New England Style Fortunetelling Introduction

Aka: Letters From The Farm #1
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“Fortuneteller’s Table”
Acrylic & digital painting by Stone Riley

Letters From The Farm #1

I would like to explain why that is this essay’s alternative title.
I have a blog, and this essay will be my first post in several weeks,
so a few Loyal Readers might be worried whether or not i escaped
the Threatening Situation revealed in the last existing posts. I did!!

I am now healing from those wounds at A SACRED PLACE, a farm
in the Upper Valley of New Hampshire, quite near New England’s
Geographic Center, where Land Energies erupt out of Open Hearts
of these mountains. My Soul is Resting, my Sanity is Healing, and
my Body is preparing to meet Winter. I’m among Good Friends,
who love and respect me, and look after me, for what i am.

My Friends A Sacred Place …

Hello. Well, thank you for your interest in this subject. However small or large your interest may be, thank you for it.

So what is our subject? .. What i’m calling “New England Style Fortunetelling”.

Yes, over time New Englanders have developed a distinct regional style of Psychic Divination that is excellent, in the sense that it is very competent indeed, with a wide variety of Psychic Arts offered to the Client, and very humane, and helpful, and reasonable, and fair. In short, neighborly.

I found it in place here when I arrived as a young man, escaping alive from a war, and chasing a lady’s skirt in search of Understanding, like Lost Soldiers do, back in the 1970’s. And i’ve traced it in history very clearly as far back as the 1820’s, with glimpses earlier.

Yes, it’s no surprise really, New Englanders have developed an exceptional practice of Psychic Divination, including some of the best qualities that New Englanders think of as their own, and foremost:

Courage, in offering wide skills, which touch different regions, often quite distinctly different, of the Psychic World.

And nowadays an old prejudice against divination is fading, .. for now we know, this is something human beings have done everywhere thru history, .. and now that prejudice is fading, we are more free to openly examine and claim this regional achievement in The Occult.

~~ ~~ ~~

Well then, who am I, Stone Riley, bringing the subject to you?

First, I would like you, please, to think of me as a decent Amateur Historian.

Understand, NOT a Professional Historian, I am definitely not up to a Professional level of History Scholarship.

And I certainly invite better scholars to this field of study, the SOCIAL HISTORY Of FORTUNETELLING. Evidence is available, for example in museum collections, but going unstudied. And i suggest: Research an 1820’s, and later, homemade Parlor Card Game called “FATE”.

But you know what I mean. Learning history is one of our region’s favorite pastimes. Look at the excellent museums we have, and the countless folks who attend them. And look at Costumed Reenacting, a very popular hobby. Some of you here probably can proudly claim the title of Amateur Historian too.

For myself, i’m saying that i’ve put quite a lot of energy into it, and earned a couple of Amateur Credentials.

For one, I’ve held a Volunteer Teaching position, part-time teaching in authentic costume at one of those Great Museums, playing the part of an 1830’s Small Town Businessman, standing at the dawn of Modern Capitalism, with stylish top hat and cravat, most Fridays for 5 years.

Furthermore, and you might enjoy this one, I took 3 years to write a well-researched Historical Romance Novel, with dangerous adventure, Time Travel, and a startling last-minute Happy Ending, a more formidable challenge than you might imagine.

Why would I like you to know this?

Well, i’m proud of my credentials. Also, we want to avoid constructing a False History, and I want you to know that i’m mindful of this.

A False History, let’s not create one. You know a famous example: The First Thanksgiving, a bright happy legend, of a Friendship Feast between the early European settlers and the Natives, which was told for true in this region for a long time, and it’s not true.

So I’d like you to know that I am quite aware of the False History hazard, and want to avoid it in this matter.

But be the older history what it may, this New England Fortunetelling Style is practiced now, and was when I arrived, and came to admire it, in the 1970’s.

~~ ~~ ~~

Second, i’d like you to think of me, please, as a Public-Interest
Fortuneteller, doing Divination for the public good,
And i’d like you to know a thing or two,
So listen, please.

First, there is no reason to lose Hope.
There IS good reason to think:: The Good we do now will enlarge
the Total Goodness In The World, on beyond the World Transition,
whatever this World Transition turns out to be, that seems likely,
for so say respected ancient philosophies, such as Greek Alchemy.
And i Hope this Thought brings Hope to You.

