New England Style Fortunetelling Overview

Aka: Letters From The Farm Overview
<Letter #12 .. .. .. .. .. .. .___[]___. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Letter #1>
Most recent edits::
Letter#11 is nicely 2-d sculpted. .. Ltr#12 totally materialized.

“Fortuneteller’s Table”

The full collection in an artfully designed booklet,
a 48-page home-printable letter-size Pdf File,
the front & back of which are shown here.
=> {-Here-} <=
(.This will probably open in your browser.)

My Friends A Sacred Place ..
among whom this art project was made.

~~ Interesting Related Material A ~~
~~ Stone Riley’s non-standard artist bio as of 01/01/2022 ~~

Hi, my name is Stone Riley and i’m an old American Pagan Druid.

There’s a tradition that Paganism in the US. was founded by 4,000
people spread across the country, in 10 years in the 1970s & 80s;
I am one of those. And i joined our movement in a leadership level,
a veteran Army Medic saved a soldier’s life & did a month in Army
Jail, a PROFANE Pro-Human Motivated Bstrd, perfect Druid material.

Like so many others, so PRO-EARTH, so serious, creative & studious;
For me this Pro-Earth-Mind-Freedom always was my Anti-Empire effort.

And 3 years ago i found an American-Style Poetry capable of LEGEND!
So i shall try to wield it Pro-Earth, Pro-Human & well.
Please wish me Luck in this work!

~~ End of non-standard artist bio ~~

~~ Poem: Synopsis B ~~
~~ On New Year’s Day of 2022 ~~

How can i explain what it’s about??
Well, for one thing, i think this time i’ve dug so deep into
my Life, Heart, and Soul that i’ve rediscovered some of the
famous myth-making magic techniques of the ancient Bards.
In English, REALLY; For me that’s all about Bird Song.

In outline the book is a professional’s Tourist Guide to
the excellent Fortunetelling we do here in New England.
Isn’t that an ENTICING ruse? Would you get off the Interstate?
If you wonder how far it wanders astray from a cafe counter
brochure, just peruse the last Page (Letter #12) first.
DON’T spill your coffee on it.

~~ !!And please do enjoy your New Years gift!! ~~

I hope to add more interesting related material.
In the meanwhile:: Thank you for your interest.
**== -sr- ==**

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