Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview

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“At The Forest Gate” Acrylic on paper.
My first meeting with Forest Spirits, planning
how to cooperate with the Fungi Web
on Climate Catastrophe.

This comes at a moment in My Old Age, and in Earth’s Climate Catastrophe, when i finally see Shamanism as what it always was: The Unifying Fact of My Life’s Work.

You understand, it’s both strange and good to grasp your Natural Instinct as your Adequate Concept. Like: Maybe i evolved for this: Strive for Humanity and Earth together? Nice if true! (Fyi: Rebirth is real.)

These 3 writings do span my Tarot career 1979 thru 2022. Part 1: “Tarot Secrets..” was written last week but summarizes clear back to the start. Part 2: “My Cartomancy..” is verbatim excerpts of most of the trip. Part 3: “Invitation..” is roaring elemental mythic verse, from me to myself, in my first weeks of Tarot study.

This short collection also wraps up a long one, my Friendship Series. Those writings welcomed new friends to Shamanism; These hope to put shamanism’s supreme tool in their hands – Practical Wisdom – and show how to use it.

And what use, out of all its worthy uses, do I most hope they’ll put their wisdom to? TO COOPERATE WITH EARTH SPIRITS ON CLIMATE CATASTROPHE!

But how? First read the roaring poem that forms this series’ climax. Stand on giants’ shoulders! Walk the seashore, swim the sea! Shamanism proves: MIND is cosmic, MIND is limitless, and its substance is truth and love. We can be mighty beings if we live in truth and love.

About the painting above: My first meeting with Forest Spirits, planning to cooperate on Climate Catastrophe. That happened here 4 years ago on the path to the Fairy Meadow out back. I didn’t live here yet; was visiting for Beltaine, the Pagan spring holiday.

Well, that afternoon a fellow Elder, knowing me a Fairy Doctor, sent for me and told the Astonishing News common enough in old stories: An INVISBLE WALL, like a sci-fi force field, obviously special Fairy work of course, had come into OUR REALITY, blocking the path out back.

Surprising to say the least. I went down the path and found it, a spot where it’s first like walking into a wind, then next step you’re immersed in transparent ripples and can’t even put your foot out.

So i finally believed the old tales. But it was transparent to my Psychic Vision and over there one of the Fair Folk stood looking friendly, by a tree, and they said they’d go get someone. So here came a GIGANTIC being, a messenger from NORTH AMERICA’s FUNGI WEB(!!) So we parleyed.

Me, i promised to promote the idea of killing Evil God Money. Also i’ll recruit Human Psychics to the struggle.

They or It promised Fungi Web can figure out how to, with Human Tech and Psychic help, gather, digest, and neutralize the dmn poisons.

And yes, this is all true.
So, like i always tell shamans: GOOD LUCK!

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