Teaching has always been a great comfort to me,
most truly a great comfort now in my old age,
and teaching of the Psychic Arts, most of all.

If you want to know why that’s such a comfort;
put simply, your viewpoint is enormously enlarged,
suddenly knowing our minds and bodies are far more,
than our familiar conscious minds and physical bodies,
realize “inanimate” things are Thinking Beings like you.

So what’s that like?

It’s often felt as a shattering explosion of insight,
when all you did was try an unfamiliar Mental Process,
And a thing you’d have SWORN was impossible happens,
Physical Objects, in your hands, all react to your thinking,
(they are objects that people tell you are a Famous Oracle,)
so you totally know the whole world is More Than Physical,
and you may find your fear of Death is washed away.

But what is that like? Do you get used to it?

Yes, you get used to being in the Psychic World,
but how to describe it if you haven’t been there?
I’ll describe some similar Magic at that museum.

You know Story can be a portal to the Psychic World,
and this was my fourth busy summer there,
with strong History Stories packed as if in wheelbarrows,
ready to pick a needed one and roll it out of my mouth,
when this unusual, very urgent, need arose::

A case of brutal Racism by a Museum Visitor toward others,
in front of the busy Retail Counter in a display i was working,
there in my Paisley Vest and Cravat, my coat and hat on pegs;
A Gross Bigot dishonoring our museum, how to teach thru this?

Well, seeing the brutality took my breath a moment,
but then i saw the plan I had tucked away might be good:

A high seas adventure: “Voyage Of FREEDOM SHIP AMISTAD”:
How the Anti-Slavery Movement first reached FEVER PITCH,
in 1838, a New England story, is what I told, in plain voice,
and it opened a very brilliant Psychic Space,
like a choir had sung a sacred hymn, or something like that.

It must have been the brutal energy, plus my revulsion,
then the bright energies of that Place Of Education,
then the Animating Magic of Sacred Hero Story,
so i was simultaneously IN A PROPHETIC TRANCE,
IN 1838, foreseeing the Mighty Rise of Anti-Slavery,
something typical, of course, of Psychic Divination states.

And when i woke from telling it,
i saw everyone had stopped to listen.
While the Bigot’s targets, a loving family group,
with an innocent young child tucked between,
now all of them were tall and smiling,
and the Bigot had vanished away.

That’s a true story;
and i would feel very complimented indeed,
if you thought of me as that kind of Fortuneteller.

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: The Variety Of Psychic Arts Offered To Clients:>

I washed ashore, so to speak, in New England,
but my arrival was literally Foretold By Magic.

Yes, think of impoverished Young Folks around Boston,
And my first New Girlfriend, smiling curiously, little shrug,
while we’re whispering in the rooming house 4th floor hallway,
so all the other lodgers wouldn’t hear our business,
us warm from bed, she said that someone’s Aunt,
or Mother, recently while she was visiting a friend,
had Read Her Palm,
and foretold taking in a wandering soldier.

And furthermore,
that summer I saw, in the idyllic Boston Public Garden,
a Glowing Vision like Arthur’s Grail, but a Tarot Spread.

Yes, i was VERY ready for The Occult, very ready indeed,
to understand my scarcely-believable Army Adventures,
and me now grown, The Occult opened its arms to me.

And yes, as a kid,
i fervently wished for an adventurous life,
then both learned very widely,
and suffered dire loneliness for it,
in a version of Arthurian Lore i call Jack’s Story,
being my reliving of Young SIR PERCIVAL’s Grail Quest:
that is to say, UNCEASING but INEPT.

Something to note::
Palm Reading here seems to be from Old Eastern Europe,
while our Dowsing By Crystal touches Arthurian energies,
altho Aura and Energy Arts here arose from Kundalini,
and our Tarot marries Ancient Greece with Stonehenge,
and our Art of Spirit Mediumship is our gift to the world.

I see New England practice as a box of exotic jewels.

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: ?Do you know New England SPIRIT MEDIUMSHIP??:>

Look, please understand::
This extraordinary activity was developed,
out of the related Popular Activity of holding Parlor Seances,
developed on EMERGENCY BASIS, to serve the Dead Soldiers,
during and after the US. Civil War, with its massive slaughter.

Do you remember all the praise i heaped on our Practice,
as very Humane, Helpful, Reasonable, Neighborly, Fair?
That Social Bond, convened around the Reading Table,
that is the Extraordinary Thing making our CASUAL
INFORMALITY in Talking With The Dead possible.

