Career Goal

I’m 1 of the approx. 4,000 humans who founded Paganism in USA., in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, and pioneered our marvelous long-weekend community woodland festivals of tents, folding chairs, arts, handicrafts, philosophy, you-do-it music, ancient tales, sacred fires, and cosmic magic;

Which our next generation then, very ably, stepped in to run, before their children then, scattered by fate to the wind, built other ways of being Pagans in community.

Now in 2023 i’ve come thru other fires of my own, which, in the darkest dark, from other lives, lit new magic in me, reawoke love in my passionate breast, unbroke my heart, dispelled my agony;

So have found my way back,
and now seek various work as
Professional Pagan Elder.

(- Here is the end of this poem.-)

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