Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview

A brief book about Tarot; containing memoir, advice, theory, practice and politics. Note: This post has the first and last chapters, the back cover text, and a complete free download of the book. There is also a link to find other chapters.

Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview

{-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #0 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} “At The Forest Gate” Acrylic on paper.My first meeting with Forest Spirits, planninghow to cooperate with the Fungi Webon Climate Catastrophe. This comes at a moment in My Old Age, and in Earth’s Climate Catastrophe, whenContinue reading “Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview”

The Tarot Secrets I Know

They’re not really secrets, of course;Just relatively unknown. {-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #1 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} >The not-quite-secrets of Tarot reading?? “East Texas Cotton”1: Above all else: Clarify and focus your thoughts!Somehow, when your hand reaches out to pull a card, the thoughts thatContinue reading “The Tarot Secrets I Know”

Death And Temperance In Three Tarot Decks

~~!!~~ Background is a painted impression of your Alive, Calm,Body-Sense in the famous Japanese Tea Ceremony. Temperance is at right, …. The Death cards at left. Yes, it’s a life-long project, …. At Top: .. Is a brand-new pocket-size Tarot brought out 2021…. Middle Row: Was the decisive reason to learn Modern Art, 2014. ..Continue reading “Death And Temperance In Three Tarot Decks”

Attributions Of The Minor Arcana In Spirit Hill Tarot

{- poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -}{- Note.. Everywhere else in this blog, we show and discuss the 2nd Edition of Spirit Hill Tarot, whereas this is about creating the deck’s 1st Edition in 2002.-} Written 2002, age 56, early in the union with my heart’s true love whileContinue reading “Attributions Of The Minor Arcana In Spirit Hill Tarot”