The Casual Informality of our Spirit Mediumship!
It is astonishing, unlike any forms of Necromancy,
that I have ever read of around the world!

A Living Human Full Of Grief, walks in your tent;
with a glowing Beam Of Love flowing behind them;
and yes, then in walks Dead Human also full of Grief;
both sit down and you facilitate a friendly chat.

And that Zone Of Trust, of Fair Dealing,
is conjured into Social Existence from the start,
by a smart and careful way of Handling Their Money.

Money is always full of difficulties::
They know such as you might easily fool and rob them,
while you resent their inability to see your simple honesty,
and shouldn’t a person like yourself do work like this for free??

Answer:: Understand the Human Instinct For Commerce,
and send Instinctive Signals that you’re Applying For Work,
as The CLIENT’S LOYAL EMPLOYEE, as their Trusted Advisor,
for a Reasonable Fee, of course, and:: WHAM!!

Are you honest?
If so, you’re now instinctively unable to betray them,
and they will instinctively test, then recognize that,
and so, bit by bit, they open their mind to you.

It can be like they open a little movie theater,
for example, and show intimacies of their life,
and if you’re honest, you will pledge secrecy,
all that in a hope to be their honest partner,
a primal hope we get from our ancestors,
and of course, this can be done with any Psychic Art.

But i must get a bit more concrete.

Look, If your Client’s feeling relaxed and easy,
for Heaven’s sake, You DO SOMETHING about it, right?
Call them to order, get their attention and direct it Inward!
Introduce yourself as their Official Usher, Attendant, and Guide!
Good Luck! May Gods Bless! GRAB AN OAR!! The energy like that.

This is an excellent time to introduce the Terms Of Service,
so to speak, handling the money, and also the time,
so fairly that you awake the instinct of Trust;
yes, this is a GOOD time to Waken Trust.

And don’t worry too much,
Might storm, but this is just a Harbor Tour,
of someone’s stormy bay or estuary,
beside the great World Sea,
so call Client to attention,
teach them how to raise the sail,
you sit down by the rudder, and cast off;
and no surprise:: Do it kindly and they find their way.

So, you can even reach the Fountains Beyond Death, like that.

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: ?How to conjure The HUMAN COMMERCIAL Instinct?:>

I am quite convinced,
by my life and the lives Clients share with me,
that our Ancestors, evolved in Nature, on Earth,
give us an Array Of Roles, beyond any stage play,
to guess Where We Are, and guess What To Do,
from moment to moment and year to year.
The purpose:: To help us live together.

Look, imagine the perfect Psychic Fair here in New England::

A good Reader that day?
From moment to moment, blends Physician, Artist, Leader.

And the Clients?
Usually a bewildered, beat-up, hungry Stranded Traveler.

You need to equalize the Human Power between these
Immortal Souls; You must.

Since we stipulate this is a perfect NE. Psychic Fair,
there’s a Ticket Desk that does the bookkeeping,
so now Client holds a beautiful printed Ticket,
with your Tent Number,
their Appointment Time and Reading Length,
written in with silver ink,
plus their Money Paid,
which you WOULD reimburse if Client isn’t satisfied;

Their Ticket which Client reaches out to hand you,
you sipping a beverage in the shade by your tent,
and some Clients are testy from the Ticket Desk,
so there’s that to deal with sometimes too;

To equalize the Human Power, it is time to build Trust.

So appeal to the Ancestors’ Court, to our Human Instinct.
Think up a small ceremony of honest signals of Fair Dealing.

Show this: In every way that you could cheat, you’re not;
Offer their payment back, and ask for their trust;
and answer ALL Questions of How It Works,
all before the Reading Timer Clock starts,
and watch for Trust to light their eyes,
a sudden smile to touch their lips.
THEN start the Timer Clock.
It is that hard or easy.

It’s New England Style.

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: !New England Rules For Handling Their Money & Time! :>

Once you start,
you might find you’re an enthusiast doing Divination freely,
(try it in Pillow Talk, in Erotic Situations, for example,)
so no rule can possibly be right for every Reading,
not even in New England.

I guess these rules are mainly thinking of a Psychic Fair,
also pertinent to other (!not all!) divination settings.

