Fascist Intelligence Test

Political Satire Fascist Intelligence Test – Get Media .. “Free home test!! Score Your Fascist Intelligence Quotient!!” AUDIO of the author reading this material.. .. {-PLAY-} ..or.. {-SAVE-} .. ..Playing opens and runs the Mp3 file. .. Saving gets the same Mp3 file inside a zipped folder, so it won’t open automatically. creative commons 2020Continue reading “Fascist Intelligence Test”

One Minute Movies

One Minute Movies – Get Media .. Druidic animations.Please scroll down. .. ..Under the text there are four “Druidic” animations, each meant to be a surprise or a puzzling riddle for you, each offering you several options of what to do with it. The word “Druid”, “Druidic”, and so on, explained.. {Here}creative commons 2020 -srileyContinue reading “One Minute Movies”