White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance

Aka: Letters From The Farm #4
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Our little series here, i had no idea how to get it started,
but it started, and now we’re here. Praise my Muses!!
Station Four!!

And our series is like a popular kind of radio in this region:
A Serious Historical Tour of True Occult Magic Stuff,
but for someone thinking of taking up the work,
with me offering lore i kno of this region.

So, to get you up to date:
Politically, understand,
years ago, when i was looking all around in New England,
there was an Uneasy Boundary, !with good Peacemakers!,
between the Awoken and Awaking Native Peoples,
on the one hand,
and the bizarrely accoutered Euro Pagans.

And i was, three times, me being a leading Storyteller,
and Magic Teacher of the Euro Pagans, thus three times,
i was brought into Ceremony as one of the Peacemakers,
For White Dog Spirit, no warning, would appear as Ghost,
but with a smile to me, the strangest call to duty imaginable,
and physically led me to a ceremony space with people there,
i portrayed the Honest Sensible Euro Pagan among them,
and some peace was found, and i left.
Three times! Such bizarre beauty.
What an artist (!!!!!)

Bizarre? You want Bizarre?
So (s)he appears just exactly as a vaporous medium-size dog ghost,
like that, and smiles a wink, and leads me happily away.
I mean, Turn One it’s sidewalk around a building in a public park,
small auditorium, exhibition, space where the Native Nation there
were having the Annual Pow-Wow, advertising =>!EUROS INVITED!<=.

And Me, i put on a real Druid’s Cap i have,
.. which some there did see and understand,
.. and on arriving watched an early round of dance competitions,
.. .. listening attentively to the announcer’s commentary,
.. and among the small displays of exquisite small art on offer,
.. .. i had a very nice chat with an old gentleman,
.. .. about the Sacredness of the work,
.. .. during which i expressed basic knowledge of Sacred Pipe.
.. So it was lunchtime, i go out to the car for money for lunch,
.. close the car, turn round, THERE (S)HE IS! WOW!

Of course I pulled my cap down on my head and followed.

Kno how i knew when we got there?
This was the same way all three turns,
(S)he suddenly melts into invisibility again
and THERE i would be, wherever.
What a Fun Park ride.

You can find “An Eagle’s Mighty Flight” in the thin memoir
paperback, and in the blog: A true narrative of my Second
Turn, when I stood in the camp of a Wood Sculpture family,
at their fire, and with the liminal status of Ethnic Stranger,
impartially relayed a divination i’d been given for them,
a divination i had from a God whom we share,
and this pacified a painful misunderstanding among them,
feels Mythic like a Noble Deed i’ve done.

You can find that telling, and i can’t tell it any better here.
And my Final Turn, not yet discussed, is not ready to discuss.
But this duty, which was somehow my duty, was NOT ALL easy.

Also, before turns started, White Dog had come scouting me,
appeared standing in Circle at my Wiccan 2nd Degree,
winked, but then left me wondering for years.

So let’s go back and finish My FIRST TURN i was describing.
You won’t be disappointed. Maybe surprised.
Remember, i am a Soldier of The Lady,
On Duty.

And I Bet You Can’t Guess What::
by All-Powerful Circumstance it was as if i re-shaped
into the EURO PAGAN MILITARY ATTACHE, so to speak,
at a Black Panther squad of AMERICAN INDIAN MOVEMENT,
just like that. Yes, within moments i was inside THAT ceremony.

Do you understand any about Revolutionary Struggle yet?
See, i just bill myself as Peace Revolution Medic Corporal; While
it seems A.I.M. Local had a QUITE impressive MARTIAL ARTS Corporal;
Little Guy, cooda beat the shid outta me with one hand;
And THERE White Dog deposited me, a terd waiting for them,

For (s)he had walked me right into somebody’s Tepee!
Big empty boldly painted Sun-lit Tepee Tent, very tall,
(s)he’d walked me near the very bright-lit center,
where (s)he whispered: Face the door and wait.
And (s)he vanished like a twirl of smoke up to the Sun.

Then, examining the tent’s paint i realized where i was:

The American Indian Movement’s, Black-Panther-inspired,
semi-secret Community Defense Martial Arts program!!
(which i’d heard rumor of) !!HAS REACHED NEW ENGLAND!!
And here i was trespassed in !THEIR! tent. ?Good idea???

I’ll briefly summarize for you the Male Fancy Dance Ritual action,
On ground that lies out on the Good Red Road, i’m sure::
> Possible Political Rivals dancing toward PEACE thru Mutual Honor;
.. He cooda whooped the piz, instead he personified Cautious Respect.
> I shall describe our “Ritual Dance for Allied Soldiers” briefly::

I swear, they absolutely knew White Dog brought me there.
See, it’s a big round tent, with the entry flaps open to an arch,
and i look up, there they are, about nine of them, with the guy who’s
obviously Corporal in the front, not large people, relaxed confident
people, in outdoor clothing, our local AIM Community Defense Team,
And they’re not like we’re friends.

They were ready. They must have called White Dog to go get me.
??Maybe this was THEIR GRADUATION CEREMONY, for all i kno??
In a marching step they swaggered in and formed a rectangle;
their stubby pugilistic Corporal in front of me very much at ease.

You think i’m lying, don’t you?
I said to myself: This might be hard.

But suddenly, just from some hint in this guy’s style,
i realized suddenly where we were simultaneously,
and if correct, i must suspect his style’s a MIME,
suspecting he is luring me to where they are,
and if correct, i kno his country well enuf
for i too was born there, out in the Texas Prairie!

(I’m sorry, are you keeping up with this?
The Psychic Realm can get a bit prohibitively dimensionally complex,
but why not try? .. For this will be !How The Birds Dance!)

You might read, in the Army Stories paperback,
about my High School Army Cadet Career, out there,
where i was even promoted High School Cadet Major,
already with the trademark Ev-Eue attitude,
in a Poor High School, Mexican edge of Houston,
what is called the Buffalo Grass Prairie.
(Watch your step for rattlesnakes.)

And we are here for a dance of =>TERRITORIAL PRAIRIE COCKS<=

Well, okay, because HOPEFULLY
i only need to LOSE GRACEFULLY.
Look out, here he comes.

The fella, on his trespassed ground, steps up to me.
Makes a big shrug like ruffling his wing feathers,
and leans at me, squinting at me with one eye.

I kept my Coool.
I stood up straighter, with my shoulders back,
my elbows just a little open, like I might flap,
but i stepped a half-step back.

!!WAIT!! .. I’ve lost track of the !!REVOLUTIONARY POLITICS!!

~~ ~~ ~~
And Wadda-Duck,
True story, and i’ve told all the best parts,
so, for now at least, i shall leave this true story there.

Don’t worry, we both knew the moves; I signaled surrender,
he chittered and chirped extremely firm not angry;
Did NOT want apology, pointed to the flap,
The team came to attention and i went out with a little strut.
Good training for me too.
That was my First Turn with White Dog Spirit.

Good Day!!

(.Here is the end of this blog post.)

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