=#1:: Spirits can NEVER be COMPELLED to appear, and sometimes, even for whole days, they Don’t, and the Readers, like Proper Fools, try, try, shake our heads, and offer whatever’s our Favorite Theory, and finally wretchedly declare: “I’m sorry, the atmosphere is cloudy, how else can i help instead?”
RULE: The Reading Timer starts over.

=#2:: With an Impoverished Client, the Reading Session really ought to be almost, not exactly, Free Of Charge. (So in Human Instinct you’ll be Client’s Employee.) If possible, invent some Symbolic Ruse where the poor Client pays you even, for example, $.01.
.. Astonishingly, with our powerful Haggle Instinct, what often works is an “Anarchist Auction” where you offer a lower and lower price till finding one that feels “Respectable” to poor Client, maybe $.25.
.. But me being a Disreputable Artist, my FAVORITE gambit goes like this: >You write “OFFICIAL $100” boldly on a slip of paper. >You offer to give Client $100 to perform any brief happy song, mentioning that’s ALSO the cost of your Top Quality Readings. >And so forth.
.. Unfortunately, if there is a Ticket Desk, and/or (ironically) if it’s an event where proceeds go to charity, it’s often just impossible to offer variable pricing. So i do lots of readings for free elsewhere.

=#3:: Fundamental Importance: The smart and careful way to handle their payment, to VISIBLY GUARANTEE the Client’s satisfaction:
.. They lay their cash or ticket on your table at the start, committing it then. But it stays there, under some sort of paperweight, easily IN THEIR REACH to SNATCH IT BACK at ANY MOMENT, and walk away.
.. You pick their payment up at the end, but only if they’re satisfied.
.. And of course, at the start, you explain this rule to them.

=#4:: Also Key: The smart and careful way of handling Client’s time:
.. The Reading Timer is NOT some kind of Stopwatch, or Cooking Timer, constantly clicking down toward Zero like an Explosive Bomb!!!
.. Ideally, get the kind of clock made for bedside tables, with time of day in big numbers, and beside it put a pen and piece of paper.
.. Starting the Reading Timer works like this: >You, or better yet the Client, look at the clock and write down the current time as Starting Time. >You and Client do the difficult arithmetic together, adding their Reading Length, and writing down the Ending Time.
.. Now either of you, at any moment with just a fleeting glance, can compare the clock with the written Ending Time to see what’s left.

=#5:: DON’T quit early, even if Client swears you’ve already answered every question they came in with, to perfect satisfaction. Given just a little time remaining, you can give them a little more. Here’s my favorite options with a Tarot deck:
.. You ask the cards this:: “Please tell us what else we should know.” Draw one, two or three cards as time allows and quickly dive in deep.
.. What I call “popping popcorn”:: You even get a percussive rhythm going. >Client asks the next random question about their life that comes to mind, but it must be one quick breath. >You don’t listen to the questions, your hand pulls a card, and in a single breath, you blurt whatever first association comes. >Run out the clock, but i’m sure you’ll pause for thought if something stunning happens.

=#6:: Bring your things of Beauty, and your sources of Wisdom, to the Fortunetelling Table, both for your Inspiration and to show the Clients who you are. A side table close by, with a lovely and interesting statuette, or an arrangement of crystals, on neatly folded silk, and/or a small pile of books with their odd and curious titles showing. It’s hardly fair to require your Clients to trust a total stranger.

=#7:: Good Luck!!

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: !Beware The Surprise TEACHING Reading! :>

Now and then,
this will throw all your other plans out the window,
so try not to be too surprised, and do your best::

Client expects INSTRUCTION in the PSYCHIC ARTS. (!!!)

=>FIRST=> Consider: You’re adding Teacher to roles
you’re already playing – Physician, Artist, Leader –
and Teacher is a whole lot like those, isn’t it?
And it’s basically Human Instinct anyway.

=>NEXT=> Consider: Spirits, who taught you,
might, just as likely, show up and teach Client too;
None of this Magic Lore is trying to hide itself from us;
Especially Tarot often talks out loud to any Earnest Seeker;
And why? I guess because it’s our culture’s Favorite Psychic Art.

=>FINALLY=> Don’t worry; i have a dodge for this::
You talk Client thru DOING a READING for THEMSELVES;

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: !Good Dodge For The Surprise TEACHING Reading! :>

You might talk Client thru doing a reading for themselves like this::

Let’s say the popular thing:: CLIENT WANTS TO LEARN TAROT,
then start like this::

Give the whole deck of cards, right in front of Student, and say::
“Take them in your hands, spread them out, faces up to look at;”
and you start doing it, to encourage this startling familiarity.

