Shamanism And A Psychic Fair

“Shamanism” is a scientific word from Anthropology,
and the Anthropologists define it broadly, including
certain practices in all the varied Human cultures.
What we do qualifies for inclusion.

Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army

Please note:“Beef” is my generation’s military slangfor aserious disagreement that might or did come to blows. Yes i kno,It was so long ago and still i write about it a lot. But you understand:When you wrestle a giant but stupid octopus,it makes some moves so easily fended off,that you put them out of mind forContinue reading “Concise Statement Of My Beef With The Army”

The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre

The Birth Of The Universe,13.7 billion years ago,all things created. {-wikipedia-} The Wilmington White SupremacistMassacre of 1898, possibly300 people murdered. {-wikipedia-} ~~ ~~ ~~ ~~I might maybe claim to be a Semi-Pro Historian,having taught at a great History Museum,though in unpaid volunteer position.BUT: I have done serious studyof the US. Civil War. .. Why?My childhoodContinue reading “The Birth Of The Universe & The Wilmington Massacre”