The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre

The Birth Of The Universe,
13.7 billion years ago,
all things created.

The Wilmington White Supremacist
Massacre of 1898, possibly
300 people murdered.

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
I might maybe claim to be a Semi-Pro Historian,
having taught at a great History Museum,
though in unpaid volunteer position.
BUT: I have done serious study
of the US. Civil War. .. Why?
My childhood was in the Jim Crow racist South.

Yet one fact never written in those serious books
of my childhood, was the hushed-up countless
Post-Civil-War White Supremacist Massacres
for political supremacy in a state or city.

Indeed, what my skeptical young eyes beheld in
those books (that’s in the 1950’s & early ’60’s)
was still the original Massacre Rationales!!!

Indeed, i learned of the Wilmington horror just today!
And deja vu: .. Me studying the rationales for that,
i saw that same lame racism of my childhood.

You know,
my mother’s father might be in that photo,
the one holding up a shot gun for the camera.
Back then he’s a responsible young businessman,
just as the Wikipedia article and the photo suggest.

(-Well actually, in 1898 Mom’s
Dad was only 12, so he’s the
boy in front at right, which
makes me wonder: did he
gaze out at the stars?-)

~~ ~~ ~~ ~~
(- Here is the end of this blog post.-)
(- Ps: I left this unfinished for a week, then saw the ending.-)

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