Should I Give My Disease A Personal Name Now?

Aka: Letters From The Farm #3<Letter #2 .. Letter #4> My Disease; Is it time for me, in giving it a name,to grant a seat not only at my Funeral, Dear Reader, excuse me;I’m too busy right now, but i WILL get back here and explainthis joke to you at My First Convenience, i will.Continue reading “Should I Give My Disease A Personal Name Now?”

All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words Have Been Replaced With Comical Abbreviations

~~ Just For Your Information ~~This poem is printed on a sheet of paper in .. .. Singing Fish Pocket Tarot,And in that deck’s boxed set .. .. Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool.That sheet of paper is titled .. .. Guide To Life,And this poem’s on Page 2, in a section titled .. .. Life Is AContinue reading “All The Least Acceptable Dirty Words Have Been Replaced With Comical Abbreviations”

Grave Of Pericles Site Found

Clarification: I’ve decided where, in the forest clearing that is my back yard,in a very pious Ancient Greek religious section occupying much of the yard,that section entirely organized as a Sacred Path i walk daily now in spring,certainly my small prayerful imitation of their ELEUSIS (pronounced Elfesis)PILGRIMAGE the Old Greeks did for hundreds of years,Continue reading “Grave Of Pericles Site Found”

Alphabeticon Advert Via Social Media Post #1

.{-HERE-}.Alphabeticon Fortune Telling Tool, the main page. Starting Now,I strictly limit Social Media advertising to exactly nothing but this::.. 1: Think up something that seems pretty smart,.. 2: Tappy-tappy-type that into any Text Box with a spellcheck button,.. 3: Do spellcheck,.. 4: Copy-paste to my Social Media Public Feed Output Box,.. 5: Select “Public”,.. 6:Continue reading “Alphabeticon Advert Via Social Media Post #1”

Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s

~~ Stone Riley’s Contact InfoBlah blah blah blah. ~~ Hello Dana of Matt’s Hydroponics In Webster.Good morning or good afternoon! I’m Stone Riley,the artist who visited the store last week. Please notice, from my contact info above, that Ilive in the next town over from Webster. And, asI have said, I have hopes your storeContinue reading “Resume Letter To Dana At Matt’s”

Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool

=>!! IMPORTANT !!<=For project IMAGES see the “IMAGE DUMP” below. The NEW EDITION Is Here ::: {-Here-} 04/25/2021 – Hello! .. This page is still in construction.This is supposed to get a lot more info and links than what you see so far,But this blog is hyper-linked internally so it’s laborious dis-&re- connecting parts. IfContinue reading “Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool”

Boxed Game Learner’s Lesson #1

(findclue0010) Clarification: .. I’ve been making boxed games,and learning secrets of Human Nature from making them,for longer than an Average Human Being, ?perhaps like yourself?,has been alive! So right there, i’ll guess i’ve learned this or that about it. AND YET:: JUST NOW i’ve learned A BIG SURPRISEand of course, if you read this, thenContinue reading “Boxed Game Learner’s Lesson #1”

Established Artist With Boxed Game Project Offering To Write Boxed Game Reviews

A graphic from one of several booklets in my Tarot-Themed Boxed Game Project: …. “Alphabeticon Fortunetelling Tool” which includes “Singing Fish Pocket Tarot” …. {-Here-} .. Now i’m composing my actual Art Business, my business’s actual outgoing correspondence,i am now composing it ON THIS BLOG. Why? .. .. It’s so convenient!! =>THERE<= i clicked theContinue reading “Established Artist With Boxed Game Project Offering To Write Boxed Game Reviews”

On Military Stalemate Lines

~~ A Quote From The Alphabeticon Tool’s :: . .. .. .. ..~~ Retail Page, About This Blog Post :: .. .. .. .. .. .. ..~~ The Retail Page :: .. .. .. {-Here-} . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..My blog post “On Military Stalemate Lines” .. is the Artist’sContinue reading “On Military Stalemate Lines”