A Little Cavity Of Soil

“Earth Gyre”

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I will tell you something about Yoga.

Well then …

First you must understand that later I would head­long flee into the holy comfort of the embracing arms of Yoga, flee there totally, but when did I do that?

Immediately when released from my six most-active years of soldiering, with all those years’ heartbreak and activism finally wrapped up enough to soothe my con­science, understand that I would flee headlong to Yoga later, as I’ve said.

But this prior incident was first …

The last spring of Germany for me, my last US. Army soldiering spring, by then relieved of my proper rightful duties as a foot-soldiers’ mud-field mini-ambu­lance guy, me relieved of that good duty, after the month in Mannheim Jail which was almost at the end of my gov­ernment military service, me involuntarily removed from the good and righteous mud-field ambulance duty.

Yes, the last maneuver training summer ever in my life.

I had a mystifying Yoga experience in a piece of military-maneuver woods one spring day, a damp summer day really, inside a small cavity in the soil, which taught me much for later.

I knew enough to lay down when I was really hurting.

The aches and sprains and staunching of occasion­al small bleeding wounds, and the very serious winter cold dangers, of foot soldiers without proper winter equipment, often going out on maneuvers on difficult land, in the steep foothills of the Alps, my fellow soldiers had taught me that, taught me laying down when you’re really hurting is very good.

And this upland damp forest was unspeakably beautiful, as Korea taught me to see.

Nowadays I am an American Pagan, an unusual Hindu-Euro enthusiasm first gone west from the ancient Mystical East toward Stonehenge in very old times.

So I’m saying my American Pagan religion it is an old Hindu-Euro thing involving thinking like Hellen­istic Greek Alchemy did in fact think, in case you’re interested in anything like that, and I’m quite enthusiastic about it really.

But the point is, in our religion generally we see Yoga as the most simple and direct form of the Arts Of Spirit, speaking from our point of view.

On principle that Yoga consults the wisdom you have in all realms of your existence, which Alchemy en­livens, in case you’re interested in things like that.

And so, that’s how this small depression in the deep leafy dirt, a sponge nest same size as my body coin­ci­dent­ally, over there a dappled shady few yards off the forest path, me walking up over a small wooded ridge top.

Me with army gear of some kind on my shoulder I was humping over to somewhere it wasn’t yet, explains how a small soft depression in the forest ground over there was calling me.

Calling to me as tho thru ears I didn’t know I had.

No wonder then, obviously I went over there, spied about to check the place was well enough concealed, drop­ped whatever it was, stupid object of the army.

And laid my self down, and sank in immediately like soft butter into cream, and felt connections open. And so I closed my eyes, opening inner eyes to unfam­iliar visions.

A strange, powerful, beautiful, empowering first experience of Yoga.

A first step on the road to Divination.

(- Here is the end of this poem.-)

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