White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance

Aka: Letters From The Farm #4<Letter #3 .. Letter #5> “Journey” Our little series here, i had no idea how to get it started,but it started, and now we’re here. Praise my Muses!!Station Four!! And our series is like a popular kind of radio in this region:A Serious Historical Tour of True Occult Magic Stuff,butContinue reading “White Dog Spirit – A Being Of My Long Acquaintance”

Sergeant Major’s Command Show

Sergeant Major’s Command Show,as I’m calling it here, was notsomething done for U.S. Army Entertainment Service. Instead, it was for my fellow Infantry Guys, Grunt battalion where I was a Medic. So if I had a film of that show that afternoon, I would distribute it on Peace Revolution Network, as a Training Film. ItContinue reading “Sergeant Major’s Command Show”

Human Story Instinct – Amateur Science Theory Overview

A “HUMAN STORY INSTINCT” Theory~ Professional Artist extending Dutton’s “Art Instinct” Book. ~~ For Dutton’s theory catalyzed all my work along this line. ~ ~ A theory in the Evolution, thru Nature, of the Details of the Human Mind. ~~ Hearing, Understanding, and Acting STORIES, is CENTRAL to Human life.~~ BY.. A BONO FIDE AMERICANContinue reading “Human Story Instinct – Amateur Science Theory Overview”

Paleolithic Corporal – Amateur Science Theory Overview

A “PALEOLITHIC CORPORAL” Theory~ Could be called like “HUMAN NATURAL ANARCHIST SOLDIER INSTINCT”, etc. ~~ A theory in the Evolution, thru Nature, of the Details of the Human Mind. ~~ BY.. A Scientifically Inclined old Paleolithic Corporal in person. ~~ Thru Scholarly Study and Decades of Field Observations. ~ SORRY, YES, SORRY,This Science Item isContinue reading “Paleolithic Corporal – Amateur Science Theory Overview”

Army Stories – Book Overview

Army Stories Performance ScriptA Peace Revolution Chaplain’s Book .. Synopsis .. Contains many remembrances of an old Chaplain from Vietnam War on through Occupy, quite unique, with sorely grieving conscience, with artful bold Acts Of Resistance usefully described, and love for one another, all children of Earth, and balm for grief. The death of LivingContinue reading “Army Stories – Book Overview”

I Was Not A Stranger

I Was Not A Stranger Hello Dear Reader. These paragraphs will be your introduction to a great many other paragraphs in this whole blog about wars, air planes, the flight of the soul, my love of song birds, my admiration for Imam Malcolm X, revolutions, and other topics. . . . . . . .Continue reading “I Was Not A Stranger”

Malcolm X – Reflections

Malcolm X – Reflections Poem.. “ Impressions Of Malcolm X “ Here in Disorderly Studio, on the very highest art materials storage shelf, there is a novel manuscript. On the highest shelf and it’s now been there for years. About my relationship with Malcolm X. After 5 drafts in 18 months of solid work, IContinue reading “Malcolm X – Reflections”

A Soldiers Apologia

A Soldiers Apologia {- long poem stone riley creative commons 2020 the creds are at bottom -} Maybe no one here in this reality ever can be innocent, nor have their innocence restored. Regardless what they’ve done, or wished to do instead. Not by the meaning of ‘innocence’ that I seem to crave. No oneContinue reading “A Soldiers Apologia”