For New Years 2022-23

“A Distant Country”

I’ve been thinking what to give you as a New Years story,
and decided on something very sad.
It’s about time passing.

My experiences as a spirit medium have generally been very joyful. I only do that work at psychic fairs so the clients have been waiting for this opportunity to contact someone they love and miss. Helping them have that conversation can be a very great pleasure.

On the other hand, a psychic fair also attracts spirits who just come for the chance to have a chat. I know one who claims to be whoever i’m calling, the client’s loved one, but then starts telling jokes. It’s annoying but i try to be polite.

However, this past spring a lonely lost spirit showed up, probably someone recently deceased who had not found an onward path, and i didn’t have time to help them.

It was a nice spring day and we were in tents. A woman and man walk up and show their tickets; i invite them in, and they sit down at my little table. I had a clear impression they’re here for their annual married couple Tarot reading.

But i’m confused because a spirit is vaguely visible standing behind them and they look annoyed. I ask something like “How can i help you?” To my surprise they ask for a Spirit Medium session.

It takes me several more questions to understand: They see or feel the spirit too, for it’s following them around. Really they want a Tarot reading, but first they want me to sort that out.

So i finally try talking with the spirit, asking it to show itself and talk, but by then the poor thing is so hurt by this rejection that it just turns away and wanders off.

(- Here is the end of this blog post.-)

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