Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army

Please note:
“Beef” is my generation’s military slang
for a
serious disagreement that might or did come to blows.

Yes i kno,
It was so long ago and still i write about it a lot.

But you understand:
When you wrestle a giant but stupid octopus,
it makes some moves so easily fended off,
that you put them out of mind for years,
and only see the horror of them later.

A lifetime later,
and i’ve just re-realized fully:
The Army responded to my sub-sub-officer rank
with not only 30 days in Army Jail; the bstrds
also, in a clumsy way, Tried To KILL ME,
for what they felt was treason, yet
it’s also indication of respect.

Those bstrds were crazy.

Yes, here is the end of this blog post.

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