My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse

[ Climate Collapse .. {-Wikipedia-} ] “Unknown Destination” :::My Dear Child, You’ll understand,I cannot write to you as often as we both would wish.Everything is so hard here. – It’s hot.The Sun here is horrible this year,and food is running low.It’s hot. We’re glad you left,despite the loneliness here, really. You see,the gardens have diedContinue reading “My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse”

New Drum

(-.This is also a social media post i posted this morning.-) I LOVE Remo drums from working with children,and i just bought this one for myself. .. Some friends are talking about doing sometribal drummingthis summer,and all i have till this one arrives isa beautiful little antique tambourine. .. There’s a story ofhow i lostContinue reading “New Drum”

Somehow i manage to keep going on small drops of utter transcendent spiritual joy

I’m sorry. once again a poem consisting of nothing but the title. -end of this blog post.

US. ARMY – Obscenity Overview

!! FIK THIS FIKIN BIZLETIT !!(::.totally gratuitous obscenity,for comparison; altho equallyridacalus as :::.LOOK.READ.THIS.1ST::: The Case Of One Cadet ..=> {-Here-} <=.. Poison root ofmy soldiering. .. Altho a Freedom Rebel Heart, .. .. Targetyet unknown, .. But in love with the Poor so plentiful therebefore my eyes. … Was a US. GovernmentHigh School ChildContinue reading “US. ARMY – Obscenity Overview”

Bright Jewels – Book Overview

Bright JewelsBeautiful moments in a strange life. .. An illustrated memoir{-my 1st book after the HARD novel, the years of that,was all done, “Dark Of Light”-} ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~.. How This Book Came To Be .. blah blah blah blah .. .. .. ?What??, “blah blah”?? How did it come to be? Well,Continue reading “Bright Jewels – Book Overview”

Thanksgiving – Strenuous And Worthwhile As A Pagan Ritual

Practiced as a Pagan ritual, .. For indeed …. We are both OLD Pagans, she and i, …. And our family is science-minded,.. So it’s all scrupulous practice of the Plague Protocols,.. Which are very tuff right now, .. This year’s Thanksgiving Day,.. =>& We the Old Hippies Who Moved Out Of Town To TheContinue reading “Thanksgiving – Strenuous And Worthwhile As A Pagan Ritual”

A Natural Empath

!! TOMORROW !! is my Master Class ‘us a psychic chaplain corps’!!( and if you don’t know what i’m talking about, stay tuned to this channel.)!! well, i am rehearsing !!?? what will they ask in the FREE DISCUSSION ?? Question 1 is the previous blog post…. Polite Hello .. .. What are the influencesContinue reading “A Natural Empath”

Euclidean Geometry

Sigil Panoply’s at bottom again. This Collection Of Objects …Is titled… “Euclidean Geometry”… And me and Euclid are sure you can… … see the resemblance. By the way..… The Lawn Mower is in “Book 4”… where Euclid describes …… building A Steam Engine. [* Footnote..… Incidentally …The very neatly Cylindrical,therefore of course Very Euclidean,Cheap MeatContinue reading “Euclidean Geometry”

Psychic Fair 2020

Deep divination teaching here.Sorry Sigil Panoply’s at bottom.Ripe 20200928. Hello Dear ReaderThis post is about the wonderful psychic fair in Canaan this past weekend,(August 1st 2020, central New Hampshire)Wonderfully fulfilling certain hopes my heart has clung to in these years. For a marvel has happened..A New Thing, something i, a poet, call the“Pagan Psychic ChaplaincyContinue reading “Psychic Fair 2020”