My Town’s History Museum

From my life-long project Riley's Tarots
Here’s an entry from the journal i’m keeping
in the small publicity campaign around my new book.
By the way, my book is called “Compassionate Tarot Handbook”.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
08/27/2022 EVENING:
My rural little New England town has a tiny, lovely History
Museum where a lively little group of miscellaneous enthusiasts
hang out summer Saturday afternoons to chat. .. Everybody
studies something. .. You gotta wait your turn to bring up a
topic unless you jump in quick. .. I pulled The History Of New
England Fortunetelling
out of my book and wedged that in, ..
.. exciting a lot of interest in the topic. .. So next someone’s
Auntie’s Seances jumped in quick, but then someone else knew
more about their Auntie’s Ouija Board. .. That held center stage
until a young lady regaled us with 2 bushels of her First-Hand
Ghost & Fairy Stories;
.. .. Whereupon i topped it up with
my Practical Advice About Fairies. .. .. Most fun i had all
day. .. .. But there’s only 4 Saturdays before The
Meetings Stop For The Winter !!!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

(- Here is the end of this journal entry.-)

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