Who Am I?


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I’m now an old fortuneteller in New England, USA. But I was born in the USA Racist South, as one of the Poor White class.

And along the way from there I’ve recalled ancient lives in the British Isles, which I honor thru kindness and justice. It’s been an adventurous, compli­cated, and comforting lifetime.

Countless hours helping peo­ple talk with departed loved ones, plus my old memories, show this: Life doesn’t end with physical death, nor does life start with physical conception or birth.

I think we get all the physical life­times we need to learn to love. And while here there’s the Deep Love: our Unity with Nature, for here we evolved among the other beings here; plant, animal, ele­men­tal, etc. That’s my belief.

But a child­hood in the Racist South? An adven­ture in young adulthood took me out of there:

I was of the economic class sent to war, but was a Medic. It was a Racist War and two great Anti-Racist healers were killed: ML. King and Malcolm X; So I spoke for them. That was my war.

Then, wanting work equal to that, but with my wis­dom so far just a speck, I began comforting and advising people with Tarot cards; So the ancient memories began returning.

As I understand it now, Quantum Physics explains it: Everything Thinks and, thru all time and space, Every­thing Touches. They say that’s Science.

Fantasy or Reality? I cannot tell but somehow I remember this:

An ancient lamp-lit temple like a cavern: A vision seen; An oath given; The next lifetime dedicated to a mission: A mission to go and help HERE. So I prepared and came here?

Fantasy, Reality or Dream? Or does it matter? I figure: Live as if it’s true.

Because something has guided me. I somehow know things I don’t know how I know: The realities of Magic.

Somehow skills have leaped to my hands, and to my eyes, and voice, and mind; Poetry, painting, visioning; Comforting, reasoning, storytelling.

What are those talents for, if not a means to render aid in this horrifying age of planetary distress?

What were that challenging child­hood and youth, if not a curriculum of tests leading toward awareness?

But by whatever way I’ve come, I’ll help my fellow Humans the best I can. And to what greater purpose?

In this age of horror, above all else, of course, some­how by heaping Mercy on top of Mercy, I hope to help save our Holy Mother Earth.

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