Ode To Joy – Some Links To The Music


Let’s add some music to deepen our sympathies
for Free Ukraine.

Official Anthem Of The European Union
Let’s consider “Ode To Joy” – Official Anthem of the European
Union, .. The organization that Tyrant Putin totally, absolutely
and utterly Fears, Despises, and Loathes; .. The Partnership
Of Nations which Ukraine’s free government, speaking
for the People of Ukraine, a free-thinking nation,
shortly after Putin’s Invasion, applied to join.

Its music is by Ludwig V. Beethoven, one of
Europe’s, and the world’s, great Tunemakers;
It’s lyrics are adapted from the poem “To Joy”
by European Enlightenment Philosopher
Friedrich Schiller.

The Wikipedia article:

(Proof that Beethoven was a great Tunemaker!)
Easy-reading lyrics in English, shown against vivid still
landscape photos, perhaps by a Karaoke Illustrator,
.. With a bold, simple, (nearly marching band),
arrangement of the toe-tapping music:

One by one, a small orchestra with small chorus walk
out into a busy public square, .. Instruments
and voices coming in as they arrive, ..
And the public are entranced!
Great sensory metaphor
of Peace growing!:

Here is Beethoven’s complete original version, the
4th Movement of his 9th Symphony, .. Performed
in A CONCERT hall, .. With the Anthem’s lyrics
featuring HIGH-VOLUME Opera Singers;
Picks us up and carries us along,
in tidal surges of idealism:

! Please Enjoy !
And please find ways, even such simple
efforts as this, to help Free Ukraine!
-Stone Riley

(-.Here is the end of this blog post.-)

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