Museum Visitor Despairing On A Bench

(- My 11th day on this post: 06/24/2022.-)

“The Tower” in Spirit Hill Tarot

It’s A Pleasant Summer Afternoon,
Some Years Ago Now,
and the 20-something clean young man,
sitting on a bench before a white picket fence,
and a flower garden blooming behind that,
he’s deep in DESPAIR there, dressed Far
NEATER than the summer tourists.

It’s a HIGH PRIORITY in my work,
paid for in the ticket price,
me to go over, sit down, chat;
(me a fortuneteller too,)
(and i love teaching,)
so i’m hurrying over there
right now.

But wait: Eyeing him, reading him so glum,
downcast staring at his well-shod feet,
his trim square shoulders slumped,
i’d say he’s a Mormon Missionary
on a long-planned side trip,
on a Pious Pilgrimage in fact,
like i’d visit a Buddhist Monastery,
now plunged into a Crisis Of Faith from what
he’s found in our 1830’s History Museum,
which turned out NOT to be Jerusalem.

I walk over, tip my tall top hat,
brief bow from the waist.
“Good afternoon, sir;
If you will,
may i take a bit of rest?

And he looking up,
the Old Timey manners
seemed to ease him
toward a TINY

=> FINAL CLOSING goes here. <=
Thank you. -sr

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