blog post. -}

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