Ancient Urn

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This post relates to Painting
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This post is in category Climate Change
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This blog post is in Category Ancient Greece Etc
This blog post is from our self-training course
This blog post is from our self-training course

This painting in an art gallery site … {-Here-}
This blog post on a printable sheet … {-Here-}
I displayed this painting and sheet at our Psychic Fair 2021 .. {-Here-}

School kids’ cheap acrylic paint on artist canvas, 2002.
The artist is 1 of about 4,000 founders of the American Pagan Movement.

This old painting strikes me strongly now, with Climate Catastrophe finally accelerating undeniably before our very eyes.

Frankly, I and countless others told you so long ago, and we’ve lived thru defeat of every effort (so far) meant to stop or even slow it. For one by one, our hopes were slain on altars of the famously flat and empty, but surprisingly omnipotent, God Money.

(And yes, when visiting this realm, I do accept cash donations if well-meant.)

All that, and yet to me the painting shows Spiritual Hope.

First please understand: Among various psychic trades, wishing to help all comers, I am a Spirit Medium. So thru that aston­ish­ing practice, plus lesser means like past life memories, I very often personally witness this: Life does not end at physical death, nor does physical birth begin Life.

Understanding that, the green surround, maybe fluid or a weaving, was my sketch of a marvelous cosmic vision from the heroic writer Jane Roberts.

My Hero Jane often told her understand­ing of the Real Almighty God. It’s the soup and substance of UNIVERSAL CREATIVITY. So you and me, the furred and fleaed, the deep blue sea, the rocks and trees, all we creations are a group self-made art.

And that fits what I see; you can enter a state of mind, a vast mental space you can find, where your life and surroundings can be changed profoundly by Mind, so my clay vessel is in a weaving fluid.

But how to get out there? Our multitude of riches is a difficulty; Shamanic drugs or Re­nais­sance cathedrals, many paths, so we may timidly try one given by our culture.

But there is no need to be timid.

From my practice: Local Zen temple I’ve attended in need of healing meditation. First we all submit to a profound peace, then a bell chime like an elevator, the room’s whole forward wall opens on the Divine Light Dep­artment where we bask.

Or, my very action-oriented Roberts likes an action-oriented approach: You feel Time’s Flow. Move your Mind from Past and Future, into the ever-present moment NOW, where Change happens. Mentally take hold of the flow in NOW, where Reality is woven.

So: What’s my painted Urn? It’s ancient cultures, to me particu­larly Old Greece with their Eleusis Magic, found thru Impas­sioned Love. So it’s another thing I know: We are NOT limited by our culture’s greedy god.

I think the greatest Cultural Change I’ve seen in my time can lead us forward toward the Good Reality of which spoke Star Hawk, which I often style the Good New Age, if we are wise enuf now finally at blazing last:

Public Acceptance of Universal Conscious­ness, for Mind is everywhere.

Work with the FUNGI WEB, for the Good Gods’ Sakes. Are you prepared for an out­ward step like that? If not now: When?

And of course that’s the fibrous mass in the green surround.

{- End of this blog post -}

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