Now point to a card, one you know personally, hand it to them,
and BRIEFLY tell a tale, from your stash of Fortuneteller Lore,
or compare two cards, or tell a phrase or picture you love.

And all this at the start has one main purpose:
Reveal that the deck’s an Intelligent Being, and IT IS FRIENDLY.

When Student seems to understand, turn the cards face down,
stack them up, put the stack right in front of Student again,
and spread the cards, enticingly, to left and right.

Now DEMAND that the Student MUST go get one question,
from the center of their heart, one quite sincere question,
really important, and you ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to proceed
if they try to FAKE with a question they don’t care about.
(Believe me, do this to wake up any Amateur Scientists.)
(To transform them into Earnest Seekers.)

Nowadays, i notice the slowest to commit are Young People,
the opposite of my youth, when we were avid for The Occult,
while the Older Generation clung to faith in War and Money.

Nowadays (surprise!)::
It turns out Magic didn’t save the world from War and Money,
so i say my role includes finding a door that does open for them.

And so yes,
For an Earnest Seeker reluctant to accept the Objective Reality
of their new Magic Friend, i have this humbling suggestion:
They ask their question out loud, talking TO THE DECK,
and at the end of that, they tell the deck “PLEASE”,
before they’re allowed to draw a spread of cards.

And once they muddle thru, or breeze thru, that::

A: Teach the simplest clearest spread that would be of use,
to just begin addressing their question, and go slowly.

to perceive every nuance of the intimacies they’ll show you.

C: Whenever possible, give them hints but not answers.

D: Here’s an awesome tool when you don’t know what to say;
You ask “?What should i tell this person?” and you draw a card.

E: At the end, you DEMAND they THANK THE DECK.

F: And i guess i leave the rest to you.

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: Mental Telepathy is Real, Usually Safe, Often Profound. :>

I want to just tell a little story,
involving Mental Telepathy,
that’s one of my Army Adventures,
and scarcely believable to me at that time,
which i feel makes this point of Safe and Profound.

One night me and a New Guy in the Ambulance Squad,
me being Corporal, we two saved a soldier from freezing,
by finding the soldier and delivering to hospital efficiently,
in challenging conditions,
up on a vast mountainous Military Maneuver Range.

Well, driving back thru the night, to our assigned position,
a long bumpy ride on blacked-out roads of frozen rutted mud,
we had a penetrating and profound telepathic conversation,
New Guy and Corporal Me,
that i, so physically absorbed into the wheel, throttle, clutch,
and so emotionally uplifted by our very excellent achievement,
and so intellectually committed to a rookie fresh out of training,
and my senses so open to the deadly night, to find our way,
and the vehicle so poorly heated, all like a floating dream,
yet i knew it was something unexplained and very real.

Somehow, New Guy didn’t talk, or hardly ever,
while, for sure sounding like an idle disjointed rambling chat,
i felt i was answering every comment of his before he spoke,
while my Inner Vision beheld, far off, new vistas of Wisdom.

My Soul was expanded, very TENSE and AWAKE;
So i made every turn, and brought us back safe,
and the Sun came up in time to thaw our bones.

Nowadays, any thought this wasn’t Real is very long gone.

Actually that skill, Hearing What’s ALMOST Said,
You can be sure for me it happens regularly now,
at some point of almost every Divination Session,
even persists a bit afterward, talking with others.

Here’s how i understand this:
Rather like a Wheelbarrow of Story,
or a Movie full of Intimacies,
when someone has a Bucket of Words,
if it is intended for you,
they might project and you might receive.

So, is it true Mental Telepathy’s often Profound?:
For my most favorite analogy, from Science,
of How This Works, What It Feels Like,
and Why It Can Find VAST WISDOM,
please see the next section;
It involves Song Birds.

So, why say Telepathy’s just “usually” Safe?:
The Corrupt Entertainment Stars,
Horrible Hypnotic Fascist Politicians,
Glorious Commanders of Patriotic Wars,
all the Random Abusive Psychopaths as well,
all make use of whatever telepathic skills they have,
and we all know too very well, what horrors they can wreak.

Well, that’s enuf of that.

