How I Cemented My Position As A Pacifist Junior Infantry Officer

{- My 12th day on this memoir, 04/06/2022. -}

“The Common Soldier” by sr

Fourth summer of my 6-year active duty,
Fourth summer also out of Redneck High School,
Fourth summer also of Vietnam, the war i didn’t go to.

Suddenly i was Corporal of a Field Ambulance Squad,
In a Foot Battalion set to endless mountain training,
up and down the foothills of the German Alps,
a corner of the plain that stretches to Ukraine,
then to the mountain gates of Russia;
And suddenly i grew into it.

This little memoir will narrate a Real Event,
where our battalion was hiking up one of those
scenic mountain foothills, and i’m our newly-minted
Ambulance Corporal, my first time riding the passenger
seat of a Field Ambulance instead of hoofing.


In armies;
in armies like that one;
There is a RIDICULOUSLY stupid Power Gulf, a chasm,
between the Common Soldiers,
the SOVEREIGN SOURCE of ALL power, but told nothing,
and even the Lowliest Officers,
which that army’s Corporals damn sure were:
me seeing everything but powerless.

That was a Wretched Army, && i bet $50 it still is.

Tell you something:
There was a frigid dark night the following winter,
i actually saved a Common Soldier’s life by finding
the Poor Bstrd out in the high maneuver valley there,
and then driving to hospital quickly on those roads;
That was my part;

While the Rookie Medic who was riding with me,
another Common Soldier, fresh out of training,
bent around into our tiny vehicle’s back seat,
keeping our patient alive.

Pretty FING BIG DEAL among normal Humans,
Why not build an army where that’s a big deal?

And unless you been there,
or: been somewhere next door, of course;
Otherwise, you cannot guess how that was UTILIZED
in that army’s Classist Fascist culture;
You cannot guess.

It was WASTED!!
(Of course.)


First off, for all we ever knew Poor Bstrd
may have lived or died!! We never even heard!!

We two dragged him from the tiny ambulance,
under a big bright-lit sign, thru canvas doors;

Waiting Hospital Medics threw him on a gurney,
!!RAN!! .. We two running hands on the gurney
at first, So i can give the Ambulance Report,
till one of them dismissed me with a nod;

Then a glass window, uninterested person behind it,
a counter, a clipboard with drawings on it,
and one line on a form to sign
at the right-hand edge,
also fully illustrated,
with ingenious ballpoint doodles.

All which i displayed
to Rookie Medic, fresh
off the street somewhere
like East Coast College, USA;

Who remarked that it was strange;
Seemed like he’s visited an art exhibit,
or at least i guessed he smelled the Dada.

And we two chatted all the way back.
As i said, that’s the following winter.

Whereas also much earlier:

I had been an EQUALIZING Force in:::
Redneck High School Army Cadets;
You bet the Fug i was.

That was East Texas,
more accurately called “West Dixie”,
and the White Supremacists were all confused.

I’ve seen White East Texans, over nice family dinner,
thru logic, trying to work out who was hardest-working.
(Between the Mexicans and Blacks.)
(It’s hard to keep Ethnic Fantasy straight, isn’t it?)

And to reduce the vast tax expense of segregation,
Mexicans were just barely tolerated at White schools.

I found White preoccupation with that crap STUPID.
So hung out in Cadets with the Mexicanos mainly;
So they would do well, i learned to be a Leader;
Poured my Heart and Mind into the challenge;
Attended all of the extra optional trainings.

(Secretly studied the Colonial Liberation Wars,
which were then being fought worldwide.)

> .. How I Cemented My Position As ..<
> .. A Pacifist Junior Infantry Officer .. <
>.. ..( With A Band-Aid & Scissors ).. ..<
> .. .. On That Hike Up A Steep Hill .. .. <

~~ 1 ~~
Please understand; officers were made
in two hierarchies:

(A): 2-stripe Corporals up to 6-stripe Senior Sergeant grades:
We worked with the Common Soldiers every day, bending them
to the will of Almighty War Machine. .. We were those who saw
everything and were powerless to help them time after time.
!.And these became Powerless Allies to me in Resistance.!
(So very true.)

