Ambulance Ride

“The God At Noon”

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Mental telepathy is real, usually safe,
and often profound.

I want to just tell a little story,
involving Mental Telepathy,
that’s one of my Army Adventures,
and scarcely believable to me at that time,
which i feel makes this point of
Safe and Profound.

One night me and a New Guy in the Ambu­lance Squad,
me being Corporal, we two saved a soldier from freezing,
by finding the soldier and delivering to hospital efficiently,
in chal­len­ging conditions,
up on a vast mountainous Military Maneuver Range.

Well, driving back thru the night, to our assigned position,
a long bumpy ride on blacked-out roads of frozen rutted mud,
we had a penetrating and profound telepathic conversation,

New Guy and Corporal Me,

that i, so physically absorbed into the wheel, throttle, clutch,
and so emotionally uplifted by our very excellent achievement,
and so intel­lectually committed to a rookie fresh out of training,
and my senses so open to the deadly night,
to find our way,

and the vehicle so poorly heated,

all like a floating dream,
yet i knew it was some­thing unexplained and very real.

Somehow, New Guy didn’t talk, or hardly ever,
while, for sure sounding like an idle disjointed rambling chat,
i felt i answered every comment of his before he spoke,
while my Inner Vision beheld, far off, new vistas of Wisdom.

My Soul was expanded, very TENSE
and AWAKE;

So i made every turn, and brought us back safe,
and the Sun came up in time to thaw our bones.

Nowadays, any thought this wasn’t Real is very long gone.
Actually that skill, Hearing What’s ALMOST Said,
you can be sure for me it happens regularly now,
at some point of almost every divination session,
even persisting a bit after­ward, talking with others.

Here’s how i understand this:

Rather like a Wheelbarrow of Story,
or a Movie full of Intimacies,
when someone has a Bucket of Words,
if it is intended for you,
they might project and you might receive.

So, is it true Mental Telepathy’s often Profound?

For my favorite exposition, from Experience,
of How This Works, What It Feels Like,
and Why It Can Find VAST WISDOM,
please see a later chapter;
It involves Song Birds.

So, why say Telepathy’s only “usually” Safe?:

The Corrupt Entertainment Stars,
Horrible Hypnotic Fascist Politicians,
Glorious Commanders of Patriotic Wars,
all the Random Abusive Psychopaths as well,
all make use of whatever telepathic skills they have,
and we all know too very well, what horrors they can wreak.

Well, see you later.

(- Here is the end of this poem.-)

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