Continuing Recovery – Can I Be Whole Alone?

(- Written in June 2022.-)

“Tarot World Map”
The Singing Fish cards .. {-here-}

This week i’m practicing for psychic fairs
where i’ll be reading this summer.

I’ll mainly use my new Tarot deck,
the one i named the Singing Fish,
which i made speak to you
thru each card’s meaning,
expressed in free verse on its back.

I have read Tarot cards forty years,
refined my understanding
by each human life i’ve seen described;
Thus some of this free verse is sublime.

But i wrote it all so many months ago,
in the flux of a love affair disintegrating,
in the warp and weft of my mind breaking;

So now i savor the loveliest lines and ask:
Could i write this now? And answer:

I do not feel that poet in me!

(- Here is the end of this poem.-)

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