Gun Massacres Unmask The Power Of Evil God Money

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Even here on the Anti-Atrocity Side of USA’s internal Gun War;
even now somehow, after all these latest appalling horrors;
still no one mentions the GOD-LIKE POWER of MONEY.
Huge bribes are reported but i’ve given up on that.
Surely it’s time to personalize this malignancy.

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Some years ago:
At someone’s house, i was chatting with a psychologist
who told of a college course where she discovered
the Healing Power of PSYCHOLOGICAL MAGIC,
which she later used in her practice,
and i see as important now.

For herself she only said she had success with it.
What she described was her professor’s case
where he CURED CANCER with it,
which was spectacular;
And i was convinced from Shamanic experiences.

The only drawback i see:
It was Jungian Psychology!
Not the Weak-Ass approach of
“Mindfulness” that’s in fashion now.

Understand, a robust practice of Mindfulness
absolutely includes Psychological Magic,
but the bland quiet easy Mindfulness
that’s so much in fasion now is
worthless in this crisis.

You see, this approach requires
And our commentators don’t seem
up to a moral struggle on that terrain.


In that cancer case, the cure involved

The patient was an avid scholar of that war,
an avid supporter of the anti-slavery Union side.
So the patient used this visualization:

Cancer cells were the white-supremacist Rebels.
Cancer-Killer cells were battalions of Union soldiers,
whom the patient saw advancing aggressively,
wreaking destruction on the enemy.

Does this approach sound useful in our crisis?
If moved to a much larger scale, i think it does.


But remember the Fairbucks Concept Rule:
You MUST use some honest form of Pacifism.


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~ Please take notes, My Dear Readers.~

Of: YOUR work & results exploring this idea,
To share with friends, colleagues,
Planning or Design Committees, secret meetings,
Action Collectives, Art Revolution Collabratives,
Resistance Headquarters working groups,
free kitchens, shelters, etc., & so forth.
~ !Thank you very much indeed! ~

“Occupy Veteran SR”

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