Revealed: My Thin Claim To Be Druid Of New England

Aka: Letters From The Farm #2
<Letter #1 .. Letter #3>

(Composed On USA Veterans Day 2021, While Empire Collapses)

You and me, i think we got along together okay in Letter #1?
That wasn’t excessively unfamiliar was it?

Now it’s time for me to reveal Magic when the WAR OF TERROR got going,
when it manifested “OUR” Side’s first city-killing bombing raid;

But it was a Pagan Resistance called up in a strange forest camp,
beautiful grotesques of trees on hillside terraced full of boulders.

And in the largest space, a gathering circle around a fire hearth.

I’ll call it Dadaist Pacifist Activist MAGIC we piled in rings
of careful Anarchist Reasoning then cast into a trans-etheric fire,
in a rented Boy Scout camp, ..

Where I persuaded everyone to self-declare
as an Anarchist Assembly of Pagans in New England, ..

EXACTLY Prefiguring, i Swear, all the Occupy Camps i saw years later,

But this was the HELLISH weekend a rich politician magicked up
Our Side’s first night of city-leveling EXPLOSIONS in that war, ..
Casting us into the hellscape we inhabit now:: ..
THAT WEEKEND when the ENDLESS TERROR WAR was begun; ..

Our gang was Whoever Showed Up to the summons of a
PIERCING SCREAM (piercing thru time?), i felt as pressure
in my upper body on the deepest telepathic vibrations,
(if i’m explaining this clearly) ..

Screaming during the whole preceding week; .. When i stopped to hear,
was summoning that weekend’s little-noticed meeting to be attended,
a Pagan Regional General Assembly stepping into conscious existence; ..
For our community to flex a little power,
in answer to the horrible emergency; ..

And i possessed sufficient Anarchist Theory even then; .. and the Deep
Scream, furthermore in those deeps, held this image:: Me finding the
Pagan Newsletter i’d tossed aside, containing the little-noticed Advert,
and another visual image of making the Phone Call to attend..
WOW! ..

.. Why not remember a Magic Vortex (Utterly Smoked),
in a grove clearly both haunted and enchanted,
where the trees arranged themselves beautifully
in a Giant’s Garden of enormous pebbles?

For even tho our camp attendant, the friendliest of drunks,
who amiably attended Pagan Circle in official Scouting Uniform,
and HE voted there should be an Emergency Druid Of New England,
and then voted me to do it.

Of course, if you weren’t there that day, of if you just forgot,
then never mind.
And, seeing that i am a Soldier of the LADY, i have taught and led

But AT LAST, that one of our myriad emergencies is over,
so in all good sense, i must resign at last.

(signed) Post-Officio Emergency Druid Of New England.

(.Here is the end of this blog post.)

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