Outlaw Court

=> 06/24/2022: Roe v. Wade
thrown out by “conservative”
radical majority <=
(pic snipped from huffpost)

. . . . . .
There they are, the grinning TORTURE-MURDERERS
of uncountable numbers of our country’s women,
but not rich women classified white, only the
poor and those classified as of color.
How many millions is that?

A quick search of my news feed, i find:

One has a spouse who tried to overthrow the US.
Constitution, which the hypocrite claims is
divinely inspired, which they solemnly
swore a lying oath to their God to
defend against all enemies,
which they now are.

Two of these self-righteous ghouls are credibly
accused of sexual assaulting someone
whom they now absurdly deny
an abortion.

All six perjured themselves at their confirmation
hearings, where they solemnly swore
Roe v. Wade was settled law;
Oh well, it’s not now.

This reminds me of a
Ku Klux Klan jury, except
with millions lynched.

. . . . .
But, as i understand it,
there is a legal & doable remedy:

A: By a majority vote of the Senate:
Kill the filibuster.

B: By a majority vote of both houses:
Add either 4 or 6 seats to the
Supreme Court.

C: By Presidential appointment, plus
majority vote of the Senate: Fill
those seats with honest jurists
who believe in democracy,
not in classist racism.

D: Probably win the next election.
. . . . .

(- Here is the end of this blog post.-)

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