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== Any beginner’s introduction to SHAMANIC Magic ==

“Shaman Returns With Medicine”

= = = =
Late yesterday afternoon, i checked in at
a remarkable social media group i belong to;
One member of which is quite astute
in both astrology and numerology.

The individual STRONGLY advised us all to travel,
at least a little ways, promising significant,
or possibly great, benefit to wisdom,
and/or personal growth,
and/or our creative projects.

Me, i started pulling on my shoes,
but in my mind a small light-hearted poem
bloomed full blown;
So i stopped,
and typed it into the “Reply” space,
pressed “Enter”.

i grabbed my walking stick, and rushed out
into the late afternoon springtime sun.

I’ll share that bit of verse with you below:
= = = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = =
I’m putting on my shoes right now
for a visit to the Fairy Mound
and (if it’s not too damp)
on to the river.

I walked a lot yesterday,
so i was thinking i’d stay in today,
but there’s plenty of daylight left.
And this explains why my legs are feeling antsy.

So if i’m still among the humans when i get back,
thank you.
= = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = = = =
A little later i did get back, still human,
my shoes wet, my legs now comfortably stretched,
and my eyes now packed full of clear vision.

So i sat down again and,
in the next “Reply” space typed a little essay,
some previously-VERY-jumbled thoughts
i’ve tried to sort out for a while now
spilled out in easy rhythm.

The little essay follows:
= = = = = = = = = = =

= = = = = = = = =
I wrote that poem to be lighthearted,

.. The energies that British Isles Tradition calls names
like “Fairies”, “The Fair Folk”, etc., are very powerful and
knowledgeable Protective Spirits Of The Land, and
should not be trifled with.

.. But last autumn i made a bargain with the Fair Folk
here to work on Climate Change together.

.. That being such a serious matter, i’d not be surprised
or disappointed if i eventually leave the human reality
in their company, and they are very famous for their
music and feasting.

.. I do know some folk there, and MAYBE one of them
is a friend, or maybe not.

.. Always remember: We are in different realities so it is
VERY easy to honestly mis-understand what they mean,
or be honestly mis-understood by them, and they won’t
have much sense of humor about it.

.. If you’re in any doubt, keep children away from them,
as they seem to have a “hive mind”, and are VERY old,
and don’t seem to understand childhood.

.. On the other hand, they are POWERFUL
and KNOWLEDGEABLE protectors of the land,
and will often introduce you to other entities.

.. This lore is very ancient, going back to the culture that
built Stonehenge and countless other stone/earth/timber
structures large and small.

.. I have clear strong memories of living in that culture.
It is a shamanic view of Holy Nature.

.. Good luck.
= = = = = = = =

FREE BONUS: .. .. More information about Shamanism:
All this is my understanding; Your results may vary!

ITEM A:.. Gender:
… Adults of any physical or mental gender can become
shamans, (but children cannot).
… In fact, there have been some cultures where MOST
shamans were gender non-standard.
… And for some individuals, becoming an adult is their
threshold to becoming a shaman; which gives you big
responsibilities to your community.

ITEM B:.. Some terminology:
… I distinguish between “Shamanism”, which i think
of as a religion; …

… Versus “a shaman”, whom i think of as a minister
(any gender) of that religion. …

… As in most religions, people who are not shamans
can “practice Shamanism” and/or “believe in it”, and
(unless they have a violent aggressive practice of it,)
should be LEFT ALONE TO DO SO.

… I like that terminology. ..

By the way;
The word “shaman” is from Native cultures of
Northern Asia, where 20th Century European
Anthropologists “”discovered”” Shamanism,
and argued ALL their arguments about it.
In most of North Asia it was eradicated,
in that region now only on its fringes.
Other hand:: Genghis Khan did Shamanism,
and conquered most of Europe.

There’s a very interesting theoretical question;
Whether the oldest religious traditions of Africa,
called “Animist”, also should be called Shamanic.
After years of thought, i conclude they should.

Therefore:: Ancient East Asia, South Asia,
Australia, Europe, both the Americas,
Pacific Islands and the Arctic;
Their oldest humans:
all Shamanic.


