The Boat In The Woods

It’s an actual old-fashioned wooden rowboat;
Nicely painted but submerging into dirt, as year-loads of
biological forest substances fall equally into, and equally
fall all around it, .. enlarging the Fairy Mound (!!!!);
(who i had to make a deal with last Autumn);

Out by the Raspberry Thicket, a five minute walk, (except
there’s snow,) from where i’m whispering this poem of it,
while i type.

See, i have the Concept, and hope to start the Writing
for you in the Morning.


But here’s what i have of it so far::
This is one of my countless Real New England Magic Posts;
And, seeing as::

i am a Teaching Elder in the Old British Isles Mysteries,
which has grown deep roots as a storm-tossed Guest here,
Here across a narrow ocean from the Ancient Homeland;
Me having powerful memories of Stonehenge Culture;

And me being a Teaching Elder of that,,
And you likely ignorant of the whole subject,,
Yet still, if you’ll blink your eyes 3 times,
i can tell you this::

Well, that’s it so far.

Work on this is stopped.
Thank you.

This is a labyrinth of stuff that i’ve promised
to tell you, and i’ve found a better metaphor
thru which to enter.

I have opened a new post titled:
“Mother Demeter-Minerva In Our Time”
All that i was trying to get to here,
you’ll find there instead.

And i bet the boat will be explained.
So if you’re interested, thank you.

(-here is the end of this blog post-)

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