(B): Lieutenants up to Generals DREAMED OF SHINING GLORY.
!!.Just like most Whites in Redneck High School Cadets.!!
!!!…You Effing Idiots…!!!
And of course:
In Vietnam it was a MURDEROUS arrangement.

~~ 2 ~~
Then that day,
the soldiers on that hike:
Borrowed a scene from the Story of Jesus Christ!
(Me being more a Profound Admirer than Believer.)
(Me loving Ecclesiastes who i see as Christ-like.)
So real, practical, wise, simple, and merciful.

Expended one band-aid and taught proper
Field Procedure for LANCING a BLISTER,
and believe me, it is NOT difficult,
(i learned it from a film in Cadets,)
frigging classist fascist US. Army;
astonishing shite.
They even let me fly a helicopter for two minutes once.

You understand, this was a regular training course;
Down at the bottom certainly were:
a Radio Tent with tall antenna, and our First Aid Tent;
our Medical Doctor, his 4-Stripe Sergeant assistant,
Them two in the Radio Tent with Coffee of course,
awaiting emergencies.

And neatly formed up outside was:
Our Tiny Flotilla, (my spot in front empty,)
each of our Jeep-like ambalances having:
Its stylish convertible canvas roof down,
two-each my Medics in its front seats:
all feet up, all hats back in the sun;
A summer idyll:
All smoking, joking, farting, and chewing gum.

Of course my rowboat HAD been parked in the lead,
And certainly when the last of those hoofing started up,
and still no orders given to me, i realized out loud:
“WADDADUCK!! Medics are waiting here!!”
And i realized it PRETTY LOUD;

So me looking around; I see mine all kicking back,
sharing out their ENDLESS cigarettes and gum.
(Stocked up for the week-long exercise.)
(Me, i smoked and chewed cigars.)

But personally i could not stand it.
So i calmed to think, took a deep breath,
beheld the Blister Movie pass before my eyes,
and realized NO, i’d never seen that training since!

So a new expanded comprehension came to me:
A survival skill i had kept to my friends and i
The instinct such armies betray.

I turned to my driver beside me,
Patted his shoulder, pointed uphill, righteously ordered:
“Catch up.”

My Guy smiled;
He started it, revved it, punched it in gear, and made dust.

~~ 3 ~~
Altho my Christianity is rusty from underuse,
yet i kno that many pious Saints advise us to:
Very humbly Imitate the Life Of Christ.

So, with your kind permission,
continuing a metaphor begun above;
I shall very humbly introduce to you:
my young 3-stripe Sergeant Saint ANDREW,
(one of the original few Fisherman Apostles,)
and my same age he looked;
But he’s bewildered,
by his crew resting by the road
instead of hoofing.

And frankly,
i felt, from Colonial Liberation studies,
i felt an unprepared sit-down strike,
by a few isolated individuals,
will gain them nothing
but punishment.

So now a bit of soldier talk::
As we approached,
It’s looking to me like Sergent Saint Andrew;
With his squad needing rest TOO SOON;
So he’s gazing out at THAT TERRAIN;
And understands where Russia is;
He is now Estimating The Scope of his Difficulties;
This day is a matter of HIS Squad’s SURVIVAL.
What the fug is he to do?

Then: A friendly Medic Jeep stops by.

Yes, i saw them and had my driver pull in and stop.
Then i grabbed the windshield to stand up,
a first aid bag in hand,
i damn-sure leaped off the running board like a Viking;
To which the good sergeant, and a few others,
warmly greeted us in their surprise.

So i’m eying the dispirited souls among them,
reclined on the scrubby grass, sitting on the rocks,
me guessing how to talk with the unhappy individuals;
I’m thinking thru my leadership skills.

And i picked the one that was Classic
among the US. Army Field Medics,
seen it myself sometimes:

Help ease them into the profession of death,
by the way of brotherly care for them;
Yes, it could break your heart,
but probably work.


~~ 4 ~~
as on a Forced March.
(.as taught in an early US. Signal Corps Training Film.)

mmm nnn oo ppp qqqq
nie;’I d ssi;Nie ddd aam


~~ 5 ~~
Back To That Day On The Hill

mmm nnn oo ppp qqqq
nie;’I d ssi;Nie ddd aam


More Examples Of How It Was



!HURRAH!! :: We have found the end of the outline!


(- So far that’s all there is of this, so far. -}

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