Dafyd Jones Character Description

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The year now is 1838.

Dafyd Jones is a man emigrated from Wales, in strong robust health, age 32.

He is an intelligent person, .. a jack of all trades, .. .. Full of sound instincts of how to live decently. .. And those instincts have guided him safely thru an adventurous youth of serious mis-steps.

Youthful mis-steps culminating in a Horrible Mis-Adventure, .. .. Caused by Napoleon Bonaparte’s shocking escape from Elba, .. .. Thus triggering the extremely unexpected 7th Coalition War, ..

.. From which Conscripted Private Dafyd Jones, .. .. in a leaky row boat, escaping alive from an English troop ship .. .(a ship named “Ravenous Behemoth”). .. in Cardiff Harbor, .. .(plugging his miniature boat with a tarred rag,). .. and, in moonless night, .. rowing .(with a broken oar). over to a Boston cargo ship, .. and hiring on as an Able Seaman, First Class.

Hither thence, .. .. With a whole Cranial Valise of thrilling true .(but well-embroidered,). stories., .. .. So very equipped, Mister Jones came to America.

Walking inland from Boston harbor, .. .. Second day, in a town, the Lucky Sot steps into a shop for hot bread, .. Finds the pretty lady behind the counter is in sympathetic chat, .. with her obvious Twin Sister, who has her veil lifted in her sister’s shop, .. but the twin is wearing Widow’s Black.

And the Twin, .. She explained the lifted veil to him, .. Saying her house is in Worcester, yes, .. But right now she truly feels at home here.

And the Lucky Sod clears his throat. .. .. Like you or i would cough up lunch, .. .. Out pour precisely the heartfelt true genuine Right Things To Say .. .. about the death of Loved Ones.

In one year he is HOME SAFE at last, .. .(!!”Fug Napoleon Bonaparte”!!). .. .. Home safe thru a wedding with the grinning, slightly-pregnant, ex-widow, .. .. in her neighborhood Congregational Church.

Thereby a peaceful life of happy nights snug in bed in snug cottage, .. by 1838, with 2 well-loved Little Ones.

PLUS: Soon after their first child arrives, .. He’s appointed Constable Jones, .. .. Their Neighborhood Copper.

zz Dear Reader, i’m sorry.
zzz I have a lot of Mr. Jones quite distinct in my head
zzz but no time to write this now. -sr

{-This is temporarily the end of this blog post.-}

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