My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse

[ Climate Collapse .. {-Wikipedia-} ] “Unknown Destination” :::My Dear Child, You’ll understand,I cannot write to you as often as we both would wish.Everything is so hard here. – It’s hot.The Sun here is horrible this year,and food is running low.It’s hot. We’re glad you left,despite the loneliness here, really. You see,the gardens have diedContinue reading “My Dear Child – A Poem Of Climate Collapse”

New Drum

(-.This is also a social media post i posted this morning.-) I LOVE Remo drums from working with children,and i just bought this one for myself. .. Some friends are talking about doing sometribal drummingthis summer,and all i have till this one arrives isa beautiful little antique tambourine. .. There’s a story ofhow i lostContinue reading “New Drum”

Somehow i manage to keep going on small drops of utter transcendent spiritual joy

I’m sorry. once again a poem consisting of nothing but the title. -end of this blog post.

US. ARMY – Obscenity Overview

!! FIK THIS FIKIN BIZLETIT !!(::.totally gratuitous obscenity,for comparison; altho equallyridacalus as :::.LOOK.READ.THIS.1ST::: The Case Of One Cadet ..=> {-Here-} <=.. Poison root ofmy soldiering. .. Altho a Freedom Rebel Heart, .. .. Targetyet unknown, .. But in love with the Poor so plentiful therebefore my eyes. … Was a US. GovernmentHigh School ChildContinue reading “US. ARMY – Obscenity Overview”

Bright Jewels – Book Overview

Bright JewelsBeautiful moments in a strange life. .. An illustrated memoir{-my 1st book after the HARD novel, the years of that,was all done, “Dark Of Light”-} ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~.. How This Book Came To Be .. blah blah blah blah .. .. .. ?What??, “blah blah”?? How did it come to be? Well,Continue reading “Bright Jewels – Book Overview”

Thanksgiving – Strenuous And Worthwhile As A Pagan Ritual

Practiced as a Pagan ritual, .. For indeed …. We are both OLD Pagans, she and i, …. And our family is science-minded,.. So it’s all scrupulous practice of the Plague Protocols,.. Which are very tuff right now, .. This year’s Thanksgiving Day,.. =>& We the Old Hippies Who Moved Out Of Town To TheContinue reading “Thanksgiving – Strenuous And Worthwhile As A Pagan Ritual”