Opening To Compassion

“Flowers On A Shelf”

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I recommend compassion.

What is the meaning of this peculiar word com-passion? It is a passion with- and not about- our fellows. And a passion is a feeling, deep beyond our other feelings, which we know we must trust and obey.

Compassion is a knowledge that there is no blame because, beneath all outward circumstances, there is only simply innocence.

The deepest stirrings in our soul, when we gaze clearly into our soul, are the same forces felt by all our fellow beings. So forgive­ness is a wiser choice, a choice with more truth in it, a choice with more understanding of ourselves in it, than blame.

If in clear judgment we must act for other’s rights, speak truth to haughty power for the future’s sake, or call injustice by its name so cruel greed will stand unmasked before the world, and justice done, then we will do all that indeed with all our strength, but we will do all that for love and not for hate.

There is a strange transformation in our sense of beauty too, in our instinctive judgments, during moments while we hold to compassion.

Perhaps that is because beauty and ugliness seem microscopically mingled throughout everything, so that their ten­sion becomes a source of infinite wonder.

We may, like Van Gogh, weep at the drama of a worn out pair of shoes; or, like Dr. King, sincerely preach respect for the humanity inside evil-doing people. For compassion is the sublime convic­tion that it is always ME there.

And compassion is natural for human beings. This is a state of mind our human race evolved by living all together here on Earth, not a state of mind only for saints and geniuses.

Compassion has immense value for us all because it lets us make peace with one another, just by accepting and believing a vast reality which stands outside our self-protection.

Logically, that shows that it is deeply realistic.

For indeed, the tremendous fascinating mystery which we can easily see each time we look out at this world, looks back at us too, and it beholds us with an infinite number of eyes.

From all of this, I think we must strive toward justice with humility.

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