New Drum

(-.This is also a social media post i posted this morning.-)

I LOVE Remo drums from working with children,
and i just bought this one for myself.

.. Some friends are talking about doing some
tribal drumming
this summer,
and all i have till this one arrives is
a beautiful little antique tambourine.

.. There’s a story of
how i lost my last proper frame drum,
which was a really nice Native made instrument.

.. Shortly before escaping from Worcester Mass,
i was forced to trade that drum for a hat.

.. The Christmas before i left,
a really good friend, a fellow geezer,
gifted me a beautiful wool tweed
Gatsby Cap (aka a Flat Cap, or Cabby Hat)
which looks GREAT perched on top of
my big head of frizzy hair.

.. But soon came my friend’s birthday.
Thinking hard, i realized that my drum was
the ONLY gift my friend would love
as much as i love that hat.

.. To honor the drum’s Native soul,
of course i understood
i must gift it to him.

(-.Here is the end of this social media post.-)

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