Juan Diego Character Description

Juan Diego (shown here) also goes with other characters ::{-Here-} .. Dafyd Jones Character Description{-Here-} .. Helen Smyles Character Description FANTASTIC LUCK.!!No matter who you are, or what walk of life, .. When A Bolt of Fantastic Good Fortune wallops you, well, shucks. .. Then you’re AUTOMATICALLY Better Off. .. .(hear! hear! a round ofContinue reading “Juan Diego Character Description”

Somehow i manage to keep going on small drops of utter transcendent spiritual joy

I’m sorry. once again a poem consisting of nothing but the title. -end of this blog post.

Your Jolly Old Trip To Belgium

You know i’m a Real Amateur Historian, and, and, as well, PLUS::a Serious Historial Novelist, RIGHT? WELL, i just took a fit to write this..YOU, you and sturdy lady friend you’re withjust spent 12 YEARS piling up Irish Gold Coins,Just Bashing Stones, yes in the same old way,at Stonehenge. .. It’s Very LUCRATIVE Work,the well-paidContinue reading “Your Jolly Old Trip To Belgium”

Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?

:: Before the storytelling starts, :::::: Here’s the essay’s purpose. ::::(-This is Part#1-) The Political Fantasy of White Supremacy,!!.Sooner Or Later, We MUST Somehow Transform It.!!=> ? HOW ? <=And i’m constructing this on a recent insight,realizing that the Capitol Riot of Jan 6th,THAT was a Good Old FashionedHOLIDAY USALYNCHING FESTIVAL.And that has brought toContinue reading “Whiteness, The Fantasy, Distill It Away?”

So-Called-Modern Druidry

You might wonder at the title’s turn of phrase, “Modern Druidry”or if you don’t, i guess your curiosity is just not informed enuf,for that sure seems a contra-perplex of temporal ambiguities,a contradiction of terms so vast, i guess you might well wonderwhat on Earth i’m getting on about. For, typical of me, is thisparagraph, andContinue reading “So-Called-Modern Druidry”

Where From My Magic?

This is 1 day (!!!!) before my class “we should be a psychic corps”.And if you don’t know what i’m talking about don’t bother. And in the script, lean at about a 30-minute script, in there i solemnly have promised whoever shows up, a 25-minute Free Discussion, in exactly a 60-minute time slot.Yes, i’m aContinue reading “Where From My Magic?”

Psychic Fair 2020

Deep divination teaching here.Sorry Sigil Panoply’s at bottom.Ripe 20200928. Hello Dear ReaderThis post is about the wonderful psychic fair in Canaan this past weekend,(August 1st 2020, central New Hampshire)Wonderfully fulfilling certain hopes my heart has clung to in these years. For a marvel has happened..A New Thing, something i, a poet, call the“Pagan Psychic ChaplaincyContinue reading “Psychic Fair 2020”

Fascist Intelligence Test

Political Satire Fascist Intelligence Test – Get Media .. “Free home test!! Score Your Fascist Intelligence Quotient!!” AUDIO of the author reading this material.. .. {-PLAY-} ..or.. {-SAVE-} .. ..Playing opens and runs the Mp3 file. .. Saving gets the same Mp3 file inside a zipped folder, so it won’t open automatically. creative commons 2020Continue reading “Fascist Intelligence Test”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World Excerpt, Pg 11.. Morphing The Whole World Purpose of this section.. ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ???? What About Changing?? ? THE FUTURE??? OF THE WHOLE WORLD?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? Dear Reader, caution! If you are aCautious Person, evenContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Morphing The Whole World”

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic

Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic Excerpt, Pg 8.. Time Can Become Epic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Purpose of this section..~ Time Can Become Epic In Story World,~ When Community Soul Ignites~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well-cooked Story is elastic.Warning.. I’m going to use another examplefrom my own life, another Real Artist story.Why not? I am your coach. I’llContinue reading “Tell The Sorrow Joy – Time Can Become Epic”