Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview

Front Cover The paperback for sale .. {-here-} Free complete pdf file .. {-here-} It will open in your browser. ~~ TEXT ON THE BACK COVER ~~ Compassionate Tarot CompanionStone RileyWritten in the crisis year 2022. Divination: Practical advice, theory, memoir, and politicsof it; by an expert with unique skills and experience. New England, USAContinue reading “Compassionate Tarot Companion – Book Overview”

Fairbucks Concept Overview

Btw: Part of the Fairbucks Concept .. {-here-} {-Free Graphic File-} My posts about: {-Fairbucks Concept-} {-Money-} {-Occupy Movement-} {-Sacred Gardens-} BUT SERIOUSLY: I’m not proposing to abolish money, but for us toinvent a new kind that i’m calling “FAIRBUCKS”. We Humans have an evolved Fair Dealing Instinct from ourOld Stone Age ancestors, which modernContinue reading “Fairbucks Concept Overview”

Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview

{-Last-} …. : Shaman Tarot Journey Series #0 : …. {-Next-} This series in a Pdf booklet … {} “At The Forest Gate” Acrylic on paper.My first meeting with Forest Spirits, planninghow to cooperate with the Fungi Webon Climate Catastrophe. This comes at a moment in My Old Age, and in Earth’s Climate Catastrophe, whenContinue reading “Shaman Tarot Journey – Series Overview”

Friendship Series Overview – Shamanism Info

{-Last-} …. : FRIENDSHIP SERIES #1 : …. {-Next-} This post in a Pdf file … {}All the posts in 1 Pdf … {} = Telling you about the Friendship Series = “Shaman Returns With Medicine” -sr This new “Friendship Series” is about Shamanism,and Shamanic Magic in particular.– – – – – –In addition toContinue reading “Friendship Series Overview – Shamanism Info”

Grab 21 – Download Booklet Starter Pack

“Pluto” by sr :: My Favorite Download Booklets ::My fine art of the Home-Printable Narrative Verse Bookletdoes have enuf children now for me to pick favorites.They are listed here simply shortest to longest.You can keep them company for awhile. =>MY FAVORITE DOWNLOAD BOOKLETS=> “PSYCHIC CHAPLAIN CORPS RECRUITING POSTER” ..(good mutual aid idea) 1 pdf pageContinue reading “Grab 21 – Download Booklet Starter Pack”

Wide Tall Deep Circularity

!!..Announcing My Next Leftist Activist Blog-Based Art Project..!! Yes, i DO mean the long-awaited important new Unifying Activizing Usage ofthe word “Circularity” to be our ACCEPTED NAME of an =>INTELLIGENT<= (yes)intellectual response (at last) to the Agonized OBVIOUS LINGERING DEATH of our BELOVED HOLY SACRED EARTH‘s entire PLANETARY BIOSPHERE; .. Yes, this is “CIRCULARITY” theContinue reading “Wide Tall Deep Circularity”

New England Style Fortunetelling Overview

Aka: Letters From The Farm Overview<Letter #12 .. .. .. .. .. .. .___[]___. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. Letter #1>~~ WARNING ~~Most recent edits::Letter#11 is nicely 2-d sculpted. .. Ltr#12 totally materialized. “Fortuneteller’s Table” The full collection in an artfully designed booklet,a 48-page home-printable letter-size Pdf File,the front & back ofContinue reading “New England Style Fortunetelling Overview”