Grab 21 – Download Booklet Starter Pack

“Pluto” by sr

:: My Favorite Download Booklets ::
My fine art of the Home-Printable Narrative Verse Booklet
does have enuf children now for me to pick favorites.
They are listed here simply shortest to longest.
You can keep them company for awhile.


1 pdf page .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“THE CASE OF ONE CADET” ..(my Manifesto for Human Soldiering Instinct)
2 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“TAROT SECRETS I KNOW” ..(Not really secrets of course, just lesser known)
5 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“FIRST DEGREE” ..(Early US. Pagan initiation, with sex, from British books)
6 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

6 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“MALCOLM X-MORE REFLECTIONS” ..(understanding 1960-70s USA unrest)
7 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“MARTIN LUTHER KING JR HOLIDAY 2022” ..(witnessing the Vietnam war)
8 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“FENCING ONE EVENING NEAR MUNICH” ..(exploring youth hero comics art)
10 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“READING POEMS IN ZEN TEMPLE” ..(gift to those who opened me to peace)
12 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“MY CARTOMANCY METHOD” ..(my 40-year Tarot method, easy step-by-step)
15 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“TELL THE SORROW JOY” ..(coach’s handbook for Stand-Up Truth-Telling)
18 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“ALL THE SHTS AND PGS” ..(my Tarot Fantasy Boxed Set’s very lavish papers)
20 Pdf pages .. .. {-Website-} .. .. {-Get Pdf-} .. <=BIG Pdf

“PASSING OF UTHER PENDRAGON” .. (Shakespearean Arthur Shaman play)
21 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“READING THE DAWN OF EVERYTHING” .. (is it in our nature to wreck Earth?)
24 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“DOCUMENTS FOR THE READER” ..(My Tarot handbook for all my decks)
38 Pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“FRIENDSHIP SERIES” ..(deep dive into British Isles tradition of Shamanism)
46 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“LETTERS FROM THE FARM” ..(regional New England style fortunetelling)
48 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“SACRED GARDEN-HOLY STATUES” ..(knowing that our struggles are holy)
58 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

“PSYCHIC FAIR 2020” ..(divination explained, very senior level of practice)
74 pdf pages .. .. {-See.Post-} .. .. {-Get.Pdf-}

In General::
Here is a menagerie of interlinked experiments. .. .. Some
Booklets summoned monsoon tides of Modern Paintings
you’ve Never Seen Before In Your Life, even if you have
got an antique valise stuffed with souvenir steam ship
tickets and art museum ticket stubs. … .. While other
booklets cooked with just a few of those, .. While
some puffed up nice with none of that at all, or just
the b&w Drawings. … Others improvised visual art by
“2-D” Abstract Sculpting of the text itself into a Tribal
Dance cross stitched counterpoint. … Others chose to
modestly stow text in cross-indexed compartments.
It is Narrative Verse Pdf Booklet Art.
It’s delicious.

Some Humorous Notes On This Art:

1: Where does this kind of poetry come from?
> A:.. Partly from American “Newspaper Poems” circa late 1800’s,
which adapted a storytelling rhythm from the long-form popular
ballads in prior times. .. Today’s favorite “Newspaper Poem”s from
1888 sports news:: “Casey At The Bat”. .. Nowadays it’s often read
at the first baseball game of a season. .. Also still popular is “The
Cremation Of Sam McGee”. .. Altho published in a book, in 1907,
the whole fug book’s the SENSATIONAL STYE, &&what’s it about?
Screaming Death on a Sinking Ship, in an Arctic Gold Rush
that all the newspapers were following avidly.
That’s Popular Art!!!

>B:: INEXPENSIVE PIANOS:: .. What’s next in our sophisticated
literary development? :: Commonplace ubiquitous inexpensive
Pianos were everywhere in circa late-1800s America. In church
halls and churches, in the plain wallpapered parlors of rooming
houses, in the plush brocaded “SPORTING” Parlors so very FAMOUS
at the time,:: EVERYWHERE was a Cheap Piano, with Close At Hand Newspaper Verse Any FOOL can find SOMEWHERE on a piano,
By Thumping on the keys and Standing on the pedals;
In a Filthy Saloon in a Famous Gold Rush;
An easy percussion instrument.

+C:: Nowadays i think i’d RATHER have a Cheap Piano
than the CRAP TECHNOLOGY we get here now.
And that’s spoken as an =>!.ARTIST.!<=

(..Here is the end of this blog post..)

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