ITEM C:.. ?Submissive??:
The work of a shaman is extremely action-oriented.
(We’ll get to the subject of submissiveness in a moment.)

Look; If i say “Prayer Life”, what comes to mind for you?
Half an hour in a chair?? Got something memorized???
Brought a knee pad???? Want a scented candle?????
Cards??????? What a punk.

In a shaman’s Prayer Life:
You step out on a landscape in a different reality,
(might be the interior landscape of your body)
a landscape full of a WIDE variety of Beings,
and you go there for A Specific Purpose,
to somehow obtain A Specific Good,
for a specific person, or your entire community,
then bring it back.

About Shamanic “Medicine”:
Morality here is topsy-turvy from there,
where guilt and innocence just have
little relevance to matters at hand;
And this concept of Shamanic Medicine
is a vague but VIVID visual metaphor:..

Goodness as:: A glowing substance which
you MUST be competent to find and to handle.

(And to do that you MUST become good yourself.)
You improve morally for immediate practical purpose!
To improve your job performance!

But that’s a very vague guide to human life;
.. .. What is moral or immoral in such context?
Well, ..
.. .. Imagine a low-tech low-waste human subsistence life;
.. .. Killing to feed a family can be good;
.. .. Destroying wastefully is always evil.

And we’ve already mentioned an interesting example::
Up near the top, there was this provocative claim:
… .. .. i made a bargain with the Fair Folk here
… .. .. to work on Climate Change together.
So what on Earth is that about?



I’ve said to you:
I and the Fairies here are trying to make
a beneficial effect on the world-ending
Planetary Tragedy of Climate Catastrophe.

How ridiculous is that??

How to answer?

First let’s review the current science;
the latest STARTLING Assessment issued by::
the U.N. Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change!
(No sht!)

Now the U.N.I.P.C.C.
is telling humans everywhere
something different than they used to say about:
(This is no surprise to anyone who’s watching.)

Suddenly saying Planetary Engineering’s indispensable!!
Now ENORMOUS DEVICES of some sort MUST be built,
to remove vast tonnages of carbon from the air!!
No machines like that have been invented!!

Are humans even competent to do that?

With our evil myth of enslaving Earth or killing it,
we will NEVER do that Planetary Good.
That is to say: Our MYTHOLOGY must change!!
Or put shamanically: !WE MUST KILL the Evil God MONEY!!
Magick it into something useful.

So what am i doing at the Fairy Mound out back?
I am seeking strong medicine for our spiritual sickness.

Current status:
After building trust, i’ve gotten this far:
I’m requesting an introduction to their Mother Goddess.

An interesting example of Shamanism, isn’t it?
A clear explanation to finish up::

What do i plan to do,
if i am admitted to meet the ancient Mother Goddess,
of these Protective Powerful Earth Energies?

I plan to create poetry,
vividly describing Her to humans!
Lots of it, and healing chants,
and dance enactments of the meeting.

I’ve begun to suspect i was re-born at this time to do this.

That’s Shamanism!


ITEM E:.. Finally we’re onto Submissiveness.
Let’s do a thought experiment about religion:

1: Suppose we somehow know the whole history of religion;
… Okay? Now write down a list of all the Major Religions;
… (Use any reasonable way to say which are major;)
… Okay? Write a list of Major Religions’ names.

2: Beside each one, summarize its Message To Humans.

3: Now add check boxes: “Non-Submissive” / “Submissive”.

4: Well, obviously for Shamanism you circle and underline
“Non-Submissive” which you wrote in bold italics.

5: Finally i’ll estimate there’s ONE other religion on your
… list where you truly MUST check “NON-SUBMISSIVE”! ..
… And i am referring to BUDDHISM! ..
… ?Why Buddhism? you ask.

… You’d see this studying Buddhist theology, but no need.
… Just read its Founding Story! ..
….. As you might know, there’s LOTS of Buddhas, the same
….. idea as the multitude of Christian Saints;
… But there is ONE Original Buddha, in imitation of whom
… all the others are named: ..

GAUTAMA Buddha!! .. That’s the foundation story::
A youth came of age, stepped out to the world.
… If you read that, i think you’ll agree: ..


… Maybe you too?


(-.Here is the end of this blog post.-)

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