Merlin In The Garden

Merlin In The Garden {- long poem riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} A non-Socratic dialog on war, peace and the life of plants. I must tell you, patient friend, that in that one full sum­mer of peace amid the savage war (while King Uther Pendragon threw himself into the civilContinue reading “Merlin In The Garden”

Druidry Class Discussion #4 And Professor’s Update #1

Druidry Class Discussion #4 And Professor’s Update #1 => DRUIDRY CLASS PROFESSOR’S UPDATE #1 <= First of all, I am now PROFESSOR. Because I say so.I’m going to PROFESS something at you right now.We here sitting in Driud-Self-Training-Blog CentralBlog-Coding-Chair, me in other words, we here aregenuinely embarassed, a little sorry, for the recentfall in qualityContinue reading “Druidry Class Discussion #4 And Professor’s Update #1”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking [:: Rabindranath Tagore explained….. {Here} ::] Excerpt, Pg 6.. Figure Out Who’s Talking Another Example of..Figure out who’s talking, thus gainClarity and the Freedom of CouragePLUS.. Daring to be a Story character But about my friend and me, our ( cracked? unlikely? ) hurried Bernie presidentialContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Figure Out Who’s Talking”

Malcolm X – Reflections

Malcolm X – Reflections Poem.. “ Impressions Of Malcolm X “ Here in Disorderly Studio, on the very highest art materials storage shelf, there is a novel manuscript. On the highest shelf and it’s now been there for years. About my relationship with Malcolm X. After 5 drafts in 18 months of solid work, IContinue reading “Malcolm X – Reflections”

Sorcerers Apprentice

Sorcerers Apprentice A memoir of magic… My father taught me long ago that a really smart man is one who can do for himself, on pretty much any job that comes to hand, for himself or for those he loves or for any purpose that seems right. My father’s ideal did turn out a bitContinue reading “Sorcerers Apprentice”

The Passing Of Uther Pendragon

{-Prior-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #6 : …. {-First-} This post in a Pdf file … {}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {} = A Druidic Play in Shakespeare-Style Verse, =Set In King Arthur’s Time(a stage play grown from a live storytelling performance)Long one-act of Sovereignty flowing to Arthur from:His FATHER UTHER, the belovedContinue reading “The Passing Of Uther Pendragon”

Journey To The West

{-Prior-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #5 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {} ==== A Shaman’s Deepest Healing Journey ==== AUDIO: The author reading the poem: {-Play-} .. {-Download-} Journey To The West Love is not the thing, nor hate. Hope is not theContinue reading “Journey To The West”