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: !My SONG BIRD Analogy of Mental Telepathy! :>

There’s an Evolution Science theory i believe from observation::

For a very long time, at some junction of our Human development,
many or most of our Ancestors dwelled in very broad landscapes FLOODED with Song Birds;

It was these creatures from whom all Human speech, and song,
all the instruments of Bow and Wind that imitate the voice,
and i suggest the Animating Rhythms of ALL Human Art,
and our Human experience of Mental Telepathy too;
The many-throated family of Birds That Sing;
I believe it’s THEY who gave us ALL THAT.

So says my interpretation of a genuine Science theory.
Or, at least we’ll say this is a Good Analogy.

Yeah? So what? What are your observations?

Hey, you try it! .. First the start-up instructions:
> Wherever you live, move somewhere with lots of Song Birds,
and where you have a back yard that is a Forest Meadow.
> Form a daily habit to go out seeking conversation.
> Take a chair so you’re quite obviously Human.
> Wear a good hat in case of sneak attack with acorns.
> If a coffee drinker, get a mug big enuf for an hour or two.
> If a Hippie, bring your Smokes, maybe the Shaker, not the Drum,
for we wish a smooth-flowing non-percussive background.
> Your first few visits: Make no sudden movements.

Now the First Effort on your First Visit, of great importance:
.. You compose your BIRD NAME !!
.. Of course it’s fine to rehearse, but ideally you assemble it now::
.. Picture the interior shape of their mouths, and form that cavity
inside the front of your mouth, with your lips and tongue.
.. Now find a cry in your Soul that shouts: “=>I AM HARMLESS<=”
then squeak and chitter it thru that bird’s mouth you made.

And since at first that’s ABSOLUTELY all they care about from you,
just call out “!i am harmless!” whenever one looks at you,
and you’re now equipped to join the Avian Web,
at the level of a Pleistocene Toddler;

In ensuing months::
Expand your talk, while finding gentle ways to help their lives,
as i grew a wildwood arbor full of raspberries in the yard,
and you may start seeing Avian signs of Friendship.
SPECIAL Prize:: If they let you watch them raise babies,
who will know you next year too.

And don’t you think, that’s reasonably PROFOUND right there?

~~ ~~ ~~

>>: !More, More, More of My SONG BIRD Analogy! :>

OF COURSE:: The backyard work with birds took a few years,
it is one of the most Spiritually Rewarding works I ever did,
and if you want more, it’s lavished with poems in my blog.

But finally, i promised a rich explanation for the Visual Sense,
in Telepathic States, of whole broad Landscapes Of Wisdom,
which we might try to reach, which i did find with them;
(In a rather stunning experience,
they introduced me to New England’s Land Energies;)

It’s a moment before dawn.
You lie on your back, eyes shut,
on a fragrant soft carpet of fallen leaves,
while forest above is rustled by a gentle breeze,
vast woods singing in a spirit voice maybe like ocean surf,
and here, and there, and everywhere, birds are waiting for the Sun.

Yes, tragically, it’s not a kind of place you will find any more.

But, in imagination this is near the simple village where you live;
and you are entering a transformation so you’ll really hear them.

Like perhaps you’ve come of age, and you sat a vigil here all night;
Or you may be waking from the first Partaking of your Heart’s Love;
Or you are on the brink of Death;
Or you were called by some Powerful Spirit;
However it was, deep in your bed of fragrant leaves,
your eyes are still shut but your Soul is TENSE and AWAKE,
for you are with them waiting for the Sun.

Now up comes a great mass of voices shouting from the East.

Now look: Please, please, Don’t think i think i kno ANYTHING at all,
about COSMIC WISDOM; .. But:
it seems that in our Quest for It, meaning our Physical Lifetime,
there are two Great Initiations in our relationship with other Beings;
Where we realize Cosmic Unity with All Others::
once across All Time, once across All Space;
And it seems to me that Telepathic feel of Vast Landscapes
must be the Omni-Space Great Initiation,
which your Physical Body, you lucky person, will now feel physically.

~~ ~~ ~~

Oh well, SURELY i’ve talked enuf by now.
Isn’t there any Open Discussion??
Maybe a Fried Dough cart?

Finding This On My Blog
My blog is named “Stone Riley Druid Classroom” and it is here:{-Here-}
And when this essay is posted, i plan to give it this address:{-Here-}

“Forest Center”
Acrylic & digital painting by Stone Riley

(.Here is the end of this blog post.)

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