Impressions Of A Good Divination Session

“Island Of Time”

This is a chapter in my book “Compassionate Tarot Companion”.
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Ordinary chat,
third cousin over coffee or
a stranger on a train, if chatting
and person tells you real-life troubles,
any chat has vivid thoughts and honesty,

you may reach quite high levels of
Real divination happens there.

But suppose you’ve got only just the same few
fleeting minutes as a simple hair cut, or
a nice nail polish, no more minutes than that.

Furthermore: Pretend you claim to be “professional”
at this, even claim you help people by doing this.
Well so now you’re stuck.

You need a nice card deck or such to crawl into.
Good thing you’ve had some practice.

Quantum Information Theory, part of Quantum
Physics, in this chat of honest vivid thought and
longing, probably explains …

Why your eye and hand …
fall on exactly the right cards
in good divination reading,
but the scientific understanding is poor.

On the other hand,
We surely know what good divination
feels like, for we’ve been doing it
doubtless thru all human history.
Cards, pebbles, bones,
voice of wind, flight of birds,
humming of the bees, etc.,
it feels Divine.

Apparently it really is,
that broad plain of heart-sympathy,
is a Divine Realm, or maybe
is the infinite space instinct calls Divine,

for it looks boundless and you feel purified
somehow, focused, by your honesty to find
and say the truth.

Plus you’re made courageous by the work.

(- Here is the end of this poem.-)

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